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Aaron Jenkiins   Jesse A. Hill and Jane G. Jenkins Hill

1830 Census - Tennessee

1850 Census - Tennessee

JENKINS, Aaron married DAVIS, Catharine on 11-DEC-1798 JENKINS, Addison Monroe married BROOKES, Fannie on18-OCT1894 JENKINS, Andrew married RENFRO, Mattie on 26-JAN-1890 JENKINS, Anson married DAVIS, Catherine on 11-MAY-1798 JENKINS, Austin married LUCAS, Abigail on 24-APR-1828 JENKINS, Bettie married ROBERTS, George on 17-OCT-1892 JENKINS, Caroline married CRISP, Gabriel on 13-MAR-1878 JENKINS, Christopher C married MURPHY, Lou on 12-DEC-1885 JENKINS, Dona married TOGGWAELLER, Conrad on 02-SEP-1891 JENKINS, E E married WEBBER, M H on 12-AUG-1888 JENKINS, Edwin married WRIGHT, Lizzie on 12-MAY-1896 JENKINS, Eliza J married TILLERY, Thomas on 04-NOV-1875 JENKINS, Ellen married CRAWLEY, A on 10-SEP-1874 JENKINS, Ellen married HENDERLIGHT, Nicholas on 08-APR-1875 JENKINS, Emily married MALONE, James on 23-JUL-1868 JENKINS, Florence E married LOFTIS, Frederick S on 23-JUL-1893 JENKINS, Frank married DENNIS, Catherine on 01-AUG-1884 JENKINS, George W married COOPER, Mary Jane on 27-MAR-1869 JENKINS, H Jr married ANBURT, N H on 03-JAN-1870 JENKINS, Henry married GRAHAM, Lula on 03-NOV-1895 JENKINS, Henry D married HICKS, Dony on 25-OCT-1883 JENKINS, James L married BERRY, Alice O on 19-DEC-1886 JENKINS, Jane married HAWKINS, Edmond on 21-AUG-1887 JENKINS, John J married WILLIAMS, Carrie on 19-JUL-1888 JENKINS, John W married WOODS, Jeanette P on 07-APR-1870 JENKINS, Joseph married WESTERFIELD, Mary F on 02-MAR-1854 JENKINS, Josephine married YORK, Carrol H on 05-APR-1883 JENKINS, Lillie married WISE, Wm on 01-FEB-1900 JENKINS, Lizzie married TILLERY, Wm T on 19-JUN-1884 JENKINS, Louis Z married BOUNDS, Josie on 17-APR-1884 JENKINS, Lucretia C married LUCAS, James A on 19-NOV-1876 JENKINS, Margaret M married KNOX, John M on 09-AUG-1885 JENKINS, Margie married SIPPLE, John on 30-APR-1877 JENKINS, Martha married HENDERLIGHT, David E on 21-DEC-1873 JENKINS, Martha married JULIAN, John Calloway on 19-DEC-1878 JENKINS, Mary married MCDONALD, Wm on 14-APR-1898 JENKINS, Mattie married HUGHES, Wm on 03-AUG-1892 JENKINS, Mattie S married ELLIOTT, Joseph H on 14-NOV-1889 JENKINS, Nellie married WILLIS, John on 04-JUL-1896 JENKINS, Nelson married RICHARDSON, Mary on 26-FEB-1891 JENKINS, Phebe A married CHAPMAN, Joseph S on 08-JAN-1852 JENKINS, Reuben married JOHNSON, Nannie on 23-NOV-1886 JENKINS, Reuben Ester married CAMPBELL, Hattie on 27-SEP-1900 JENKINS, Samuel married GILLESPIE, Bettie on 27-DEC-1886 JENKINS, Silas D married NORWOOD, Catherine on 15-DEC-1856 JENKINS, Thomas E married RUTHERFORD, Nancy on 31-AUG-1854 JENKINS, Wm matt MCCAMPBELL, Kate on 01-NOV-1869 JENKINS, Wm married MONTGOMERY, Patsy on 04-APR-1828 JENKINS, Wm married SMITH, Mary Ann on 01-MAY-1882 JENKINS, Wm A married BLACKBURN, Lizzie on 28-OCT-1891 JENKINS, Wm A married HAYNES, Rosa M on 04-JUL-1898 JENKINS, Wm B marr Jett, Mary R. on 06-Jan.-1858 Information from TNGenWeb Archives Digital Library
Roane County, Tennessee Marriage Records Jinkins, Elizabeth married Duncan, Evan E. 7 Dec 1820 Jinkins, Sally married Lewis, Larkin 28 Jun 1824 Ginkins, Nancy married Davis, John 21 Dec 1824 Jenkins, Lucinda married Green, Christenberry 28 Feb 1828 Jinkins, John married Rayburn, Sally 29 Sep 1831 Jenkins, Cyntha married Butler, Jacob L. 28 Aug 1838 Jinkins, Margaret married Butler, William 6 Nov 1838 Jinkins, Charity A. married Weese, Peter 24 Sep 1838 Jinkins, Rachel married Smith, Jahue 10 Oct 1843 Jinkins, Lodowick M. married Reynolds, Elizabeth 9 Sep 1844 Jinkins, Alley Pearson, Richard 16 Sep 1846 Jinkins, Elisha married Burnett, Elizabeth 17 Sep 1846 Jinkins, Moinann Matilda Reynolds, William 1 Apr 1849

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