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Branches: Beach, Benham, Bunnell, Collier, Dickinson, Grannis, Hall, Jennings, Johnson,  Lothrop,  Parker, Parmelee,  Peck, Preston, Royce,  Sanford,  Scudder,  Staples   , Wilmot

 1. HENRY1 PECK was born in England about 1610 and died in New Haven, Connecticut in 1651. He married, probably in England, at an unknown time, JOAN (-----). He was an early, but not original, subscriber to the New Haven Fundamental agreement, taking the oath of fidelity on 1 July 1644 at the same time as Joseph Peck, and a few years later than William Peck, an original subscriber, who was a witness to his will. It is thought that Henry and Joseph were probably brothers, and closely related to William (Jacobus, Henry Peck Family). Henry is mentioned several times in the Records of the Colony of New Haven as edited by Charles Hoadley, among them:

p.168 At a General Court held at Newhaven the 16th of August 1645, upon a letter from he governour it was desired that some course may be taken for the common saftie in these rumors and tumults of the Indians...Henry Pecke and old Basset were desired to sett the great gunnes upon good strong carryadges.
p. 397 Henry Peck and Joseph Peck were complained of for comeing two late wth their armed on Lords day in the morning; they answered that ye night before they watched and had no rest, & when they came home they went to take a little rest so that they might be ye fitter for ye ordinances and not sleepe, upon wch consideration, for this time, the court passed it by.

        p. 453. Henry Peck fined for not having a ladder for his house, to stand by his chimney,           although warned oft times.

        p. 478. ...fined for allowing an untrue rumor to spread about a maid being pregnant, and           naming the father.

His will was dated 30 October 1751; Joan remarried before 1663, Andrew Low, and then guardians were appointed for the children, who were still minors.; the two eldest chose Thomas Munson, and the two youngest Roger Alling.

Children of Henry and Joan, all baptized in New Haven (from Jacobus):

i. JOSEPH2 PECK, bap. 5 Sep. 1647; m. SARAH ALLING, children: Sarah, Joseph, Samuel, James, John, Eliphalet, Abigail, Mary, and Ebenezer.

ii. BENJAMIN PECK, bap. 5 Sept. 1647; m. MARY SPERRY, children: Benjamin, Mary, Joseph, Esther,. and Ebenezer.

     3.   iii  ELEAZER PECK, perhaps bap. 12 Mar. 1649..

iv. ELIZABETH PECK, b. 18 March 1650; m. JOHN HOTCHKISS; children: John, Joshua, Joseph, Josia, Caleb, Elizabeth, and Ruth (Register 66:327).

2. ELEAZER2 (Henry1) PECK was perhaps baptized in New Haven, Connecticut 12 March 1649 and died in Wallingford, Connecticut in 1736. He married twice, first in New Haven 31 October 1671 to MARY BUNNEL, born in New Haven 4 May 1650 and died in Wallingford 20 July 20 1724, daughter of William and Ann (Wilmot) Bunnell. His second marriage was in Wallingford 31 October 1726 to ELIZABETH (FORD) CULVER, daughter of Timothy Ford and widow of Joshua Culver, who had died in 1713.

He was one of the first 33 planters of Wallingford, signing the covenant in 1670. His was the first child to die in Wallingford. He was assigned to "look to ye Boyes on ye Sabbath that they keep good order at meeting." The Town Records list him many times. His civic jobs included looking for and engaging a schoolmaster; acting as Town Treasurer, being a constable, one of three taking care of the town's stock of powder and ammunition,  and serving as one of five "townsmen" or selectmen. In 1685, the town chose Eleazer Peck and Thomas Yale "to meet the Farmington Indians and adjust and settle their claims." His will mentions all his children.

Note: For all the following families of Wallingford, I have used records from Davis' History of Wallingford only when I can find no other source, because I have found many inaccuracies  therein..

Children of Eleazer and Mary, all born Wallingford; dates from Jacobus:

i. SAMUEL3 PECK, b. 3 March 1673; died after nine days.

ii. ABIGAIL PECK, b. 6 March 1674; m. JAMES ALLING; children: Abigail, James, Stephen, Mary, Samuel, and Ebenezer   (Davis).

iii. SAMUEL PECK, b. 1675; m. ABIGAIL HITCHCOCK., mentioned in father's will to get ten shillings in addition to what he had previously been given "if he ever come." They had gone to Hartford, CT.

iv. MARY PECK, b. 14 July 1677; m. WILLIAM ABERNATHY; children: Elizabeth, William, Sarah, Mary, Samuel, Daniel and Susannah .(Davis).

v. MARTHA PECK, b. 2 July 1679; died young.

    3   vi. STEPHEN PECK, b. 4 Aug. 1681.

vii. ELEAZER PECK, b.19 Feb. 1683; died young.

vii. NATHANIEL PECK, b. ca. 1686; m. SARAH (HOPKINS) COLE.

viii. ELEAZER, b. ca. 1688; m.(1) ANN FOSTER; children: Hannah, Mehitable, Eliakim, Benajah; Gideon, Charles, Ebenezer, and Zebulon; m. (2) ANN (ANDREWS) CAMP, children: Gideon, Charles, Eleazer; m. (3) SARAH KING.

x. ELIZABETH PECK, b. ca. 1692; m.(1) SAMUEL ABERNATHY; children: Abraham, Samuel, and Jasper (Davis); m. (2) William HOUGH (See Chapter 2).

3. STEPHEN3 (Eleazer2, Henry1) PECK was born in Wallingford, Connecticut 4 August 1681 and died there after 1735. He married first in Wallingford 10 April 1706, SUSANNAH COLLIER, who was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1684 and died in Wallingford before 1727, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Sanford) Collier. He married second 8 May 1727, MARGERY (HITCHCOCK).who was born in Wallingford 9 September 1681, daughter of John and Abigail (Merriman) Hitchcock and widow of Joseph Munson.

Children of Stephen and Susannah, all born Wallingford (Jacobus and VRs):

i. JONATHAN4 PECK, b. 14 Sep. 1706; m. THANKFUL BENHAM.,children: Sarah, Susanna, Eunice, Martha, Thankful, and Ruth.

      4   ii. ABEL PECK, b. 25 Feb. 1709; m. LYDIA BENHAM.

iii. STEPHEN PECK, b. 20 March 1711; m. DESIRE MUNSON, children: Collier, Dan, Titus, Abner, Stephen, Desire, Phebe.

iv. JOHN PECK, b. 16 Sept. 1713; m. MEHITABEL ATWATER, children: Susannah, Elizabeth, and Giles.

v. SUSANNA PECK, b. 3 Sept. 1717; m. EDWARD COLLINS.

4. ABEL4 (Stephen3, Eleazer2, Henry1) PECK was born in Wallingford, Connecticut 25 February 1709 and died there 18 June 1771. He married in Wallingford before 1739, LYDIA BENHAM, who was born in Wallingford 9 Jan 1717, daughter of James and Esther (Preston) Benham.

Children of Abel and Lydia, all born in Wallingford:(Wallingford VRs):

i. PETER5 PECK, b. 27 May 1739; m widow ESTHER SMITH, children: Polly, Peter, David, Abel, and Eunice.

    5   ii. JAMES PECK, b. 25 Nov. 1742.

iii. ESTHER PECK, b. 28 Sept. 1744; m. AMBROSE COOK.

iv. ABEL PECK, b. 29 Dec. 1749.

5. CAPT. JAMES5 ( Abel4, Stephen3, Eleazer2, Henry1) PECK was born in Wallingford , Connecticut 25 November 1742 and died there 14 November 1780. He married in Wallingford 21 June 1764 ELIZABETH HALL, who was born there 12 February 1744, daughter of Abel and Ruth (Johnson) Hall.

James was a officer during the Revolution, starting out as a Lieutenant in the Lexington Alarm of April 1775; then as Ensign in the 1st Connecticut( May to December 1775); 2nd Lieutenant of Ward's Connecticut State Regiment to April 1777, then Captain of the Connecticut Militia 1777-1779.

