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This page last updated 24 Jun 2014

It is time for the 3rd John J. Smith Reunion
When: July 12, 2014
Where: The Church at Liberty Square (
2001 Liberty Square Dr, Cartersville, GA 30121)
What Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Theme: Patriotic - Recognition of Military in our family

Please fill out the form and mail to David Smith (info on form): Form in MS Word Format  Form in Adobe (pdf) format

Please e-mail me now to make sure I have your current e-mail. Send PHOTOS!!! (If you haven't heard from me in 2014, I don't have it!)

Read about the first John J. Smith REUNION.

Here is this families' information at (updated 3/2014, but no photos) (updated 3/2014, but no photos)

Welcome to the fascinating family of John J. Smith. He first appears in Cass Co., Georgia, in the 1840 census. Most of the information has been handed down from generation to generation. Gradually, I am finding documentation to support or negate these stories. Probably the most interesting fact is that he is the father of between 20 and 24 children, supposedly 12 from each wife. Glenda Holton received a copy of some court papers concerning John J. Smith, in which Eliza states she has 10 living children. If this is true, then the family story handed down about 24 children would be in error. On the 1900 census, she says she had 12 children, with 9 still living. Was she the provider of the information to the census taker, or was someone else giving the information? More answers still to be found! Through census records and such we can only prove 10 from each wife. A "list", written by one of the children (Hester), shows an 11th one from each wife that must have died before the next census. On this list she also shows birthdays.
I have tried to add sources as much as possible, so others will know where the info originated. (In most cases, when the person is still living, I have noticed the Family Origins program does NOT include sources. I can get this information for you if you need it.) If you are related in any way to this family please notify me, and I will add your information to this website with you as the source. If you would like to contact others who are from your own family line, see the linked page listed below for "Other Smith Contributors". I have listed the names of John J. Smith's children, and then the name and e-mail of the descendant who has supplied information to me. New names welcome! 
To the best of my ability, I have changed all children's names, high school and below, to initials only. 
If you have pictures of this family, I would love to add them. My goal is to add a photo collection representing each family line from John J Smith. Pages for 10 of his children and their descendants are started at this time. I prefer to not put photos of living people, especially current ones. If you have a photo with someone living (when they were much younger), that also shows one of the "older" descendants, please get permission from that living person before asking me to put it on the website. Check out the "photo album" below.
Notes should NOT be showing on any living person. If you notice notes where they should not be, I need to know quickly! If you see an individual marked as "(Private)", and you know they are deceased, please send me that information. I may have notes about them that could be added. 

Table of Contents
Descendants of John J. SMITH (complete update uploaded 8/25/2008)
OR World Connect Family Tree (updated 3/22/2007)
Surname List - a list of all surnames on this site
Index of Names - a list of all names on this site
Sources (Bibliography)
Photo Album (updated 6/29/2010)
Census Info for John J. Smith
& descendants (updated 8/25/08)
More census info showing each family member's age in each census (updated 8/25/2008).
Transcribed Documents from Bartow County
(added 7/9/01)

Who to Contact for More Information

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Melanie Capps Morton 
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