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In Loving Memory -- Rev. Martin Ellis Capehart
June 13, 1934 -- March 31, 2010

A Tribute in Photos
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The information on this website has been compiled from many sources.  We have tried to document and verify all information as much as possible and will continue to do so.  If you find an error or have additional information please contact us.
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Background by Zelda: Martin Capehart Photos
~~ Great Grandfather ~~
With his great grandchildren -- August 2007
l to r: Emily, Hailey & Alana
With his great grandchildren
Russell & Ariana -- August 2007
Little Russell hadn't met us before and wasn't real sure about sitting on his great grandpa's lap
With his great grandson, Jordan
August 2007
With his great grandchildren -- July 2009
Stephanie & Anthony
~~ Minister ~~
Martin with Englewood Wesleyan Methodist Church
Basketball Team Following Tournament Play
February 1968
Martin is 2nd from the right in back row
Ordination Service -- August 1975
Tri-State District Conference of The Wesleyan Church
Held at John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR
Martin Jr. & Sherry's Wedding -- May 28, 1978
Oak Grove Baptist Church, Milan, TN
One of many weddings he performed or assisted with.
~~ Bread Winner ~~
Grocery store stocker

He also worked at an IGA grocery store in Atchison, KS and Phillipsburg, KS; Boogart's Grocery store in Phillipsburg, KS; a grocery store in Mexico, MO and Lumpkin's IGA in Hannibal, MO.    
Doughnut Shop Owner
Phillipsburg, KS
Hospital Orderly -- Cushing Hospital
Leavenworth, KS

He also worked at St. Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, MO
Other places of employment: Ideal Manufacturing, Oskaloosa, IA (assembly line); Howard, Needles, Tammen & Bergendorf, Kansas City, MO (printing dept.); a welding company, Kansas City area; Russell Stover Candies (warehouse and candy cook), Kansas City, MO; Rogers Wood Products, Rogers, AR; a surveyor's assistant, Rogers, AR; Spudnut Shop (his brother-in-law's donut shop) Rogers, AR; a Photographer (developing film), Rogers, AR; farm laborer, Rogers, AR, Horton, KS & Phillipsburg, KS; Town & County (carpenter) Caruthersville, MO; Pierce Mobile Homes (salesman & mobile home serviceman) Poplar Bluff, MO; Triangle Home Center (delivery & in-house sales), Bentonville, AR; Decatur AG & Auto (sales), Decatur, AR; Marvin's, Inc. (hardware department), Gravette, AR
~~ Fisherman & Hunter ~~
Englewood Wesleyan Methodist Church
Rural Phillipsburg, KS --1st pastorate
Leavenworth Wesleyan Church
Leavenworth, KS -- 2nd pastorate
Photo taken about 1972
Leavenworth Wesleyan Church Parsonage
Leavenworth, KS

Wedding he preformed in city park
Hannibal, MO -- about 1975
Hannibal Pilgrim Wesleyan Church
Hannibal, MO -- building purchased
in 1976 to replace old building

Hannibal Pilgrim Wesleyan Church
Parsonage in new church building
We pastored at Hannibal, MO 1974-1978
He pastored the Mexico Wesleyan Church, Mexico, MO
from 1973- 1974 -- No photos available
Caruthersville Wesleyan Church, Caruthersivlle, MO
He pastored there 1978-1983
Martin, Zelda & Joel standing outside
the church fellowship hall -- about 1980
He pastored the Poplar Bluff Wesleyan Church
Poplar Bluff, MO 1983-1986 -- No photos available
It was at Poplar Bluff Wesleyan Church I began to see a decline in his health and he took a leave of absence from pastoring in July of 1986.  He never took another pastorate and missed the ministry very much.  He continued to preform weddings, speak, counsel and pray with people whenever the opportunity presented itself.  He developed a prayer ministry and the wall by his computer was filled with photos of family and friends he was praying for.  He was always the pastor, never burdening people with his own problems but ever ready to listen to their needs be it by phone, in person, by email or letter.
Fishing in our pond -- rural Springtown, AR
about summer 2000
Martin & Joel wearing hunting vests look like they are ready to hunt
Martin is holding our Brittany Spaniel pup, Duke
Fall 1984
All the churches Martin pastored were small making it necessary for him to be bi-vocational.  During those years there wasn't much time for hunting or fishing.  His first year as pastor at Poplar Bluff he had a little more time to hunt and bought Joel a gun, hunting vest & cap. 
We used wood for heating in our home near Springtown, AR.  One day Martin was helping his sons, cut down a tree, cut it up and split it.  He was sitting down resting by his truck when Sania, Paul's horse, came up and put her head over his shoulder.  It looked like both of their heads were bowed in prayer.
Let Us Pray!
Camp Lee Youth Camp
Camp Lee Youth Camp, near Wappello, MO was very dear to his heart. 
He served as Camp Lee Youth Camp Director from about 1881-1884.

Boys Dorm on the left end of the building, dining hall in the middle and girls dorm on the right end of the building.
Sports area in the foreground.  Tabernacle and dorm/dining hall building in the background.