Children of James and Elizabeth, all born in Wallingford:

i. GAD6 PECK:, b. 12 Oct. 1764; m. in New Haven, CT 6 Feb. 1787 ASENATH OSBORN, who was born in New Haven 1 February 1768 and died in Meadville, PA in 1823, daughter of Stephen and Desire (Shattuck) Osborn. I have been unable to verify that Gad was the romantic runaway to sea that my father described, with ships shot out from under him. He was a private (by no means a Captain) in the Revolution for one year (1779) then ledquite a conservative life in New Haven engaging in "maritime commerce," raising his children, until he and his wife's cousin, Jared Shattuck decided to try their hands in land speculation in the newly opened lands of the Western Reserve. What happened there is almost impossible to find out. I did find the following account, by Robert Hisevich. published in Pennsylvania History, October 1981, entitled "Early Land Barons." Gad and Jared had bought some land from an agent Augustus Sacket, who had been hired by Wallace, of the Holland Land Company:

"Two of Sacket's victims were Jared Shattuck and Gad Peck, a couple of Connecticut Yankees who were greenhorns in the western land business. In 1815 they purchased some 90,000 acres from Sacket's subagents.... .....these lands had to be worth twice as much as the other tracts but they were sold at bargain prices....were Sacket and Hart selling quality land at discount rates in return for big commissions and favors? Wallace believed they were, and decided he had no choice but to fire his agents and cancel the contract with Shattuck and Peck.....later Huidekoper resold some of the land to Shattuck, who was still a good financial risk. In no time at all Shattuck's sales soared to something like $100,000, but success was no more than an illusion. So destitute were the settlers who occupied his tracts that he could hardly collect enough from them to pay the interest on his remaining tracts."
Shattuck later became a prominent businessman in Meadville, but nothing further was said in the article about Gad  The rest of his life would be unbelievable, except that I have the documents that prove it  He applied for a pension in 1834, from Louisiana, saying "commercial disastrous reverses (had) now left him destitute at an advanced age on the banks of the Mississippi" where he had been for two years and now wished to return to Pennsylvania to be with his brother. The final communication to the government was in 1855 from a Mary Peck, aged 51, in Indiana who claimed she was his widow, and deserved his pension. Children: William Ward, Charles, Amelia, Caroline, and Robert.
ii. LYDIA PECK, b. 14 June 1767; m. JAMES HUMISTON, who was born in 1764 son of James and Hannah Hitchcock) Humiston. James had 4 brothers, all of whom left Wallingford; Jason and Linus went to Ohio, Ira was a sailor who disappeared, and Giles who was born ca. 1774, "went West" and died in Harpersfield, NY 12 July 1836  (See Chapter four.).

iii. HULDAH, b. 26 Aug. 1774.

iv. JAMES. 31 Jan.1777.

    6   v. CHARLES, b. 14 Nov, 1780.

6. CHARLES6  (James5, Abel4, Stephen3, Eleazer2, Henry1) PECK , was born in Wallingford, Connecticut 14 November 1780, and died after 1819 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. He married in Harpersfield, Delaware County, New York, 7 May 1804 ELIZABETH COWLEY, who was born in Greenbush, New York 20 October 1799 , and died in Centerville, Pennsylvania, 22 October 1847, daughter of St. Ledger and Mary (Reid) Cowley.

The wanderlust that infected many of the "post war babies", like Abner Banning's children, hit young Charles Peck when he was about twenty and he took off for the west, with no place particular in mind it seems. He must have visited Giles Humiston in the newly opened lands in Delaware County around Harpersfield, about seventy- five miles west of Albany. There Giles introduced him to his friends the Cowleys, and Charles lost no time in proposing to Elizabeth Cowley, a young school- teacher. Charles and Elizabeth settled in Harpersfield and had four children before Charles' brother Gad persuaded them to join him in a land venture in Western Pennsylvania. The move to Centerville, Pennsylvania was a disaster, but they stuck it out. Charles bought an inn and ran it. He was one of a group of Presbyterians organized in 1815 by the Rev. Amos Chase, who built the first church in Centerville. (Bates, "Our Country and Its People" and History of Crawford County).

Children of Charles and Elizabeth:

i. EMMA7 S, PECK, b. 3 Feb. 1807.

ii. GAD H. PECK, b. ca. 1807; died young.

iii. JOHN PECK, b. ca. 1809.

     7   iv. LYDIA HUMISTON PECK, b. Harpersfield, NY30 Dec. 1811.

v. MARY L. PECK, b. Harpersfield, 5 Sept. 1813.

vi. ELIZABETH C. PECK, b. Meadville, PA 24 Jun 1815.

vii. WILLIAM WARD PECK, b. Centerville, PA. 21 Sept. 1819.

7. LYDIA7 HUMISTON (Charles6, James5, Abel4, Stephen3, Eleazer2, Henry1) PECK was born in Harpersfield, New York 30 December 1811, and died in Mt. Vernon, New York 3 April 1888. She married in Centerville, Pennsylvania 7 May 1834 DR. EDMUND PRIOR BANNING ( Family Bible).

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Bunnell Family

William Bunnell is the only ancestor that I have so far found of whom I am completely ashamed.

1. WILLIAM1 BUNNELL was born in Cheshire, England about 1610, and died, probably in Barbados, West Indies, 5 August 1678; the death of a William Bunnell is recorded there, and none has been found elsewhere. He married in or near Boston, Massachusetts, about 1635 ANN WILMOT, who was born in England about 1615 and died in New Haven, 1654, the daughter of Benjamin and Ann Wilmot.

A Hugenot, William Bunnell was the son of Benjamin Bunnel, who was probably born in Flanders before 1595, son of Thomas Bunnell who fled from Ypres, France about 1577-79 and made his way to Norwich, England. Under Queen Elizabeth, Protestant refugees were welcome. Here Thomas became deacon and elder of the Walloon Church, as well as mayor; he died in 1607. His son Benjamin, in 1607, brought a letter to the Dutch Church in London from the Walloon church at Norwich., and stayed in London. The Hugenots are not to blame for William (Duncan, William Bunnell and his Descendants).

In 1630, there was a William Bunnel on a jury list in Massachusetts Bay (Charlestown) who was probably our William. He and Mary had three children in the Boston area, before 1645 when William decided to go back to England, alone. The children were then Benjamin, age 9, Lydia about 7 and William 5. "What should I do about the children?" asked Ann; "They're yours as well as mine, you take care of them,." he answered; and even worse," the boy saith he remembers his father did say so to his mother. (This was reported later in the New Haven Town Records.)

The Records of the Governor and Conpany of the Massavchusetts Bay treat him as if he were on welfare: In 1645, a committee of two, Sparhawke and Maaon, was appointed "with all power to dispose of (find indentures for ) the children of Goodman Bunnell, if their grandfather will not take care of them." Apparently the children and their mother then left for New Haven because Sparhawke and Mason were next told to turn over supplies they had to Goodman Bunnell for his use. In 1646 it was noted that some clothes should be given to Wm Bunnell on his arrival in England and that the court in Massachusetts Bay would pay for them.

While William was in England, Mary and her father, unable to provide food for the children, managed to secure indentures in New Haven for the eldest two, Benjamin to Nicholas Elsy and Lydia to Samuel Whitehead, thus providing for their future until they reached adulthood. Now we go to the New Haven Town records.

1650, April 3. Bunnell is back in America, living at New Haven, and the Court excuses him from paying the poll tax because of his "poverty, age and weakness."

1650. August 6. That did not prevent him from fathering another child, our ancestor, Mary; for not registering her birth on May 4 he had to pay a fine.

1651. January 7. January of 1651. John Thomson complained that he had let his house for a year to William Bunnell but had not been paid, and Bunnell would not leave, because he hadn't been able to find another place, " he had asked Thomas Barnes aboute his house, but yet hath no Answer from him." The Court patiently explained to Bunnell "that he must not live in another mans house without his will, but must provide for himself elsewhere." He was warned to get out in three weeks.

1651. October 7. Bunnell wants his children back to work for him. Benjamin says he remembers his father saying "do what you want with them" to his mother. "Goodman Bunnell was told he must not thinke that they will take chilldren small and Keepe them until now and let him have them againe, but he must allow what is just for Keeping them, which he is not able to doe." The court confirms the placement.

1652. February 21. The council cosidered giving Bunnell a weekly allowance, so that he would would not run up unnecessary charges. Two shillings a week was agreed upon provided "hee and his family doe what they can towards their maintaynance."

1652. March 11. "The Townsmen were desired to speake to old Bunill aboute putting forth his boy (this would be Nathaniel, now age seven)...for it was said that the boy is not onely a charge, but he will be spoiled for want of govern'"

1652. May 10. Bunnel refused to let his boy go, so the town "declared that his weekly allowance should be withdrawne for they are not willing to maintayne the boy at home, when he may be put out so as will be both an advantage to the family in a cow that is proffered for him which will be a good help to Keep them, and for the good of ye boy who now for want of due nurture growes rude and offensive."

1653. August 28. Ebenezer Bunnel born.

1654. February 27. " The Governor informed that one cause of this meeting is aboute Goodwife Bunill who is sicke, upon whom the town hath been of some charge, but whether as much be done as her case requireth is a question. Also there is two children to be put out."

