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St. Michael's Parish

Limerick City

This page contains Marriage, Baptismal and Death Records from both the Roman Catholic Parish and the Church of Ireland Parish.  There are also records from Civil Registrations donated by various researchers.

The Roman Catholic records were extracted by Kathryn McCarthy from printouts of the Original Registers at St. Michael's Roman Catholic Parish Church, Limerick City.  There were no Sponsors on the printout.

I have transcribed as I found them and endeavoured to do so accurately.  However, they are to be used only as a guide.  Please verify at source yourself. 

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Records from St. Michael's Church of Ireland Register have been donated by Sheila Thoman who is researching O'Gorman from Annacotty, Cloheseys and Toomeys from Fedamore and Kilmallock and Holmes.  She extracted it from LDS Film # 0897422


Marriage Register

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Parish


Date Groom's Name Bride's Name



Ml. Russell

Mgt. McNamara

Not on printout

06.02.1853 Ml. Russell Maria O'Dwyer


24.10.1846 Ch. Russell M. McGrath


23.01.1873 Patrick Cantwell Ellen O'Donnell


20.09.1879 Callaghan McCarthy Mary Foley

Ted Boyle

Witnesses: James Ryan

Mary Kelly

Fathers:  Michael McCarthy (deceased)

Patrick Foley (deceased)

18.01.1888 Edward Joseph Dundon Susanna Van Esbeck

Paddy Waldron

Patrick Corbett 

Nellie Van Esbeck

21.11.1889 Patrick F. Graham (Grimes) Mary Josephine O'Donnell

Not on printout

22.10.1889 Patrick John Dundon



Mary Ann Field




Patrick Dempsey

Catherine Ryan.

20.11.1891 Martin O'Halloran Bridget McCarthy

Witnesses:  Matthew McInnery

Martin Cullhane

25.09.1869 John Stapleton Mary Stapleton

Michael Stuart

Michael McEn... (?)

01.01.1887 Thomas Francis Thomas Hogan

Johanna Noonan

Rosemary Hogan

Jerimah (sic) Hogan 

Margaret Noonan

Priest:  Rev. O'Shea

29.04.1893 Daniel Nolan (Roches St) Mary Stapleton (Glentworth St)

James O'Brien (William St)

Ellie McCarthy (Taylor St)

08.10.1906 Edwin J. Boyle

Pontefract, Yorkshire, England

Mary Ellen McCarthy

Punch's Row, Limerick

Ted Boyle

George McCarthy (Punch's Row, Limerick)

Rebecca McCarthy (Punch's Row, Limerick)


"The preface to a Church of Ireland Index to the Marriages in Co. Limerick provides background information with possible relevance to the Holmes-O'Gorman marriage.  Generally speaking, only the very poor were married by banns.  Marriages between a Protestant and a Catholic had, by law, to be celebrated in a Protestant Church.  Both the Church of Ireland registers and the Civil Registry before 1864 list very few Gormans and only one O'Gorman (Mary), while there are several Holmes marriages listed.  In 1864, the year when the Civil Registry first included Catholic marriages, the number of Gormans greatly outnumbers the Holmes listings.   Parker is a name commonly found in St. Michael's Registers from 1814 through 1844."  - Sheila Thoman


Marriage Register

St. Michael's Church of Ireland Parish


Date Groom's Name Bride's Name Witnesses


27 Mar 1816 John Jephson Ann Holmes .Sheila Thoman  
27 June 1829 Wm. Cornwall,  Martha Holmes, widow of James Sheila Thoman Methodist Minister
1833 Wm. Holmes Batt, CCP Maria Blindell Sheila Thoman ..
13 Jan 1838 Thomas Holmes Margaret Peacock Sheila Thoman ...
21 Apr 1838 Edward John Holmes Martha Stephenson Sheila Thoman ..
1839 John Gorman,  Catherine Fitzgerald Sheila Thoman Boherboy, Labourer
1840 James Gillan,  Matilda Ellen Fennessey Sheila Thoman Limerick Merchant..
1843 John Holmes Harriet Switzer Sheila Thoman Sub-constable in R.I.C
4 Aug 1844 Michael Sheehy Esq Charlotte Holmes Sheila Thoman ...
11 Apr 1852 John Gunnion

(official age)

Kate Rourke

(official age)

Arthurs Quay

Howleys Quay


Father: James Gunnion/Farmer


Father: Bevan Rourke/Parish Clerk

Reg. by Pryce Peacock

24 June 1852 Edward Probeym (?)

(office age)

Ruth Jessica Wegelsworth


Tanderg... Co Armagh

Baker Place


Father: John Probeym/Esquire


Father: John Wegelsworth/Collector of Grain (?)

16 May 1857 Thomas Wyse Gubbins

Frances Gertrude Russell RC or C of I?

The following information has been extracted and donated from fellow researchers.  It has been taken from various FHC microfilm and is posted here to aid you but please verify for yourself.  Every effort has been made to transcribe accurately.


