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Jan 02, 2008
Carla Neidigh

Hi, I am the grand daughter of Nancy Lucile Baxter b. 1921 , daughter of Maude Emma Eliza Moss. I have the three generations after Nancy if you want them. Happy New Year Cousins!

Jan 04, 2008
Dallas Darrell SMITH
POB 915
Mounds, OK
I was able to find several good leads and info on your site. Thanks so much. My mother was Adelena Maria BOENISCH. Her father was Edward Stephen BOENISCH and married Lena Ida EGGEMEYER. So anyone branching off thiose 2 names I am particularly interested in.

Jan 09, 2008
Susan Curtis

Hi, I have an amendment for your files (please see below). Grandmother's maiden name: Ruth Sheppard McCaughan of Valley Junction IA (1895-1967) Grandfather's name: Luke Shea Sloane of Valley Junction IA (1895-1987) Gramma Ruth is listed herein as having passed in "1975?" She passed of emphysema in San Mateo, CA in 1967. Thank you, Susan Curtis

Jan 13, 2008
Ann Lenton

new zealand
Looking for a McCaughan Kirkpatrick connection

Feb 03, 2008
Tom L. Bausman
2987E 3600N
Twin Falls
My wifes maiden name is Newell and she is descended from a McCaughan.

Feb 16, 2008
vama emfinger
216b sharon ave
rodeo, ca 94572
great design

Feb 18, 2008

Dallas Tx
looking for Octavia Annie Brooks who m William Carol Taylor. Glitz

Feb 25, 2008
John McCaughn

Conroe, TX.
Just Wanted to stop in and show Tracy your website. She does family history also and was interested in seeing.. Love you both..

Feb 27, 2008
Steven McCaughan


Mar 01, 2008
David Wilson
6525 Gunpark Dr. #169
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Related to Edward Riley

Mar 03, 2008
Pauline McCaughan Hathaway

Am checking in on the McCaughan Family Tree. Love to see if we have any new family info available

Mar 18, 2008
Teri Folks
1020 Ridgemont Ln
Kyle, Texas
I am researching my family history. Ralph McCaughan was my maternal grandfather. I know a lot about my maternal grandmother's family, but not as much about the McCaughan side.

Mar 26, 2008
Eddie Jenkins
505 S Shawne St #6
Taylorville Il 62568
After my computer quit I had lost your web site address thanks for sending it back to me

Apr 7, 2008
Marlene McCormick Coleman

Thank you for your wonderful site. I found it while researching and compiling the genealogy of and for my daughter-in-law, Lynda, who descends from Benjamin Howell Fuller and Ella Ann Kirkland.

Apr 17, 2008
Cindy Hartman
2613 Indian Trail
Deer Park, Texas
Just wanted to say hello. I found Fulghams listed on your site. I am a Fulgham descendant, through my maternal grandmother, Hazel Sue Fulgham Guinn.
Her line was Hazel Fulgham > Patrick Lee Fulgham and Margaret Lee Fox > Robert Franklin Fulgham and Mary Lavinia Laird > Robert Cummings Fulgham and Eleanor Madoriah Kirkwood > Micajah Fulgham and Rachel Taylor.

Apr 18 2008
Robert Earl McCaughan
29 Terrapin Hill Road South
Brandon, Mississippi
We've attended a Glascow event about 13 years ago. I have three children. Danny McCaughan, MD, Karen Lynn McCaughan Hubacek ( a medical doctor as well )and Beverly Sue McCaughan Swartz. Beverly has no children so far, lives in Ohio and is Administrator of Miami Valley Hospital. Karen has four children. Ryan, Claire, Sara Grace and Katherine. Danny has four children ( his wife Hazel, is a dentist) Danny's children are Seth, Abbigail, Ashley and Amelia. I don't think any of them would mind being posted on the wesite. If you want their addresses, let me know.

May 06 2008
Amber L. McCaughan
Fort Carson Colorado Springs, CO 80913
I was just checking out the family tree, I'm from Bensalem PA,thats were some of the other McCaughans are located, we have a family reuion in july right after the 4th. I am a SGT in the United States Army.

May 06 2008
Robert Zeemel
Matheson Bay
Kenora, On

Jun 22 2008
Julius Bryant
9904 Hutten Ct
Huntersville, NC 28078
Hello, John S Bryant is my great-great granndfather. My great grandfather was James Malone Bryant. I have enjoyed looking around your site and obtained some useful information. Thanks. I have some information you might want. Feel free to contact me. Feel free to visit my public family tree (Julius Wane Bryant) on

Jul 20 2008
Margaret Ann O'Brien
6 Earls Road St Clair
Dunedin. New Zealand
first visit. I am looking for my family in Northern Ireland Armoy. My Father was Mark McCaughan who came to New zealand in the 1930-s

Jul 27 2008

Looking for an old friend Renee Mccaughan approximate age 38yrs

Jul 30 2008
Mike Martin
749 Shearton Drive
San Jose, CA 95117
did a google search on my grandfathers name ( Hoyt Caruthers) and this was the top hit from Google.

Aug 01 2008
John Riley
PO Box 953082
Lake Mary, FL
Looking for Rylas and Riley

Aug 04 2008
Lynn Adelle Allison-Calhoun

Austin, TX
I am the granddaughter of Hoyt Caruthers. My Mother was Flo Adelle Caruthers Allis

Aug 17 2008
Edye Marie McCAUGHAN Morales
13533 N County Rd
Wellington, CO
Hi, My father was Norton John Mccaughan married to Lila Marjorie Bjornrud McCaughan for 62 years. Norton was the eldest son of John B and Amelia McCaughan.

Aug 20 2008
Frances Carolyn Lyons - Riley Rubush

We belong to the Franklin L. Riley (Jr.) branch from Charles Leigh Riley. Lots of information on the branch.

Aug 26 2008
Donna Donavan Williams
1809 Woodhead St, #B
Houston, TX 77019
Oscar McKay Donavan is my grandfather. Would you be interested in the names of his children (all deceased)?

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