1654. May 1." The Towne was informed that old Bunill (whose wife and child is dead) is desirous to goe to old England. wch if it could be attayned might free the Towne from some charge, though they made some present disburssmt for his passage and other necessaries for him, and understanding a vessell at Milford is bound for Newfoundland, it was Ordered that the Townsmen and Treasurer should treate with them for his passage theither, and Agree of some course how be may be sent from thence to old England, where he saith he hath some friends to take care of him."

Children of William and Mary:

i. BENJAMIN2 BUNNELL, Boston ca. 1636; m. (1) REBECCA MALLORY; m. (2) ELIZABETH POST. He was indentured to Nicholas Elsey. Eleven children.

ii. LYDIA BUNNELL, b. Boston ca, 1638; m. FRANCIS FRENCH. She was indentured to Samuel Whitehead when she was seven..

iii. NATHANIEL BUNNEL, b, ca 1645. New Haven; m. SUSANNAH WHITEHEAD, niece of the Samuel  to whom his sister Lydia was indentured.

    2   iv. MARY BUNNELL b. New Haven 4 May 1650.

v. EBENEZER BUNNEL, b. 28 Aug, 1653; d. Apr. 1654..

2. MARY2 (William1) BUNNELL was born in New Haven , Connecticut 4 May 1650 and died in Wallingford, Connecticut 20 July 1724. She married in New Haven 31 Oct 1671 ELEAZER PECK. The Peck Genealogy gives her a nice epitaph:

At the age of seventy four Mary Peck passes to her reward at Wallingford. She had lived to celebrate her golden wedding with three years to spare but died eleven years before her husband. Of their ten children she saw seven of them at least married and settled.

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Wilmot Family

1. BENJAMIN1 WILMOT and his wife Ann settled in New Haven at least by 2 May 1648, when he took the "oathe of fidellitie." His son, Benjamin Junior had been there in 1641. He died there 18 August 1669; she died 7 October 1668. They were very poor, so poor that young Benjamin was excused from military training to help them on their farm (Jacobus). As described under Bunnell, their daughter Mary sought refuge with them when her hiusband had deserted her in Boston, and they helped her find indenture places for her children but could not help to feed them.

Children of Benjamin and Ann:

      2   i. ANN2 WILMOT, m. WILLIAM BUNNEL.

ii. BENJAMIN WILMOT, m. ELIZABETH HEATON; children: Hannah, Mary, and Elizabeth.

iii. WILLIAM WILMOT, m. SARAH THOMAS; children: Benjamin, Sarah, William, John, Anna, Alexander, Tabitha, Mary, Thomas and Elizabeth.

2. ANN2(Benjamin1) WILMOT was born in England at an unknown time; and died inNew Haven, Connecticut in the spring of 1654. She married, in Boston, about 1635, WILLIAM BUNNELL.

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Collier Family

1. JOSEPH1 COLLIER was born in England, in St. Savior's Parish, Southwark, London about 1641 and died in Hartford, Connecticut 15 November 1691. He married in Hartford about 1667 ELIZABETH SANFORD, who was born in Hartford 19 February 1646 and died there 5 February 1695. He was probably the son of a London grocer, also named Joseph, who had a sister Mary Browning in New England, sons Abel and Joseph, and who died in 1649.

In any case, there are records of him in Hartford; he was chosen a chimney viewer, a kind of fire warden in 1668 and bought land there in 1671. His will was probated 2 December 1691, and the distribution thereof named his children and their ages. In the will of Elizabeth, probated 21 February 1696, she stated she wished her loving brothers Zarchariah and Robert to be overseers. Data from Ackley-Bosworth Genealogy, edited by Jacobus.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth, all born Hartford  (VRs):
i. JOSEPH2 COLLIER, b. ca. 1668; m. SARAH FORBES. Children: Joseph, Mary, Sarah. Abel., Hezekiah, and Daniel.

ii. MARY COLLIER, b. ca. 1669, m. JOSEPH PHELPS.

iii. HANNAH COLLIER, b. ca. 1671.

iv. SARAH COLLIER, b. ca. 1673; m. JOSEPH PRATT.

v. ELIZABETH COLLIER, b. ca. 1675; living 1691.

vi. ABEL COLLIER, b. ca. 1677; d. 1697.

vii. JOHN COLLIER, b. ca. 1679; m. ELIZABETH HUMPHREY, children: Elizabeth and Eunice.

viii. ABIGAIL COLLIER, b. ca. 1682, m. SAMUEL PECK.

      2   ix. SUSANNAH COLLIER, b. ca. 1684.

x. ANN COLLIER, b. ca. 1687; m. HENRY BRACY.

2. SUSANNA2 (Joseph1) COLLIER was born about in Hartford, Connecticut about 1684, and died in Wallingford, Connecticut before 1727. She married in Wallingford 19 April 1706, STEPHEN3 PECK.

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Sanford Family

1. ROBERT1 SANFORD was baptized at Stanstead Mountfitchet, Essex, England, 1 November 1615, and settled in Hartford Connecticut, though not with the original settlers. His wife was named ANN ( -----), who was a sister of Joana, who married Richard Westcott, Nathaniel Baldwin and finally Thomas Skidmore, all of Fairfield, Connecticut. Robert, like Joseph Collier, was a chimney inspector, leather sealer, and fence viewer at Hartford. He did not complete his will, but the probate papers mention his children (Data from Ackley-Bosworth).

Children of Robert and Ann, all born in Hartland:

i. ZACHARIAH2 SANFORD, b. ca. 1644; m SARAH WILLETT; Ensign and then Lt. in trainband.

   2. ii.ELIZABETH SANFORD, b.10 Fe. 1646.

iii. EZEKIEL SANFORD, b. 13 March 1648; m. HANNAH (--).

iv. MARY SANFORD, b. ca. 1650; m. JOHN CAMP.

v. SARAH SANFORD, b. ca. 1652.

vi. ROBERT SANFORD, b. abt 1656; m. MARY PRATT.



2. ELIZABETH2 (Robert1) SANFORD was born in Hartford, Connecticut 19 February 1646, and died there 6 February 1696. She married there in 1667 JOSEPH COLLIER.

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Benham Family

1. JOHN1 BENHAM was born in England about 1600 and died in New Haven, Connecticut in 1661. He married twice; (1) in England about 1633 to MARY (-----) , who died in New Haven about June 1660.; and (2) in Boston in November 1660 the widow MARGERY ALCOTT.  The legend that he, his wife, and their two boys came on the Mary and John may well be true, but has never been proved. He did start in Dorchester; was made freeman there in 1631 and stayed there as a bricklayer until 1638 when he moved with the Reverend John Davenport to found New Haven, (History of Dorchester, by the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society). In New Haven he was listed #14 in the church records, and was Town Crier. He travelled many times between New Haven and Hartford, often bearing letters between Davenport and Governor Winthrop.(Davenport Family).

Children of John and Mary; place, order and date of birth unknown:

i. JOHN2 BENHAM, died New Haven 1691; m. (1) SARAH (HURST) WILSON; m (2) MERCY SMITH

      2   ii. JOSEPH BENHAM, died New York; m. WINIFRED KING.

2. JOSEPH2 (John1) BENHAM was born either in England or in Dorchester, Massachusetts about 1633. He married in Boston, Mssachuseets 18 January 1657 WINIFRED KING, whose parentage remains unknown. They lived in New Haven until they moved, as original settlers to the town of Wallingford, Connecticut.

For many years they lived at peace with their neighbors. The only time either of them was mentioned in court came when Joseph made the mistake of saying in public what he thought of the town selectmen (that a bunch of dogs could do as well) as was immediately reported. Then one day a bunch of neighhood women were visiting Winifred and one of them, Goody Parker, said half jokingly that she thought Winifred might be a witch. That was too much for Joseph...he got his gun and said, in effect, "Goody, I am putting two bullets in this gun, each of them for you if you ever dare come here again" This infuriated the righteous Parkers so much that they separately accused both Benhams before the county court at New Haven, 25 July 1692, Joseph of threatening to shoot, and Hannah of witchcraft. He was fined and she, after one more court appearance, was cleared, but warned about giving the appearance of evil. Her accusers starting looking for evidence to convict Winifred, and after about five years they thought they had enough to again bring her to court. This time it was more serious; both Winifred and her 13 year old daughter, little Winifred, were accused of causing great sore spots to appear on three teenagers ( and while the same sort of sore spots appeared on little Winifred, they quickly healed); the teenagers themselves testified, always a good performance in those days. The people of the town of Wallingford were divided into two camps, with one deacon on each side, no one stayed neutral. The grand jury returned a veerdict of "ignoramus" (not proven) and the Benhams were free..

