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Note: Much of the information on this Page comes from the Book "James McCain of Clay County and His Known Descendants" compiled by Lawrence Maynard

James McCain was born ca 1779 in a place unknown at this time. We first pick him up in the Census of 1810. His first wife was Sarah Amanda Box. Sarah is the mother of all 9 of James' children. The first 5 children were born in South Carolina. This comes from the Census of 1810. Soon after 1810 James and his family moved to the frontier of Tennessee. There the remainder of his children were born. He was in Franklin County, Tennessee in 1812. He is listed as James McKain on the 1812 Franklin County Tax Rolls. Henry Box was born November 12, 1812 in Franklin County. James lived in Tennessee from ca 1812 until ca 1835-6 when he moved his family south to near Lineville, Clay County, Alabama. He moved to an Indian village called "Old Town" just after the U.S. Army had removed the Indians to Oklahoma. Sarah died after the 1840 Census and before December 9, 1843 when James and Lydia Stone drew up their Ante Nuptial Contract. James and Lydia were to be married "in a few days" after the Ante Nuptial Contract was drawn up on December 9th. Lydia was the widow of William Stone. James died ca 1844-50 and is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in the Olive Branch Cemetery near Lineville, Alabama. After James died Lydia married Reuben Lee. Reuben and Lydia are found on the 1850 Census in Randolph County, Alabama and on the 1860 Census in Marshall County, Alabama. Lydia died after 1860 at Crooked Creek near Lineville, Alabama. She is buried in the Olive Branch Cemetery near Lineville, Alabama.


  1. Francis Glover McCain - (ca 1802 South Carolina - 1868 Alabama)
  2. Ervin A. McCain - (ca 1804 South Carolina - ca 1867-70 Alabama)
  3. John McCain - (ca 1806 South Carolina - ca 1853 Missouri)
  4. James Gale McCain - (ca 1808 South Carolina - 1890 Alabama)
  5. Seaborn M. McCain - (1810 South Carolina - 1884 Alabama)
  6. Henry Box McCain - (1812 Tennessee - 1879 Louisiana)
  7. Edward M. McCain - (ca 1815 Tennessee - ca 1855-60 Alabama)
  8. Bowden McCain - (ca 1818 Tennessee - ????)
  9. Sarah Jane McCain - (ca 1820 Tennessee - ????)

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