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Southeast Missouri

Submitted by Linda Fox

(all information subject to spelling and date corrections)

1. Martin Bouse, son of John Jr. and grandson of John Sr. was born February 7, 1816(? Year-was listed on censes age 64 in 1880) in Pendleton Co, VA/WV and died February 7, 1902 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO. He was first married (1) Louise Lovina Drace, February 12, 1839 in Fayette Co., OH.  She was born Aft. 1800 in VA, and probably died  MO.  He married (2) *Pheoba Harper, May 12, 1846 in Crawford Co., MO.  She was the daughter of Jacob Harper and Phebe Harman. She was born September 25, 1825 in VA (probably Pendleton Co., W. VA) and died August 23, 1898 in Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO.  Both Martin and Pheoba are buried in the HARDY cemetery.  Bouse is a German name and not French as many believed. 

Children of Martin Bouse and Louise L. Drace are:

1.  John Andrew Bouse, b. November 16, 1839, Washington CO, MO.; d. June 6, 1887, Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO.  He married Mary Emma "AUNT EM" Summers December 20, 1866 in  Washington Co., MO.  She was born 1848 in MO, and died 1916 in Crawford Co. MO.  "Aunt EM" shares headstone w/John A. at Hardy Cemetery. Children:  Martha J., William, Susan A., John E., Aedy?, Cora A., Albert.

2. Amos Bouse, b. 1842, Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO.; d. Fairview Cemetery, Crawford Co., MO.  Married Ellen Pharis August 17, 1869.  She was born September 1838 in VA/ Prob. W. VA Children:  Nancy E., Ambrose, John B.

3. Phebe Jane Bouse, b. 1844, Bourbon, Crawford Co, MO; d. Crawford Co., MO. 

Children of *Martin Bouse and Pheoba Harper are:

4.  Jacob John Bouse, b. January 9, 1849, Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO/Metcalf cemetery; d. February 14, 1908, Washington Co, MO /(Metcalf and Fairview same?). He married Mary Ann "Aunt Moll" Paul April 30, 1868 in Crawford Co., MO.  She was born  November 12, 1849 in MO., and died April 28, 1930 in /Metcalf Cem., Washington Co., MO. Children: John, Amanda Rebecca, Effie May, Phoebe Jane, Nancy "Nan", Charles Edward, William Andrew, Ferdinand Cleveland. 

5. Elgia Edward Bouse, b. October 25, 1849, Bourbon, Crawford, MO.; d. April 26, 1899, Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO. He married Martha Jeffie Wymer, February 26, 1885 in MO, She was born July 24, 1862 and died October 22, 1923. Buried in the Hardy Cemetery. Children: Josie Belle, Arthur E., Bessie May, Minnie R., J. Elmer, Ella F.).

6. Martha "Mat" E. ' Bouse, b. December 1854, Bourbon, Crawford, MO.; d. 1919, Washington Co., MO. She married John Christopher Nicholson January 22, 1879.  William Edward, John Martin, Lee Roy, and Clara M. , Charles Lytle. 

7.  Noah (Noay)  Bouse, b. 1856, Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO; d. Crawford, Co., MO.  Her married Mary E. Farris married  September 9, 1875, Crawford Co., MO. 
Children: William, Martha E.

 8.  Andrew Norton Bouse, b. February 18, 1858, Bourbon, Crawford Co., MO; d. January 17, 1947, Shattuck, Ellis Co., OK  (The name is NOT Andrew MARTIN as many have read the  census.) He married Ida Ritter Merritt, daughter of Silas Merritt and Lorenda Monday.  She was born August 5, 1856 in MO, and died August 25, 1931 in Shattuck, Ellis Co., OK. 
Children: Anne, Carric Jefferson, Beula Ethel, Albert Jason, and Sadie Roberta.



Submitted by Linda Fox

ANY information is welcome on this family-lots of Mystery Here We have little documentation-mostly information was gathered from Flora's daughter Clemintine (Clemmy) Hoyt and Minerva's Family

   *SILAS2 MERRITT was born 1813 in Middle TN -Possibly Wilson Co., and died in Iron Mountain, MO.  He married Lorenda Monday July 2, 1839 in Church of Latter Day St.,  Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., TN. Daughter of William Monday and Katherine Hess? (mother unconfirmed) She was  born 1817,  and died 1884 in Iron Mountain, Iron Co., MO. Note: Merritt is also  found as Meritt/Merrit spelling. The surname:  Monday in Missouri  is often found spelled as MUND.  The family pronounced this  Mondane/Mondain.  Lorenda reportedly was of French descent.   The family often spoke of the French background---mistakenly believing this came from the Bouse line. 

He owned land with the LEGAL DESCRIPTION:


Children of Silas Merritt and Lorenda Monday are:

1. William R. Merritt, b. Bef. 1850, Iron Mountain?, MO; d. Iron  Mountain, MO Will road with the Howard Gang.  He was married and fathered at least 1 child named Annie.

2   Mary Merritt, b. Bef. 1850, Iron Mountain, MO; d. Iron  Mountain, MO.  Mary was married to a Mr. Walker and  2nd to Joseph W.  Wallas/Wallis December 24, 1872 in Washington Co., MO. Mary was the mother of Octavia.

3.   Minerva Jane Merritt, b. January 31, 1844, Iron Mountain, MO; d. October 14, 1928, Bismark, St. François Co., MO. She married Richard Dennis April 24, 1862, in Washington; 2nd William S. Simpson October 27, 1872 in Iron Co. MO.  Mother of: Harry and Robert Dennis; Mary Elizabeth Simpson.  Court Case on file probably of Minerva and the Bull incident.

4.  Bob Merritt, b. Bef. 1850, Iron Mountain?, MO; d. Iron  Mountain, MO; Bob was a cripple and a schoolteacher..He helped build a school where he taught a lifetime. 

5.    Anne Merritt b. Bef. 1850, Iron Mountain, MO. Married a Mr. Garrett.  (one of the Anne's married a Bodine. Note: One of the Anne's was an Actress in St. Louis.  One reportedly married a Politician and lived in IL. 

6. Flora Angeline (Twin) Merritt, b. May 31, 1850, Iron Mountain, Iron Co., MO; d. October 19, 1947, Shattuck, Ellis Co., OK.  Married to Felix O'Toole.   Married William M. Hoyt  (prob. In  Decator, AL).  Mother of Annie O'Toole and Clemintine, Katie and Louie Hoyt   Note: Flora ran away from home to avoid the  attentions and marriage Mordecai Howard. 

7.  Ben (Twin) Merritt, b. June 1, 1850, Iron Mountain, MO; d.  Popular Bluff, MO.   (Ben was born after midnight)

8.   Ida Ritter Merritt, b. August 5, 1856, MO; d. August 25, 1931, Shattuck, Ellis Co., OK.  


ANDREW NORTON BOUSE December 27, 1882,  
---see the Bouse Family

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