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Wallis Ancestry

Clint Wallis and family
Clint, Lizzie, Mona, Donna, Leslie and Nora, circa 1890.
1 John Wallis 1756 - 1824
...+Isabella Sharpe 1759 - 1825
.........2 Amos Sharp Wallis 1795 - 1841
.............+Martha Penn ? - 1853
...................3 Lunsford Mortimer Randolph Wallis 1826 - 1863
.......................+Ann Eliza Boon 1829 - 1864
.............................4 William Clinton "Clint" Wallis 1859 - 1911
..................................+Elizabeth "Lizzie" Caroline Henderson 1862 - 1933
........................................5 Randolph D. Wallis 1899 - 1988
............................................+ Helen Ashby 1900 - ?
..................................................6 Perry Hugh Wallis 1924 - 2002
......................................................+Evelyn May Jacobs 1924 -
.............................................................7 James David Wallis 1946 -
................................................................+Sandra Jeaneen Flippen 1949 -
........................................................................8 Michael Brett Wallis 1971 -
........................................................................8 Kevin Ryan Wallis 1973 -
........................................................................8 Kristen Michelle Wallis 1974 -

Note: Both spellings, Wallis and Wallace, have been found and are sometimes used inconsistently. I'm using Wallis here for simplicity.

Note on picture: Photo courtesy of Leslie Wallis-Durham.

Wallis migration map
Tracing Wallis movement through census records

Generation 1

John Wallis

John Wallis is the earliest confirmed Wallis ancestor. Information below captures what is known about him, however not all of this can be considered entirely credible as some of it comes from unknown sources. John's family is currently unknown, although it is believed they might have come from Somerset Co., MD on the eastern shore. Before that, it is believed that this line came from Donnegal Co. in Northern Ireland.

John Wallis is believed to have been born on 9 Jun 1756 in Cecil County, MD although I have yet to see a credible source for this exact date (it might have come from a family bible). He married Isabella Sharpe (abt. 1759 - aft. 1824). They are believed to have had at least 9 children, see below for details. Note that the full names and dates associated with the children below come from a Sharpe family researcher and I do not yet have the source material for these details. Many of the names can be confirmed by the father's will, however the dates below are shown despite being unconfirmed.

It appears that at least three men from North Carolina named John Wallis served in the Revolutionary War, according to online databases. A fellow Wallis researcher has confirmed that a John Wallis served as a private under Lt. Col. Harmar of the 1st U.S. Regiment. At this time I have not confirmed this is this John Wallis, given there appear to be multiple revolutionary soldiers of the same name.

A 1790 census record from Iredell Co., NC lists "John Wallis 4 2 4 - 1". The numeric columns represent free white males 16 or older, free white males under 16, free white females, slaves and other persons. The number of males under 16 are likely John F. and Alfred. The number of females is one short to account for Isabella, Emma, Clarissa, Myra and Sophia. It is unclear who the extra adult males are.

An 1800 census record from Salisbury, Iredell Co., NC lists "John Wallis 2 1 1 1 - 1 1 3 1 - - 5". The numeric columns represent 2M < 10 (likely Mortimer, Amos), 1M 10-16 (likely Alfred), 1M 16-26 (likely John F.), 1M 26-45 (likely John), 1F < 10 (likely Eliza), 1F 10-16 (likely Myra), 3F 16-26 (likely Emma, Clarissa, Unknown), 1F 26-45 (likely Isabella), and 5 slaves.

It is believed that the family moved from Iredell Co., NC to Rutherford Co., TN sometime before 1810. Rutherford County record book 1, page 30 has a letter of attorney from John Wallis which suggests a move around 1806. My best effort at transcribing its text:
Know all men by these present that I John Wallis of the state of North Carolina and County of Iredell, for sundry good reasons ____ thereunto moving have nominated and appointed Theophilis? A. Cannon of the state of Tennessee and County of Rutherford, my ____ lawfull [sic] attorney for me and in my name to collect all and singular the monies that may be due to me in said state of Tennessee by suit or otherwise, and I do by there presents [sic] ratify and confirm whatsoever my sd attorney may lawfully do touching the same, in as full and ample a manner as though done in my own person. In witness thereof have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the fifteenth day of February 1806 in the XXX year of our Independence.
John Wallis, seal
There are two 1810 census records from Jefferson, Rutherford Co., TN listing a John Wallis (Wallace). One lists no females which could be Isabella, the other has an obstruction in this column. This latter record lists "John Wallace - 2 - - 1 - - 1 - ? - 7" which represents 2M 10-16 (likely Amos, Mortimer), 1M 45+ (likely John), 1F 16-26 (likely Eliza as she is believed to still be single at this time) and 7 slaves.