. This was the last witchcraft trial in Connecticut.. The story of the two accusations of Winifred as a witch, and her subsequent trial in New Haven in 1697 (New Haven County Court Records and Jacobus, Families of Ancient New Haven. Appendix on Connecticut Witches) has been described at length in my article in the Connecticut Nutmegger. Although acquitted by the court for lack of proof in 1697, Joseph and Winifred feared further persecution and fled to New York State, where no further trace of them has yet been found. Joseph died probably in 1703, and at least by 1714, when the new land division in Wallingford alloted his share to his children.

Children of Joseph and Winifred, the first seven born in New Haven, rest in Wallingford:

i. MARY1 BENHAM, b. 18 Oct, 1658; died young.

ii. JOSEPH BENHAM, b. 25 May 1659; m. HANNAH (MERRIMAN) IVES; children: Mary, Joseph, and Abigail.

iii. Nameless girl infant, b. spring 1661.

iv. JOANNA BENHAM, b. 25 July 1662. Still alive 1681, when she testified at the witchcraft trial of her "grandmother," Mary Hale.

v. ELIZABETH BENHAM , b. 15 Sept. 1664; died young.

vi. JOHN BENHAM, b. 28 Dec, 1666; died young.

vii. SARAH BENHAM, b. 1668; died young.

viii ANNA BENHAM, b. 1669; m. LAMBERT JOHNSON; children: Winifred, Aafye, Lambert, and Sarah.

ix. JOHN BENHAM, b. 3 Nov. 1671, went to New York State, married, had children.

x. MARY BENHAM, b. 12 May 1672, d.young.

xi. SAMUEL BENHAM, b. 1674; died young.

xii. SARAH BENHAM, b. 6 Sept. 1676; m. JACOB JOHNSON; children: Jacobus, Cornelius, Wyntie, Johanna, and Benjamin.

      3   xiii. JAMES BENHAM, b. 1679; m. ESTHER PRESTON.

ziv. WINIFRED BENHAM, b. 21 Aug. 1684; m. EVERT VAN NAMEN; children: Maria, Winfred.

3. JAMES3 (Joseph2, John1) BENHAM was born in Wallingford, Connectict in 1679, and dioed there 10 May 1745. He married there 9 December 1702 ESTHER PRESTON, who was born there 28 February 1684 and died there 4 July 1764, daughter of Deacon Eliasaph and Elizabeth (Beach) Preston.

Children of James and Esther, all born Wallingford:

i. JEHIEL4 BENHAM, b. 23 Feb, 1704.

ii. SARAH BENHAM:, b. 12 April 1706; m. HENRY HOTCHKISS; children: Joseph, Henry, Sarah, Mary, and Jonah..

iii. ESTHER BENHAM, b.18 March 1709.

iv. SAMUEL BENHAM, b. 9 Nov. 1711; m. PHOEBE (----).

v. JOHN BENHAM, b. 17 Dec. 1714; m. MARY (----).

      4   vi. LYDIA BENHAM, b. 9 Jan. 1717.

vii. MARY BENHAM, b. 17 July 1719.

viii. EUNICE BENHAM, b. 5 Aug. 1723.

4. LYDIA4 (James3, Joseph2, John1) BENHAM was born in Wallingford, Connecticut 9 January 1717 and married there ABEL PECK.

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King Family

1. WINIFRED KING was born in an unknown place about 1639, and died equally unknown, after 1703. She married in Boston 15 January 1657 Joseph Benham and they had fourteen children. So far nothing has been found about her parents. Her mother may have been the widow MARY HALE, age seventy four, who was tried as a witch in Boston in 1680, and acquitted, and who called Winifred Benhams's daughter Joanna her "grandaughter". Nothing has been found to prove this relationship.

Mary Hale was a widow, age seventy-four in 1680 who ran a rooming house/ infirmary, taking in many destitute people, for whose care she was paid by the city. Her granddaughter Joanna Benham, age nineteen, acted as her assistant. Mary was accused of poisoning a young man who had once courted Joanna and now was paying attention to another young girl. She was judged not guilty (Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County and Records of the Court of Assistants).

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Preston Family

1. WILLIAM1 PRESTON was born in England .in Gigglesworth, Yorkshire, 23 January 1591, and died in New Haven, Connecticut in 1647. He married first in Chesham, County Bucks, England 11 October 1613 ELIZABETH SALE, who was baptized there 8 June 1690 and buried there 11 Oct. 1613, daughter of the churchwarden Edward Sale. William himself was a churchwarden there too. He married second, in Chesham in 1635 MARY SEABROOK, who was born about 1600, daughter of Robert Seabrook. In September of 1635, William, Mary, and his four youngest children emigrated in the Truelove. They settled for a while in Dorchester then by 1639 were established at New Haven.

Children with Elizabeth, baptized at Chesham:

i, WILLIAM PRESTON, bap. 5 Oct. 1614; bur. 4 June 1633.

ii. JOHN PRESTON, bap. ca. 1617; bur. 24 Nov. 1623.

iii. EDWARD PRESTON, bap.14 Nov. 1619; preceded his father to America in the Christian, April 1635.

iv. DANIEL PRESTON, bap. 3 March 1622; came with his uncle Edward Sale, in Elizabeth and Ann in April 1635.

v. ELIZABETH PRESTON, bap. 23 July 1624.

vi SARAH PRESTON, bap. 23 July 1636.

vii. MARY PRESTON, bap. 13 Dec. 1629.

viii. JOHN PRESTON, bap. 4 March 1632.

Children with Mary, baptized in New Haven:


x. HAKALIAH PRESTON, bap. 9 April 1643 , twin; m. EMMA FAIRCHILD.

      2   xi. ELIASAPH PRESTON, bap. 9 April 1643, twin, m. ELIZABETH BEACH.

xii. JOSEPH PRESTON, bap. 24 Jan. 1647.

2. ELIASAPH2 (William1) PRESTON was baptized in New Haven , Connecticut 9 April 1643, and died in Wallingford, Connecticut in 1705. He was a twin with his brother Hakaliah. He married in Wallingford (1) MARY WILCOXEN and had a child, Mary; and (2) about 1675 ELIZABETH BEACH. who was born 20 March 1652 and died in Wallingford after 1688, daughter of John and Mary Beach; and (3) MARTHA (BRADLEY) MUNSON,widow of Samuel Munson.

Elizabeth Beach had a brother John who married Hannah Staples, the daughter of the famous "witch" Mary Staples who was accused by the deputy governor, Roger Ludlow. She had made the mistake of standing up for a friend whom Ludlow had accused, even to the extent of examining her body after she had been hanged to prove she did not have "witches teats." Then she gave Ludlow further ammunition by telling a "friend" she did not think there were such things as witches; this was almost heresy. The accusation made her husband Thomas Staples so angry that he sued Ludlow for defamation of character, and won! Eliasaph was one of two Deacons in Wallingford.

Child of Eliasaph and Mary, born in Wallingford (Davis):

i. MARY PRESTON, b. 25 April 1674; m. CALEB MERRIMAN, children: Moses, Elizabeth, Eliasaph, Hannah, Phebe, and Lydia.

Children of Eliasaph and Elizabeth, born in Wallingford:

ii. ELIZABETH PRESTON, b. 29 Jan. 1777.

iii. HANNAH PRESTON, b. 12 July 1778; m. WILLIAM ANDREWS; child: Thankful.

iv. ELIASAPH PRESTON., b. 26 Jan. 1680; m. (1) REBECCA WILCOXEN; children: Ephraim, Elizabeth, and Joanna; m. (2) DEBORAH MERRIMAN; children: Jehiel, Rebecca, and Elizabeth; m.(3) HANNAH MOTT; children: Isaac, Moses, and Lois.

v. JOSEPH PRESTON, b.19 March 1682; m. JANE COOK; children: Eliasaph, Joseph, Jonathan, Samuel, John, Ebenezer, Dinah, and Samuel.

    3   vi. ESTHER PRESTON, b. 28 Feb. 1684.

vii. LYDIA PRESTON, b. 5 May, 1786.

viii. JEHIEL PRESTON, b. 25 Aug. 1688; died young.

3. ESTHER3 (Eliasaph2, William1) PRESTON was born in Wallingford 28 February 1684, and died there 4 July 1764. She married there JAMES BENHAM.

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Beach Family

1. JOHN1 BEACH was born in England, about 1630 and died suddenly in 1677 in Stratford, Connecticut. He married in New Haven Connecticut about 1652 MARY STAPLES. He was one of the original proprietors of Wallingford, but never lived there. While in New Haven he was called into court for

"having killed a cow of George Smyths with the falling of a tree, the said George requiring satisfaction forasmuch as he conceiveth thatt the said John did it through negligence but he the said John Beach alleadged for himselfe that he did nott doe it negligently, for he being falling a tree, there came some cowes about him, and the tree in the falling did rest upon the bows of another tree thatt stode neare, and then he left the tree, and drave away the he did conceive without the reach of the tree, and in the mean time some goates coming under the tree he retourned to drive them away allso, and then came in haste to give three or four chops at the tree to hasten the falling of it before the cattle could come again."