St. Michael's Parish Limerick

Civil Registrations of Marriages







19.07.1847 Samuel McQuay (?)

Mary Cronin


Private, 59th Regiment, New Barracks


Upr. William Street, Limerick

Fathers:  William McQuay, Optician

John Cronin, Gentleman

Witnesses:  E. Dunne

Major Newson

11 Feb 1865

Jas. Forrest (?)

Anne Fitzgerald



Jack Forrest (?)

Patk. Jones

4 Aug 1867 Edward Highfield

Mary McNamara




Sergeant, 6th Dragoons

John Highfield, Soldier

Patrick McNamara, farmer

Witnesses:  William Schofield

Jane Schofield

7 Jan 1869

Michael Mely

Ellen Kirby





Patrick Mely

James Farrell

24 Dec 1869

James Riordan

Margaret Lyddy

(St. John's Parish ?)


Thos. Riordan, Farmer

Patrick Lyddy

2nd Oct 1901 George Godden

Jane Flavin


D. McCormack

Mary Hanrahan


George Godden

Jas Flavin.

5 July 1878 Michael Dineen

Elizabeth Fitzgerald




Bachelor, Clerk, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick

Spinster, Henry Street Limerick



John Dineen (deceased), farmer

James Fitzgerald (deceased), farmer


Pierce Butler Junr.

Ellen A. M.D.McDermott

20.09.1879 Callaghan McCarthy

Mary Foley

Batchelor - Full


Spinster - Full


Ted Boyle

Witnesses:  James Ryan

Mary Kelly

Fathers:  Michael McCarthy (decd.)

Patrick Foley (decd.)

20 Nov 1891 Martin O'Halloran

Bridget McCarthy




Labourer - 2 Back Queen Street

59 Nelson St

Witnesses: Matthew McInnery

Norah Culhane

Fathers:  David O'Halloran, labourer

Thomas McCarthy, deceased, shoemaker

29 Apr 1893 Daniel Nolan

Mary Stapleton

  Roches Street


Glentworth Street

James O'Brien, William Street

Ellie McCarthy, Taylor Street

23 Nov 1889 Albert John Payton

Frances Hilda Pickford

Full Age



Private 2nd Worcester Regiment, New

Dicksons Place, Nelson Street

 by Licence

Gina James

Witnesses:  J McFarlane 

Fannie Pickford.

Fathers:  Joshua Payton, Staffordshire, Tool maker

Thomas Pickford, Engineer.


Baptismal Register

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Parish



Last Name

First Name

Father's Name

Mother's Name

1870.10.15 Cantwell Mary Mag. Thos. Mary Kate Clarke  
1872.01.13 Cantwell Jas. Ignat. Thos. Mary Kate Clarke  
1873.06.14 Cantwell Francis Jos. Thos. Mary Kate Clarke  
1874.12.07 Cantwell John Joseph Patrick Ellen O'Donnell  
1876.02.06 Cantwell  ? Thos. Mary Clarke  
1876.02.09 Cantwell Wm. Joseph Patrick Ellen O'Donnell  
1880.06.01 Cantwell Walter Joseph Patrick  Ellen O'Donnell  
1884.01.11 Cantwell  Mary A. Patrick Ellen O'Donnell  
1888.06.10 Cantwell Walter John Wm. Kate O'Brien  
1889.08.31 Cantwell Michael Ang. Wm. Kate O'Brien  
1894.11.08 Cantwell Mgt. Monica Wm. Kate O'Brien  
1895.12.07 Cantwell Chris. Alphonsus Wm. Kate O'Brien  
20.03.1896 Cash Mary Josephine

(b. 05.03.1896)