There are three 1820 census records from Rutherford Co., TN listing a John Wallis (Wallace). One appears much more likely to be this John Wallis than the others. It lists "John Wallace - - - 1 - 1 - - - - 1 - 4 - - 3 - 1 - 2 1 1" which represents 1M 16-26 (likely either Amos or Mortimer), 1M 45+ (likely John), 1F 45+ (likely Isabella), 4 engaged in agriculture, 3M slaves 0-14, 1M slave 26-45, 2F slaves 0-14, 1F slave 14-26, 1F slave 26-45.

Rutherford County record book 6, page 41 contains the following entry from son Amos after his death:
Inventory of the estate of John Wallis, deceased, returned to April Term, 1824. 14 negroes, 800 acres of land, 3 horses, 18 head of cattle, 64 hogs, 28 sheep, 1 [illegible] waggon [sic] and household kitchen furniture. ____ Amount of money due with some credits against this sum.
April, 1824. Amos S. Wallis, Esq?
Will title John died in Jan 1824 in Rutherford Co., TN. His original will, written and updated in 1823, exists in the Rutherford Co., TN archives and they provide copies of the original upon request and a small fee. The will provides a number of details as it mentions all 9 children, including the married names of his daughters, and 4 grandchildren. For the full text, click on the image at right.

Note: Rowan Co. became Iredell Co. in 1788. Many of the dates below are not confirmed.
  1. Emma B. Wallis
    b. 23 Jun 1780 in Rowan Co, NC
    m. Thomas James Hall on 7 Jan 1803
    d. 25 Apr 1849 in Marshall Co, TN
  2. Claryssa Wallis
    b. 20 Aug 1781 in Rowan Co, NC
    m. Unknown Alexander
  3. John Fielding Wallis
    b. abt. 1782
    m. Sarah Kerr on 21 Nov 1818 in Oglethrope Co, GA
    d. 26 Jul 1841 in Perry Co, GA
  4. Alfred Wallis
    b. 1 Feb 1783 in Rowan Co, NC
    m. Mary "Polly" Hargy on 27 Sep 1804 in Fayellet Co, KY
  5. Mira Wallis
    b. 5 Oct 1784 in Rowan Co, NC
    m. John Mathews
    d. 23 Jun 1843 in Fayette Co, TN
  6. Sophia Goodrich Wallis
    b. 1786 in Rowan Co, NC
    m. Unknown Ewing
  7. Eliza B. Wallis
    b. 12 Feb 1792 in Iredell Co, NC
    m. Samuel Ham on 7 Sep 1818
  8. Amos Sharpe Wallis
    b. 21 Sep 1795 in Iredell Co, NC
    m. Martha Penn on 11 Jun 1825 in Rutherford Co, TN
    d. 11 Apr 1841 in Gibson Co, TN
  9. Mortimer Randolph Wallis
    b. 21 Sep 1797 in Iredell Co, NC
    m. Sarah Ann Norman on 2 Nov 1826
    d. 2 Aug 1832
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  6. Fellow family researcher (certain details still being confirmed)

Generation 2

Amos Sharpe Wallis

Amos was born 21 Sep 1795 in Iredell Co, NC. He is listed in his father's will of Jan 1824 as both an inheritor of land, livestock and slaves as well as co-executor of the will. He appears to sign "Esq." to certain documents, which suggests he might have been a lawyer.

Amos married Martha Penn on 16 Jun 1825 in Rutherford Co., TN. Some list the marriage date as 11 Jun 1825 but this is actually the date they obtained the marriage license. The back of the marriage license indicates that they were married on June 16 by an A. H. Morrison. Click here to view a copy of the marriage license.

At the time of the 1830 census they are living in Rutherford Co. with 3 sons under the age of 5 and 6 slaves.