The court said he could have done better and made him pay for the cow.(Hoadley, April 1643). His estate was probated in Fairfield.

Children of John and Mary, all born in Stratford: (Jacobus, New Haven)

     2   i. ELIZABETH2 BEACH, b. 20 March 1652.

ii JOHN BEACH, b. APRIL 1654; m. (1) HANNAH STAPLES, children; Mary, Ruth, Mehitable, Ebenezer, and Hester; m. (2) widow PHEBE (WILCOXSON) BIRDSEY.

iii. MARY BEACH, b. Sept 1656; prob. m. 1716 THOMAS YALE.

iv. THOMAS BEACH, b. May 1659; m (1) RUTH PECK, children: Hannah, Ruth, Thomas, and Benoni, (2) PHEBE WILCOXEN, children: Timothy, Nathan, Moses, Gershom, Caleb, Thankful, Phebe, and Joanna.

v. NATHANIEL BEECH, b.March 1662; m. SARAH PORTER, children: Ephrain, Elizabeth, David, Josiah, Nathaniel, Sarah, Daniel, Anna, Israel,and James.


vii. SARAH BEECH, b. Nov. 1667.

viii. ISAAC BEACH, b. 27 June 1669; m. HANNAH BIRDSEY, children: William, Elnathan, John, Mary, Hannah, and Dinah.

ix. JOSEPH BEACH, b. 5 Feb. 1671; m. ABIAH BOOTH, children: Sarah, Agar, Abraham. Hannah, Joseph, and Abiah.

x. BENJAMIN BEACH, b. .March 1674; m. MARY Hitchcock, children Peter. Eunice, Benjamin, Mary, Noah, Abner, and Lydia.

2. ELIZABETH2 (John1) BEACH was born in Stratford, Connecticut 20 March 1652 and died in Wallingford, Connecticut between 1688 and 1694. She married in Stratford, about 1675, ELIASAPH PRESTON.

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Hall Family

1. JOHN1 HALL was born in England about 1605 and died at Wallingford, Connecticut 1676, aged 71 years; he married in New Haven before 1644 Jane or (Jeanne) Woolen. In 1644 John Hall appeared in court to get 10 pounds due his wife at the end of her indenture. "Goody Hall being present was asked why her master Wilkes promised her ten pounds if she served out her time. She sayd because he knew she deserved it. The indenture wherein Goody Hall was bound to Mr. Wilkes was called for and also read in court, wherein it appeared that she was to serve him for five years and to have 3 pounds a year, wch the court judged competent wages, her passage being also paid for by Mr. Wilkes....but he having promised therefore it becomes a due debt to her." (Hoadlley)

Children of John and Jane, born in New Haven  (Davis)::

      2   i. JOHN2 HALL, b. ca. 1644;.bap. 9 Aug.1646.

ii. RICHARD HALL, b. 11 July, 1645; m. HANNAH (-----), children: .Samuel, Hannah, John, Jonathan, and Mary.

iii. SAMUEL HALL, b. 21 May 1646; m. HANNAH WALKER, children: John,Hannah, Sarah, Samuel, Theophilus, and Mary. It was this John whose grandson, Lyman Hall, was governor of Georgia and signed the Declaration of Independence.

iv. SARAH HALL, bap. 9 Aug. 1646.

v. THOMAS HALL, b. 25 Match 1649; m. GRACE (--), children: Abigail,Thomas, Mary, Joseph, Esther, Benjamin, Daniel, Rebecca, and Israel.

vi. JONATHAN HALL, b. 5 April 1651.

vii. DAVID HALL, b. 18 March 1652; m. (1). MARY RUTHERFORD, children: Daniel and Rutherford; m. (2) SARAH ROCKWELL; children: John, Thankful, Sarah, Ruth, Jerusha, Mabel, and David.

2. DEACON JOHN2 ( John1)  HALL was born in New Haven, Connecticut and baptized there 9 August 1646.about 1644 and died in Wallingford, Connecticut 2 September 1721. He married in New Haven 6 December 1666 MARY PARKER, who was born in New Haven about 1648 and died in Wallingford 22 September 1725, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth (Wood) Parker. He was one of the chief accusers of Winifred Benham in 1692. His great-nephew signed the Declaration of Independence.

Children of John and Mary, all except Elizabeth born in Wallingford:

i .ELIZABETH3 HALL, b. in New Haven 11 Aug. 1670.

ii. DANIEL HALL, b. 26 July 1672; m. THANKFUL LYMAN, children: Daniel, Daniel, Samuel, Silence, Preserved, Sarah, Benjamin. Jacob, David, and Abraham.

iii. MARY HALL, b. 23 June 1675.

iv. NATHANIEL HALL, b. 8 Feb. 1677; m. ELIZABETH CURTIS, children: Amos, Margaretta, Caleb, Moses, Mary, Nathaniel, James, Elizabeth, Desire, and Harmon.

     3   v. JOHN HALL, b. 14 March 1671.

vi. LYDIA HALL, b. 21 Jan. 1683.

vii. SAMUEL HALL, b. 24 Dec, 1686; d. 1689.

viii. ESTHER HALL, b. 30 Aug. 1693.

ix. CALEB HALL, b. 14 Sept. 1697.

3. JOHN3 ( John2,1) HALL was born in Wallingford, Connecticut 14 March 1671 and died there 27 April 1766. He married in Wallingford 28 June 1707 ELIZABETH ROYCE, who was born in Wallingford 28 Dec. 1689 and died there 2 Sept. 1755, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Lathrop) Royce.

Children of John and Elizabeth, all born in Wallingford:

i. ISAAC4 HALL, b. 22 July 1709; m. MARY MOSS, children: Mary, Isaac, Joel, Esther, Elizabeth, Jonathan.

ii. PETER HALL, b. 22 July 1709, twin; m. REBECCA (-----).

iii. JOHN HALL, b. 28 Dec. 1712; m..ABIGAIL RUSSEL, children: Elias, Jared, Abigail, John, Elizabeth, William, Mary, Eunice, Anna, Benjamin, and Lydia.

      4   iv. ABEL HALL, b. ca. 1714.

v. ASAHEL HALL, b. 19 Jan. 1717; m. SARAH GOLDSMITH, children: Catherine, Joel, Sarah, Ashahel, Mehitabel, Aaron, Charles, Ashahel, Aaron, and Sarah.

vi. ROYCE HALL, b. 26 Dec.1718. Graduated Yale, 1717; d. 1752.

vi. ABIGAIL HALL, b. 7 March 1723.

vii. ELIZABETH HALL, b. 9 July 1725.

viii. BENJAMIN HALL, b. 4 April 1728; m. PHEBE HALL; children: Susannah, Bede, Statira, Benjamin and Sarah.

ix. ELISHA HALL, b. 15 Sept. 1730; m. THANKFUL ATWATER; children: Phebe, Sarah, Joseph, Lydia, Sally, Elizabeth, Hannah, Jacob and Eunice.

x. SARAH HALL, b. 25 Aug. 1732.

4. ABEL4 ( John3,2,1) HALL was born in Wallingford, Connecticut about 1714, and died thereabout 1760. (It is strange that neither his birth nor death was recorded.) He married 12 May 1743, RUTH JOHNSON, who was born in Wallingford 10 Oct 1723, to John and Sarah (Jennings) Johnson.

Children of Abel and Ruth: all born in Wallingford.

      5   i ELIZABETH5 HALL, b. 12 Feb. 1744.

ii. ABEL HALL, b. 12 Oct. 1745.

iii. RUTH HALL, b. 19 Oct. 1748.

iv. RICE HALL, b. 28 May 1750.

v. JOHN HALL, b. 23 Dec. 1751; m. HANNAH ATWATER.

vi. LUCY HALL, b. 3 Oct. 1753.

vii. ESTHER HALL, b. 10 July 1754.

viii. HEZAKIAH HALL, b. 20 April 1757; m. SUSANNAH (--).

ix. SIMON HALL, b. 6 Oct. 1759.

x. DANIEL HALL, b. 4 July 1761.

xi. MARY HALL, b. 17 July 1764.

5. ELIZABETH5 (Abel4, John3,2,1) HALL was born in Wallingford, Connecticut 12 February 1744 and died there. She married in Wallingford 21 June 1764, JAMES5 PECK.