Eugene Ellen Fox

Ted Boyle

George McCarthy

Rebecca McCarthy

30.06.1841 Hanley Catherine Thomas Catherine O'Connor 

John O'Connor

Johanna Spillane

11.03.1844 Hanley Patrick Thomas Catherine O'Connor

Charles Galliher

Bridget Casey

11.11.1845 Hanley Johanna Thomas Catherine O'Connor

John O'Brien

Mary O'Brien

11.09.1848 Hanley Thomas Thomas Catherine O'Connor

Peter McMahon

Margaret Lynch

21.07.1851 Hanley Bridget Thomas Catherine O'Connor

1894.05.09 Nolan Monica Daniel Mary Stapleton

Michael Morrissey

Hanora Hourigan

1895.12.21 Nolan Christina Daniel Mary Stapleton

Mary Nash
1897.11.12 Nolan John Martin Daniel Mary Stapleton

Joseph Griffin

Bridget Bresnahan

1900.02.20 Nolan Elizabeth Daniel Mary Stapleton

Annie Quinlevan
1902.03.05 Nolan Catherine Bridget Daniel Mary Stapleton

Mary Bresnahan
1904.09.27 Nolan Ita Nora Daniel Mary Stapleton

Patrick Fitzgibbon

Anne Barry

1907.08.02 Nolan Daniel Daniel Mary Stapleton

Bridget O'Brien
03.04.1854 McCarthy George Michael Rebecca Ballard

Ted Boyle

Callahan McCarthy

Honora Ballard

01.06.1856 McCarthy Honora Michael Rebecca Ballard

Ted Boyle

Patrick Neville

Harriett Ballard

27.01.1858 McCarthy Eugene Callaghan Michael Rebecca Ballard

Ted Boyle

William Ryan

Honora Ballard

. . . . .  
1851.07.25 O'Donnell Stephen Wm. Ellen Kirby  
1852.06.24 O'Donnell John Wm. Ellen Kirby  
1853.08.24 O'Donnell Ellen Mary Wm. Ellen Kirby  
1854.08.29 O'Donnell Joseph Wm. Ellen Kirby  
1855.12.22 O'Donnell Thomas Wm. Ellen Kirby  
1857.02.24 O'Donnell Mary Bgt. Wm. Ellen Kirby  
1858.03.04 O'Donnell Julia Mary Wm. Ellen Kirby  
1859.06.10 O'Donnell Anne Patrick Anne O'Donnell  
1861.09.21 O'Donnell Mgt. Mary Wm. Ellen Kirby  
1864.09.10 O'Donnell Wm. Joseph Wm. Ellen Kirby  
1867.01.10 O'Donnell Julia Mary Wm.  Ellen Kirby  
1874.01.13 O'Donnell Chris. John Bgt. O'Donnell  
1876.10.31 O'Donnell Jas John Bgt. O'Donnell  



O'Donnell Mary Bridget George Eliza Liston

Sponsor: Kate Liston

Celebrant:  Ref. James O'Shea


1891.11.28 O'Halloran David Martin Bridget McCarthy

Matthew McInnery

Bridget Callahan

1893.03.18 O'Halloran Margaret Martin Bridget McCarthy

John Ryan

Ellen McInnery

1895.02.02 O'Halloran Mary Bridget Martin Bridget McCarthy

Mary Ann McCarthy
1897.01.20 O'Halloran Ellen Martin Bridget McCarthy

Mary McCarthy
1898.09.15 O'Halloran Elizabeth Jane Martin Bridget McCarthy

Michael Whelan

Mary Fahy (?)

1900.10.29 O'Halloran Roseanne Martin Bridget McCarthy

Michael McCormack

Mary McCarthy

1903.01.23 O'Halloran Joseph Thomas Martin Bridget McCarthy

Maurice (?) Fahy

Mary Anne Fahy

1905.08.19 O'Halloran Jeremiah Martin Bridget McCarthy

Patrick McCormack

Mary Fahy

1907.11.12 O'Halloran Kathleen Martin Bridget McCarthy

Patrick and Mary Lynch
. . . . . .
1798.07.05 Russell Ml. Eugene Mary Hennessy  
1811.10.13 Russell Wm. Wm. Mary McCarthy  
1820.12.01 Russell Ml. Nicholas Mgt. Callaghan  
1826.01.17 Russell Geo. Geo. Mary O'Donnell  
1826.12.09 Russell Ml. Ml. Mgt. McNamara  
1828.08.06 Russell Ellen Geo. Mary O'Donnell  
1831.04.30 Russell Anne Geo. Mary O'Donnell  
1832.09.02 Russell Wm. Ml. Mary Biole  
1834.04.13 Russell Ml. John Barbara Shanahan  
1842.09.15 Russell Ml. Pat.  Mgt. Sullivan  
1849.07.14 Russell Mary El. Wm. Mary Lynch  
1850.05.03 Russell Mary John ? O'Donnell  
1850.10.07 Russell Ml.                          Jas. Anne McEnerney  
1860.01.15 Russell Ml. John Bgt. McMahon  
1860.02.18 Russell Jas. Ml. Mary Dwyer  
1866.09.24 Russell Ml. John Hanny Dooley  
1868.02.18 Russell Mary John Hanny Dooley  
1870.03.24 Russell Pat. John Hanna Dooley  
1871.10.26 Russell Ml. Joe John Mgt. Howard  
1874.12.31 Russell Wm. Pat Mary O'Brien  
1894.05.30 Russell Wm. Pat El. Lenihan  
. . . . .  
1870.08.01 Stapleton Mary John  Mary Stapleton (maiden name)

Michael Dwyer

Margaret Fitzgerald

1873.05.16 Stapleton Catherine John Mary Stapleton

Teresa Griffin and ?
1875.07.12 Stapleton John John Mary Stapleton

John Blackhall

Mary Daly

1877.12.04 Stapleton James Richard John Mary Stapleton

William Collin

Ellen Blackhall



St. Michael's Church of Ireland Parish

Date First Name Parents Witnesses Comment
24 May 1832 John John Holland

Mary ?

. Sheila Thoman
1833 William John Holland


M..... (?) St. Sheila Thoman
1836 John Hugh Fennessey

Mary ?

. Sheila Thoman
2 Feb 1838 Isabelle James Holmes

Susan ?

. Sheila Thoman



St. Michael's Church of Ireland Parish

(those buried in the Church yard - regardless of Religion)

Date Name Age Comment
1830 ? Holland   Wife of Phillip Esq. and buried at St. John
9 Sep 1836 Catherine O'Gorman 4

Sheila Thoman

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