According to the Rutherford County record books, Amos made a number of court appearances. From Saturday 22 May 1830, petition 24 lists an Amos S. Wallis and John Mosby vs. Martha Keeble. From Saturday 26 Feb 1831, petition 6 lists an Amos S. Walis and John Mosby vs. Robert Keeble and his wife Martha. It appears they were suing Martha because she was the administrator of her father's (Travis Marable, deceased) estate, and I assume that they were after soemthing they felt Travis owed them. Judgement in the 2nd petition above appears to give Amos and John possession of Travis Marable's estate:
Upon motion of the plaintiffs by their attorney, and it pleasing to the court, that the defendents have been served with a copy of the petition and a subpoena to answer in this cause, and it appearing to the court that said plaintiffs are the securities of the said Martha Keeble, late Martha Marable as administrator of Travis Marable, deceased, and it appearing to the court that the defendants are unable to give other security and to release them, it is ordered by the court that said petitioners take possession of the estate of said Travis Marable, deceased, and manage and control the same as an administrator's right to do, in the name of said Martha and her said husband Robert Keeble, and that they be held accountable as securities, for the sale amount of said estate. And it is considered by the court that the plaintiffs recover against the defendants all the costs in this behalf expended to.
There is also a record from Tuesday 21 Feb 1832 which shows a deed of conveyance from Amos S. Wallis to William Fenney for two acres of land in Rutherford County.

At the time of the 1840 census, they are living in Gibson Co., TN with 2 sons between 5-10, 2 sons between 10-15, 1 daughter under 5 and 3 slaves.

Martha P. Wallis is found on the 1850 census record for District 7, Gibson Co., TN with sons Columbus and William, and daughter Mary. She is listed immediately next to L. M. R. Wallis and his wife Ann on this census. Martha P. Wallis died on 7 Dec 1853, according to a family bible.

  1. Lunsford Mortimer Randolph Wallis
    b. 4 Apr 1826 in TN
    m. Ann Eliza Boon on 17 Mar 1846 in Gibson Co, TN
    d. 7 Sep 1863
  2. John F. Columbus Wallis
    b. abt 1829
    d. 6 Apr 1853
  3. William P. Wallis
    b. abt 1831
    d. 30 Apr 1857
  4. Mary Emaline Wallis
    b. 1836 in Rutherford Co, TN
    m. John R. Fite on 23 Oct 1852 in Gibson Co, TN
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Generation 3

Lunsford Mortimer Randolph Wallis

Lunsford M. R. Wallis was born in TN in 1826 and was also apparently known as Luther. In 1845, John D. McDowell was appointed his guardian after the death of "A.S. Wallis" (i.e. Amos). As this is believed to be 4 years after the death of Amos, it is unknown who is guardian was prior to this, although it's also unknown why a 19 year old needed a legal guardian.

Lunsford married Ann Eliza Boon in Gibson Co, TN on 17 Mar 1846 according to official marriage records for that county. He and his family moved to AR after 1850. He sold a parcel of land in Lawrence Co, AR on 21 Dec 1852. The deed was signed with his wife, Ann E. Wallis. The cause of his (and his wife's) early death is uknown. 1870 census records show that the children each went to live with different families, and it is believed that they lost touch with each other.

Ann E. Wallis died on 23 Dec 1864. Refer to the Boon webpage for more information on this lineage.

  1. Malissa Ann Wallis
    b. 27 Sep 1847
    d. 28 Apr 1858
  2. Luther Randolph Wallis
    b. 30 Sep 1849 in TN
    m. Mary Unknown bef. 1870
  3. Edgar Lukurqe Wallis
    b. 28 Mar 1852 in AR
    d. 1925
  4. Martha Mandena Wallis
    b. 11 Sep 1854
    d. 4 Mar 1857
  5. Helen Mary Wallis
    b. 23 Feb 1857 in MO
    m. Wiley Holley
    d. Aug 1897
  6. William Clinton "Clint" Wallis
    b. 1 Sep 1859
    m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Caroline Henderson on 14 Feb 1878 in Lawrence Co, AR
    d. 18 Nov 1911
  7. Albert B. Wallis
    b. 22 Oct 1861
    d. 1 Jul 1914
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  4. Wallis family bible

Generation 4

William Clinton "Clint" Wallis

DMN article on train wreck
Dallas Morning News article from November 19, 1911
Clint Wallis was born on 1 Sep 1859 in Lawrence Co, AR. He lost both parents when he was a small child and is listed as living with Mary C. McKnight in Lawrence Co. in the 1870 census. His siblings Albert, Helen and Edgar are found to be living with other families in AR, only Helen in the same county.