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Parker Family

1. EDWARD PARKER was born in England about 1622 and died in New Haven, Connecticut in 1662. He married in June 1648, ELIZABETH WOOD, who was born in Chesham, England, 26 October 1605, and died 28 July 1677. daughter of Henry and Isbell (Goodspeed) Wood, and widow of John Potter (see chapter 2, Potter Family; John was brother to William1). After the death of Edward Parker, Elizabeth married a third time, Robert Rose, of Branford (Shepard, New Haven Potters).

. He was a likeable, irrepressible fellow who, when scolded for breaking one rule, would just turn around and break another. He was such an inveterate gossiper that this Parker family might well have been the original "nosy Parkers." The Records of the Colony of New Haven relate an incident in which "Edward Parker was complained of for going up and downe spreading false reports to the defamation of Mr. Richard Malbon." (Hoadley, p. 257) Since Mr.Malbon was the judge, this was a very serious matter, and was probably the reason that the elders of the church tried to persuade the widow Elizabeth not to marry Edward Parker, threatening to excommunicate her if she did. She did, and they did, but they eventually made peace with the church. Edward's daughter-in-law Hannah, however, was a malicious scandal monger, the chief prosecutor of Winifred Benham; and his daughter Mary persuaded her husband Deacon Hall to help in the prosecution.

Children of Edward and Elizabeth, born in New Haven ( Register, 9:362).

      2   i. MARY2 PARKER, bap. 27 April 1648.

ii. JOHN PARKER, bap. 8 Oct. 1648 ; m. HANNAH BASSETT.

ii. HOPE PARKER, bap. 26 May 1650.

iii. LYDIA PARKER, 14 April 1652.

2. MARY2 (Edward1) PARKER was baptized in New Haven, Connecticut 27 April 1648, and died in Wallingford, Connecticut 22 September 1725. She married DEACON JOHN HALL.

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Royce Family

1. ROBERT1 ROYCE was born in England and died in New London, Connecticut in 1676. He married in England MARY (----) whose surname remains unknown (Hewitt, Register, 122:274). Note that the birthplace, Martock, usually given, and the surname Sims for Mary are no longer considered correct. He was an early settler in Stamford, Connecticut, with land in his name in September 1648. By 1657 he was named among the first 16 members of the New Haven Church, and he stayed there until his death in 1676. He was constable, three times a member of the General Assembly, and twice elected townsman; in 1667 he was appointed to keep an "ordinary." He left an unsigned will, which was probated 22 September 1676. Mary lived until 1697, dying in Wallingford, probably at the home of her son Samuel, who was appointed her administrator.

Children of Robert and Mary, birthplaces unknown and dates approximate (Note that the spelling Lothrop, rather than its variant Lathrop, is used throughout this book for the sake of consistency) (Davis):

i. SARAH2 ROYCE, b. ca. 1633; m. JOHN CAULKINS.

ii. NEHEMIAH ROYCE, b. ca. 1635; m. (1)HANNAH MORGAN, children: Mary, and Mercy; m. (2) ESTHER (--), children: Esther, Lydia, Nehemiah, and Margery.

iii. SAMUEL ROYCE, b. ca. 1637; m. (1) SARAH BALDWIN, children: Abigail, Joseph, Prudence, Deborah, Isaac, Ebenezer, Nathaniel, John, Mary, and Jacob; m. (2) HANNAH BENEDICT, children: Hannah, Ezekiel, Samuel, Abel, Benjamin, Mehitable, and Ebenezer.

      2   iv. NATHANIEL ROYCE, b. ca. 1639.


vi. ISAAC ROYCE, m. ELIZABETH LOTHROP, children: Irene, Robert, Sarah, and Martha.

vii. JONATHAN ROYCE; m. (2) MARY SPINNING; child:Mary; .m.(2). DEBORAH CAULKINS, children: Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Abigail, Ruth, Hannah, Abijah, Jonathan, Deborah, and David.

2. NATHANIEL2 (Robert1) ROYCE was born about 1639, and died in Wallingford, onnecticut 8 February 1726. He married first in Wallingford 27 October 1673 ESTHER MOSS who died 19 June 1677, and married second 21 April 1681 SARAH LOTHROP, who was born October 1665 in Norwich, Connecticut and died in Wallingford 11 November 1706, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Scudder) Lothrop.

He was a carpenter, a joiner and a blacksmith (Davis).  All his children were born in Wallingford.

Children of Nathaniel and Esther:

i. JOHN3 ROYCE, b. 11 April 1675.


Children of Nathaniel and Sarah:

iii. SARAH ROYCE, b. 3 April 1683.

iv. HESTER ROYCE, b. 10 Sept. 1685; d. 14 Oct, 1703.

v. LOIS ROYCE, b. 29 July 1687; m. SAMUEL HALL.

    3   vi. ELIZABETH ROYCE, b. 28 Dec. 1689.

3. ELIZABETH3 ( Nathaniel2, Robert1) ROYCE was born in Wallingford, Connecticut 28 December 1689 and died there 2 December 1755; she married DEACON JOHN HALL.

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Lothrop (Lathrop) Family

Information on this family is from the book John Lathrop. Published by Apocalypse Books, Provo, Utah, 1988.

1. REV, JOHN1 LOTHROP was christened in Etton, Yorkshire,England 20 December 1684, son of Thomas and Mary Lothropp and died in Barnstable, Massachusetts 10 November 1653. His grandfather and great grandfather were also from Yorkshire. He married twice, first in Eastwell, Kent 10 October 1610 HANNAH HOUSE, who was born there about 1590 and died 16 February 1633, daughter of Reverend John and Alice House. He married second, in Scituate, Massachusetts 14 June 1635, ANNA HAMMOND, who was born in Lavenham, Suffolk, England 14 July 1616 and died in Barnstable 1 September 1685.

John, the minister of a church (Church of England) in London, with many of his followers had been imprisoned for two years because of his preaching and while he was in prison his wife had died. On his release in 1634 he came to America in the Griffin, the same ship that brought Anne Hutchinson; with him were his three eldest children, Jane, Barbara and Thomas, and thirty member of his church. He had had to resign from the ministry in order to be allowed passage to America, and is said to have been on the ship's list as a tailor. He settled first at Situate, and then moved to Barnstable, having a large following in each place. He was not as bigoted as the Boston men, allowing people to believe in whatever form of baptism they wished, as long as they were strict followers of the Bible.

Children of John and Hannah, all born in England, the first five in Egerton, Kent, the last in London:

i. THOMAS2 LOTHROP, b. 21 Feb. 1612; m. SARAH LEARNED, chiildren: Hannah, Thomas, Melatiah. Bethia, and Mary.

ii. JANE LOTHROP, b. 20 Sept 1614; m. SAMUEL FULLER, children:. Samuel, Hannah, and John.

iii. ANNE LOTHROP, b. 12 May 1616; d. 1617.

iv. JOHN LOTHROP, b. 22 Feb 1617; died in England.

v. BARBARA LOTHROP ,b. 31 Oct. 1619; m. JOHN EMERSON.

    3   vi. SAMUEL LOTHROP, b. ca. 1623.

vii. JOSEPH LOTHROP, b. ca. 1624; m. MARY ANSWELL, children: Joseph, Mary, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Samuel, John, Barnabus, Hope, Thomas, and Hannah.

viii. BENJAMIN LOTHROP, b. ca. 1626; m. MARTHA (----), children: Martha, Hannah, Benjamin, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Mercy, and John.

Children of John and Anna, first two born Scituate: others Barnstable.

ix. BARNABAS LATHROP; b. 6 June 1636; m. SUSANNA CLARK, children: John, Abigail, Barnabus, Susanna, Nathaniel, Bathshua, Ann, Thomas, Mercy, Thankful, James, and Samuel.

x. Infant daughter.

xi. ABIGAIL LATHROP, b. 2 Nov. 1639; m. JAMES CLARK.


xiii. JOHN LATHROP, b. 9 Feb. 1644; m. MARY COLE, children: Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, James, Hannah, Jonathan, Barnabus, Abagail, and Experience.

2. SAMUEL2 (John1) LATHROP was born in England in 1623 and died in Norwich, Connecticut 19 February, 1701. He married twice, (1) in Barnstable 28 November 1644, ELIZABETH SCUDDER, who was baptized 31 July 1625 in Strood, Kent, England (Scudder Searches, Winter, 1993) and died in New London, Connecticut, daughter of John and Elizabeth Scudder. He married (2) in Norwich about 1690 ABIGAIL DOANE, b. 13 January 1633, daughter of John Abigail Doane. John Doane was Deacon at Plymouth and Eastham. John Doane supposedly lived until he was ninety-five and his daughter Abigail, who was fifty-seven when she married Samuel Lothrop, lived to be over one humdred.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth: (Scudder Searches)

i. JOHN2 LOTHROP; bap. Barnstable 7 Dec. 1645; m. RUTH ROYCE, daughter of Robert, children: Samuel, Ruth, Elizabeth, John, Bethia, Barnabus, Hannah, and Mary.

ii. ELIZABETH; b. March 1648; m. ISAAC ROYCE, children: Elizabeth, Samuel, Isaac, and Robert.

iii. SAMUEL LOTHROP, b. New London Mar. 1650; m. HANNAH ADGATE, children: Hannah, Samuel, Nathaniel, Simon. Thomas, and Elizabeth.

