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Lost & Found - Old Photos

Here are a few old photos that were rescued from Flea Markets, Estate Sales, etc. Some of these have names on the back of photos. 

If you have some item (old photo, old document, military dog tag, etc.) to contribute but don't have a scanner to scan them in your computer, you can send them to me. I will NOT return them as this would increase my costs. Currently, I will charge only for postage and packing material, but may eventually charge the new owners a small fee for scanning them into the computer and posting them here if this gets to be a lot of work. Additionally, the new owner must be able to prove that they are descendents of the people in the photos.

If you do have a scanner (or can get the photos, documents, etc. scanned for you) get a free web site at Freepages and post them on a portion of your new web site.

Index of Lost & Found - Old Photos

Photos from Ohio Album(s)

Audrey Alma BROCK's baby picture

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Photos from Ohio Album(s)

Note: All photos including 1 - 4 which have identification and the unidentified images 1 - 27 were in one (or two) family photo album purchased by a friend about 25 years ago. All photos were all taken in Ohio. The woman who found them only wants postage paid and proof that you are related to the people in the photos.

I have indicate where the photo studios by modern-day Counties, but you would also want to know which Counties they were in at the time.

1990 Ohio County Map
1895 Atlas Ohio - Ohio County 1895 Maps
Ohio Census and County Formation Maps see: Ohio County Abbreviations

These have their own page because the person was identified:

  1. Chas Wilson (or Willson) Thornville, Perry and/or Jefferson Counties, Ohio. Photo taken by Walter A. Smith of Newark, Licking County, Ohio.

  2. Hester Packer. Photo taken by Chase of Newark, Licking County, Ohio.

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Clarance (probably Clarence) Rarrich (or Rairich). Photo taken by Chase of Newark, Licking County, Ohio.

  4. Z. (?) S. Poulson. Photo taken in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. Franklin County is next to Licking County.

The rest are listed here grouped by modern-day Counties and photo studios:

Photos that have the "-sm.jpg" ending will load a lot faster than the other. These are 100 dpi (vs. 200 dpi for the others). I scanned the images at 200 dpi, then increase the dpi to 800 dpi to improve quality of the images, then reduce them back down to 200 dpi to reduce file sizes. Images in the .tiff format are the best but the file size is very, very large. Use them for printing.

Cuyahoga County, Stark County, Medina County, and Wayne County are group close together in the north eastern part of Ohio. Crawford County is a little south and west of these counties, and Franklin and Licking Counties are south of all of them and just about mid-state. 1990 Ohio County Map

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio photo studios:

Galion, Crawford County, Ohio photo studio:

Massillon, Stark County, Ohio photo studio:

Navarre, Stark County, Ohio photo studio:

Orrville, Wayne County, Ohio photo studio:

Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio photo studio:

Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio photo studio (same chair in both photos):

Unknown location, Ritter's Superior Photographs:

Unknown location and no studio name:

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Audrey Alma BROCK's baby picture

Audrey Alma BROCK's baby picture - Photo taken by Heimberger & Sons - New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana probably before 1900.

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Please contact me if these are photos of your relatives. 

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