He joined the Methodist Church in 1877 in the ministry of Rev. William Phipps. He married Lizzie Caroline Henderson on 14 Feb 1878 in AR. Lizzie's parents were John F. Henderson and Margaret R. Sloan, married on 8 May 1856 in Lawrence Co, AR.

Around 1890 he moved his family to TX and settled near Richardson. Around this period of time his daughter Lochie May died as an infant. Clint was actively involved in building a white frame church in Richardson at the corner of Greenville and Main. In Dec 1892 Rev. Wallis joined the North Texas Conference at Sherman, TX with Bishop R. H. Hargrove presiding. At that time, Rev. wallis was assigned to the charge at Melissa, TX. However, the small church was unable to support his large family and he was forced to return to farming.

Clint was killed on November 18, 1911 when his mule-pulled wagon was struck by a train in downtown Richardson, TX. The death was witnessed by his son Leslie. Newspaper articles indicate he was buried in Blewett Cemetery in Richardson, however he is now buried in Restland Memorial Cemetery in Dallas, next to his wife Lizzie and daughters Lochie and Mona. The Dallas Morning New article is pictured at right. It inaccurately lists him as having only 10 children.

Lizzie moved back to Richardson after her husband's death and reared her children there. She is found in both 1920 and 1930 census records for Dallas Co. She died on 11 Aug 1933, according to her obituary.

  1. Ramona "Mona" Mandena Wallis
    b. 24 Aug 1880 in AR
    m. Oscar Hollabaugh
    d. 7 Jul 1964 in TX
  2. Donna Leanda Wallis
    b. 7 Dec 1882 in AR
    m. Richard Alfred Caveness on 2 Jul 1907
    d. 21 Apr 1964 in TX
  3. Leslie Winfield Wallis
    b. 18 Feb 1885 in Lawrence Co, AR
    m. Lily Lee Huffhines on 14 Jul 1909 in Richardson, TX
    d. 24 May 1972 in Richardson, TX
  4. Nora Elizabeth Wallis
    b. 19 Feb 1887
    m. Arthur A. Scott on 20 Oct 1908 in Richardson, TX
    d. 4 Apr 1977
  5. Lochie May Wallis
    b. 1 Dec 1888 in Sharpe Co, AR
    d. 4 Mar 1890
  6. Chloe Helen Wallis
    b. 2 Apr 1891 in Richardson, TX
    m. Frank Caveness on 3 Jun 1919
    d. 1 Jun 1919
  7. Vonnie Wallis
    b. 26 Oct 1892 in Richardson, TX
    m. Charles Ernest Culberson on 3 Sep 1919
    d. 3 May 1971
  8. William Clinton Wallis
    b. 16 Oct 1964 in Richardson, TX
    m. Charles Ernest Culberson on 3 Sep 1919
    d. 1987

    Click here to see a World War I draft registration card signed by William. It is unknown if he ever deployed.
  9. Leona Wallis
    b. 3 May 1897 in Richardson, TX
    m. Turner T. Blagg on 1 Nov 1921
  10. Homer W. Wallis
    b. 16 May 1899 in Frankford, TX
    m. Minnie Geraldine Huffhines on 20 Nov 1917 in Richardson, TX
  11. Randolph D. Wallis
    b. 16 May 1899 in Frankford, TX
    m. Helen Ashby on 24 Dec 1919 in Richardson, TX
  12. Albert Jewel Wallis
    b. 8 Jun 1901 in Mt. Peak, TX
    m. Ruby on 25 Mar 1926
    d. 19 Nov 1972 in Dallas, TX
  13. Ludie "Billie" Wallis
    b. 15 Oct 1907 in Richardson, TX
    m. Charles Leroy Moore
    d. 22 Sep 1972 in Houston, TX
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