     3   iv. SARAH LOTHROP; b. Oct. 1665.

v. MARTHA LOTHROP, b. Jan. 1657; m. JOHN MOSS, children: Esther, Samuel, Martha, Susanna, and Samuel.

vi. ISRAEL LOTHROP, b. 1659.

vii. JOSEPH LOTHROP, b. 1661.

viii. ANN LOTHROP, b. ca. 1667; m .WILLIAM2 HOUGH. (See Chapter Two)

3.SARAH3 ( Samuel2, John1) LATHROP was born in Barnstable, Connecticut about 1665 and died in Wallingford, Connecticut 11 November 1796. She married in Wallingford 21 April 1681 NATHANIEL2 ROYCE; children: Sarah, Esther, Love, and Elizabeth.

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Johnson Family

Most of this information is taken from the article by James Shephard in the Register 56:132.

1. ROBERT1 JOHNSON was born in England and died in New Haven, Connecticut in 1661. He married in England about 1625 a woman whose name is unknown, who was the mother of his four sons. It is extraordinary that a man who could not sign his name knew enough and put such a high priority on education that one of his sons would graduate from Harvard and another become a town clerk. There is probably more to the story of this Robert than we know.

Children of Robert, all born in England, dates approximate:

      2   i. JOHN2 JOHNSON, b. ca 1624.

ii. ROBERT JOHNSON, b. ca. 1626; lived with his uncle Thomas Johnson at Cambridge and attended Harvard, where he graduated in the class of 1645, the third class to graduate. (Harvard catalogue) He was said to be a very promising candidate for the ministry, but died in 1650.

iii. THOMAS JOHNSON , b. ca. 1628. His father left him the family homestead, but being a bachelor, he had no sons to leave it to, so her left it to his nephew John2.

iv. WILLIAM JOHNSON, b. ca. 1630 ; m. 1651 ELIZABETH BUSHNELL of Saybrook, daughter of Frances. He lived in Guilford, CT where he was a Deacon, town clerk and many times deputy. One of his grandsons, son of Samuel, was Dr Samuel4 Johnson, first president of King's College, New York, now Columbia University.

2. JOHN2 (Robert1) JOHNSON was born in England about 1624, and died in New Haven, Connecticut in 1687. He married in Guilford, Connecticut 30 September 1651, HANNAH PARMALEE, who was born about 1625 in England and died in New Haven after March 1693, daughter of John and Hannah Parmalee, of New Haven. He was a very quiet man; got into no disputes and held no offices.

Children of John and Hannah, all born in New Haven:

i. DAVID3 JOHNSON, bap. 1 March 1652. Must have died young.

ii. SAMUEL JOHNSON, b. 25 Feb. 1653. He got into a dispute with his brother John about the administration of their father's estate. Then he was summoned to appear at court for "his breach of the peace", but left town and was never heard of again.


    3   iv. JOHN JOHNSON, b. 27 Aug. 1661.

v. SARAH JOHNSON, b. 26 Aug. 1664; m. JOHN WOLCUTT.

vi. RUTH JOHNSON, b. 3 April, 1667; m. BENJAMIN DORMAN.

vii. ABIGAIL JOHNSON, b. 9 April 1670; m. JOSEPH FOOT.

viii. DANIEL JOHNSON, b. 21 Feb 1671; m. MARY (SANFORD) TUTTLE who was born in 1668, widow of Thomas Tuttle who died in 1702, and daughter.of Andrew Sanford of Milford, CT and his second wife. Andrew and his first wife, Mary, had both been tried for witchcraft. Mary was found guilty and was hanged in 1662; Andrew married again   (Koehler, p. 477) .

3. JOHN3 ( John2, Robert1) JOHNSON was born in New Haven, Connecticut 27 August 1661 and died there in 1712. He married in New Haven 2 March 1685 MABEL (MEHITABLE) GRANNIS, who was born in New Haven about 1667and died in Durham, Connecticut December 1745, daughter of Edward and Hannah (Wakefield ) Grannis.

Children of John and Mabel, all born in New Haven:

     4   i. JOHN4 JOHNSON, b. 3 March 1687. Called John of Wallingford.

ii. THOMAS JOHNSON, b. 12 Jan. 1690. Called Captain.

iii. ANNE JOHNSON, b. Feb. 1692; m. WILLIAM RANNEY.

iv. SARAH JOHNSON, b. 9 April 1694.

v. DANIEL JOHNSON, b. 22 April 1696.

vi. JOSEPH JOHNSON, b. 2 Dec. 1698.

vii. BENJAMIN JOHNSON, b. 9 March 1791.

viii. ROBERT JOHNSON, b. 5 June 1703.

ix. JAMES JOHNSON, b. 3 Sept. 1705.

x. MEHITABLE JOHNSON. 29 Feb. 1708, Leap Day!; m. TIMOTHY ROSE.

xi. HANNAH JOHNSON, b. 23 May 1710; m Benjamin Hands.

4, JOHN4 (John3,2, Robert1 ) JOHNSON was born in New Haven, Connecticut 3 March 1687 and died in Wallingford, Connecticut 17 October 1744. He married in Wallingford 12 January 1711, SARAH (JENNINGS) HITCHCOCK, who was born in Hatfield, Massachusetts 29 August 1684, and died in Wallingford 24 July 1748, widow of Nathaniel Hitchcock and daughter of Stephen Jennings (Gennings) and Hannah Dickinson.

Children of John and Sarah:

i. ESTHER5 JOHNSON, b. 4 May 1712; m. 24 Jan 1733 DEACON MERRIMAN MUNSON, children: Sarah, Esther, Samuel, Mamre, and Sarah.

ii. BARBARA JOHNSON, b. 5 Feb. 1714; m. ABRAHAM IVES, children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Reuben, Barbara, Abraham, and Ambrose. Note: Abraham was the son of Sarah Jenning's half sister Mary Gillett.

iii. DAMARIS JOHNSON, b. Jan 31, 1716; m. WILLIAM (?) ABERNATHY.

iv. DANIEL JOHNSON, b. 14 Dec. 1717; m. RUTH TODD.

v. PHEBE JOHNSON, b. 28 April, 1720; m. DIDYMUS PARKER.


      5   vii. RUTH JOHNSON, b. 1 Oct. 1713.

viii. AMOS JOHNSON, b. 4 March 1726; m. ABIGAIL HOLT.


5. RUTH5 (John4,3,2, Robert1) JOHNSON was born in Wallingford, Connecticut 1 October 1713 and died there. She married there ABEL HALL.

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Parmelee Family

1. JOHN1 PARMELEE was born in England probably about 1695 and died in New Haven shortly after his will was signed 8 November 1698. He married first, in England, about 1620 HANNAH (-----), and second, in Guilford, Connecticut 8 November 1653, the widow ELIZABETH BRADLEY. Elizabeth survived him and married a third time in 1663, John Evarts.

Children of John and Hannah:

i. JOHN1 PARMELEE, b. ca. 1620; m.(1) REBECCA (--), one child, Nathaniel; m. (2) widow ANNA PLAINE, children: John, Joshua, Caleb, Isaac Hannah,Stephen, Job, Joel, and Priscilla.

     2   ii HANNAH PARMELEE, b. ca. 1625.

iii. MARY PARMELEE, m. DENNIS CRAMPTON, children: Hannah, Elizabeth, and Nathaniel.

2. HANNAH2 (John1) PARMELEE was born in England about 1625 and died in New Haven Connecticut after March 1693. She married in Guilford, Connecticut 30 September 1651 JOHN2 JOHNSON.

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Grannis Family.

1. EDWARD1 GRANNIS first appeared in Hartford, Connecticut 3 May 1655 when he married ELIZABETH ANDREWS, daughter of William Andrews, the schoolmaster and town clerk of Hartford. He married second, 1662, HANNAH WAKEFIELD, who was born 29 December 1644 in Hartford, Connecticut, and died in New Haven. Conneciticut 1711, daughter of John and Ann Wakefield.

Children of Edward and Hannah:

i .HANNAH2 GRANNIS, b. Hartford; ca. 1664 m. JOHN HILL.

