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Descendants of Thomas J. SPENCER
updated 3/18/2000

Thomas J. Spencer and his family were located primarily in Gordon Co., Georgia. If you have corrections/additions to our Spencer family, please contact me. I am new to Genealogy, and welcome additions, corrections, and sources! I have also tried to keep all children to initials. If I missed one, please let me know. If you would like more information on the ancestors of Thomas J. Spencer, go to Darrell Spencer's website at the following address: Our Thomas Spencer is number 14 on page 4. 
After uploading all of this, I realized the Family Origins Program did not list spouses with the individual if there are no children. These spouses are in the index, but they are not listed in the family notes.

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Table of Contents
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Who to Contact for More Information

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Created 18 Mar 2000 with Family Origins 8.0 and a few additions from me!
Last updated  3 Sep 2001
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