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The following information has been donated by various researchers.  It has been extracted from various FHC microfilm, Church records, etc.  It is posted here to aid you but please verify for yourself.  Every effort has been made to transcribe accurately.

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Shanagolden Parish

Updated:  Sunday, September 08, 2002 10:22:49 AM



4 Apr 1844 Patrick Barrett

Catherine Nash

.  .
26 Jul 1847 Lawrence Nash

Hanorah O'Connor

.  Thomas Nash and Mary Martin Nash


20 Feb 1851 Patrick Flahavan

Catherine Sheehy

John Flahavan

Mary Flahavan



1812 Catherine Thomas Nash

Mary Martin Note: Thomas died 23 Apr 1861 in Ireland
15 Sept 1816 Lawrence Thomas Nash

Mary Martin Note: Mary died 18 Nov 1880 in Greenfield, Ma., USA
1821 Patrick Thomas Nash

Mary Martin .
28 Feb 1826 Bridget Thomas Mangan

Anastacia Egan John Mangan

Hanora Connors

11 Jul 1828 John Thomas Mangan

Anastacia Egan John O'Connor

Johanna Enright

5 Jul 1831 Thomas Thomas Mangan

Anastacia Egan John Connors

Maria Kiely

07 May 1832 Patrick Patrick Sheehy

Catherine Scully

6 Apr 1833 William Thomas Mangan

Anastacia Egan Martin Langan

Maria Egan

28 Sept 1834       
Catherine Patrick Sheehy

Catherine Scully

24 July 1836 Daniel James Connell

Bridget Barrett Patrick Barrett

Maria Mulcair

Rev. R. Mulcahy

24 July 1836 James James Connell

Bridget Barrett ?


15 May 1836 Ellen Thomas Mangan

Anastacia Egan
Maria Gorman
25 Dec 1836 Thomas Thomas Nash

Mary Martin ..
23 July 1837 Michael Patrick Sheehy

Catherine Scully

. .
5 June 1846 Catherine Lawrence Nash

Hanorah O'Connor


16 Jan 1852 Bridget Patrick Flahavan

Catherine Sheehy


Philip Hurley

Ellen Flahavan

27 May 1855 James Patrick Flahavan

Catherine Sheehy


Joe McElligott

Ellen Mangan

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