      2   ii. MABEL GRANNIS,b, Hartford, ca. 1666.

iii. ABIGAIL GRANNIS, b. Hartford; ca, 1668; m. JOHN ALLEN.

iv. SARAH GRANNIS, b. Hadley, MA; 20 Oct 1671; m. NATHANIEL BISHOP.

v. JOHN GRANNIS, b. Hadley; 5 Dec. 1674.;m. ELIZABETH BRACKETT, children: Hannah, Edward, John, James, Caleb, and Enos (Grannis).

vi. JOSEPH GRANNIS, b. New Haven 12 March 1677; m. HANNAH RUSSELL.


2. MABEL2 (Edward1) GRANNIS was born in Hartford, Connecticut about 1666, and died in Durham, Connecticut, 9 December 1745. She was sometimes called Mehitable. She married in New Haven, Connecticut, 2 March 1685 JOHN3 JOHNSON.

iii. ABIGAIL GRANNIS, b. Hartford; ca, 1668; m. JOHN ALLEN.

iv. SARAH GRANNIS, b. Hadley, MA; 20 Oct 1671; m. NATHANIEL BISHOP.

v. JOHN GRANNIS, b. Hadley; 5 Dec. 1674.;m. ELIZABETH BRACKETT, children: Hannah, Edward, John, James, Caleb, and Enos. (Grannis)

vi. JOSEPH GRANNIS, b. New Haven 12 March 1677; m. HAN

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Jennings Family

1. STEPHEN1 JENNINGS appeared, full grown, when he married the widow Hannah (Dickinson) Gillette in Hatfield, Massachusetts 15 May 1677. He died in Brookfield, Massachusetts probably 22 July 1710, killed by Indians, although his death is nearly as obscure as his birth. There was nothing obscure about the intervening years, however; he became one of the most widely known men in New England. (See under  his son Joseph for an interesting story.)

On September 19 1677 he returned home after working in the fields to the horror of finding that his wife and two of her children had been captured by Indians. (Hannah's side of the story is told separately). Another man, Benjamin Waite, also found his wife and three little girls missing; all told seventeen people were taken: Obadiah Dickinson, Hannah's uncle, and his child; Martha Waite and 3 girls, Mary Foote with 2 children; 2 children of John Coleman after their mother had been killed; Hannah Jennings with two Gillett choildren, Samuel Kellogg aged 8, Abigail Allis under six, and Abigail Bartholemew, under six. On the same day, the Indians had raided Deerfield and captured Quentin Stockwell, Benoni Stevens, John Root, Old Sergeant Plympton, andf Phillip Ruddel, age eight.  A pursuit was organized right away and caught up with the Indians about 50 miles north, only to be told that if they made any hostile move the children would be tomahawked and that the plan was to take them to Canada where they would be sold to the French. Steven and Benjamin set about getting a commission from the Massachusetts Government to negotiate for the prisoners; this took five weeks to get, the government wasting time trying to get the Mohawk Indians to intervene, anmd  "on 24 October, 1677 Waiote and Jennings set forth on their mission of love."  The rest of the story is told from three accounts: New England Captives Carried to Canada, by Emma Coleman, and True Stories of New England Captives, by Alice Baker, and History of Hadley, by Judd.

They reached Albany, then under Dutch control, in five days; then unbelieveably they were sent to New York to get permission to proceed ; then returned to Albany with an order from the acting Governor that no further obstacles should be placed in their way. They planned to go to Canada by the water route, hoping to be able to walk on the ice on Lake George and Lake Champlain. They hired a French guide, who deserted them at them at the last minute, then a new guide, a Mohawk Indian who got them as far as Lake George and there found them an old canoe, and drew for them on a piece of birchbark a map of the route they would have to take to get to Canada. "Three days took them to the outlet of Lake George, and carrying their canoe two miles across the portage they reached the shore of Lake Champlain on the 16th of December (they were the first white men on it).. Here they took to the ice, but after a days journey it proved to weak to hold them, and sadly retracing their steps, carried the canoe forward to open water, and again embarked. Imagine the desolation of these sorrow-stricken wayfarers, as they floated for days without food in their frail skiff, buffeted and tossed by the wintry winds and icy waters of that unknown sea." They made landfall on New Years Day and pushed on, to come upon an Indian encampment, and there Stephen found his wife. Then they hurried on to Quebec, got the French Governor to help round up the rest of the captives and paid the ransom. The homeward journey began 19 April 1678 with a guard of French soldiers, making Albany on 22 May. From there Benjamin Waite sent a letter that has become famous, it was read in all the New England Churches, and raised over 300 pounds; 46 towns contributed with the Isles of Shoals contributing more than Salem:

"We now stand in need of assistance with my charges for it is very greate and heavy and there fore any that hath any love to our condition let it move them to come & help us in this straight. There is 3 of ye captives that are Murdered..all the rest are alive and well and with mee now at Albany. O pray you hasten the matter for it requireth greate hast, stay not for ye Sabath nor shoeing of horses...we must come very softly because of our wives and children... I pray hasten them, stay not night nor day for the matter requireth great hast, bring provisions with you for us."
"Two proud and happy men were Benjamin Waite and Stephen Jennings as they headed the cavalcade into Hatfield street that May morning, each bearing in his arms his new little daughter, and tears streamed from eye as crowding round to welcome home the wanderers. The poeple passed from one to another the two little babies, born in bondage and christened in commemoration of the sorrows of their mothers, Canada Waite and Captivity Jennings."

Life went on. Steven and Hannah had six more children, and moved in 1690 to Brookfield, Massachusetts where, it is thought, she died about 1705 and Steven was slain by Indians in a raid on Brookfield in 1710.

Children of Stephen and Hannah, all except Captivity born in Hatfield:

i. CAPTIVITY2 JENNINGS, b. 14 March 1678; m. ca. 1700 ABIJAH BARTLETT who was killed by Indians 1708. Before that marriage, " on the last day of the year 1695" there was a judgement in the Brrokfield court. "Whereas William Barnes was sentenced at the quarter session of July last to pay two shillings two pence per week for the maintenance of the child for which he is accused to be the father of by Captivity Jennings; Stephen Jennings, the father of said Captivity Jennings and the said Will Barnes personally appearing in this same session and declaring that they had come to an agreement about the maintenance of the said child." Fifteen pounds was paid and William freed of further obligation. (Eiher, History of Brookfield)

ii. STEPHEN JENNINGS, b. 16 June 1680; killed by Indians 1710.

iii. JOSEPH JENNINGS, b. 23 Aug. 1682; still living in 1751; m. 1) widow MARY RICH, (2) SARAH WEBB; had five children with each. The History of North Brookfield (I haven't checked this) says Joseph was a deacon, called esquire, and had an estate amounting to 1350 acres.  In 1733 he laid claim to some property in Newport, RI, saying that he was nearest of kin to the estate of a Gabriel Jennings who had died intestate, he, Joseph, being the son of Stephen who was the son of Gabriel (Newport Court Files, by Jane Fiske). Actually, Gabriel (a pirate) had left a will with no mention of Stephen or any heirs other than a step-son; also it can be shown that Gabriel and Stephen were both born about the same year.

      2   iv. SARAH JENNINGS, b. 29 Aug. 1684.

v. BENJAMIN JENNINGS, b. ca. 1686.

vi. JOHN JENNINGS, b. 1688.

vii. JONATHAN JENNINGS, b. 24 Nov. 1692.

2. SARAH2 (Stephen1) JENNINGS was born in Hatfield, Massachusetts 29 August 1684, and died in Wallingford, Connecticut 24 July 1748. She married twice; first in Wallingford 3 April, 1704 Nathaniel Hitchcock, they had children Sarah, Elizabeth and Hannah; and second 12 July 1711 JOHN4 JOHNSON.

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Dickinson Family

1. NATHANIEL1 DICKINSON was baptized in Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England 3 May 1601 and died at Hadley, Massachusettts 16 June 1676 (Stott, 1998). He married in Billingsborough, 27 November 1623, the widow ANNA GULL whose parentage is unknown, who died, probably in Hadley after 24 March 1671. She had a son who accompanied Nathaniel and his family to America. The first mention of Nathaniel in New England is in Wethersfield, Connecticut in July 1638 when his son Samuel was born. There he held many positions of responsibility, juryman, and town clerk for fourteen years, deputy to the General Court thirteen years, selectman, but most important to him was his position as Deacon of the Wethersfield Church.

In 1659, during the "dissension" in the congregations of Wethersfield and the neighboring towns of Hartford and Windsor, Nathaniel and his son John followed the Reverend John Russell to found Hadley, Massachusetts, helping to lay out the original 59 home lots in 1660. He was chosen town clerk there, too and became freeman in 1661. At this time his sons Nathaniel, Samuel and Obadiah joined the group thst was settling on the west side of the river which officially became Hatfield in 1667. In King Phillip's War he lost three sons; and died shortly thereafter himself.

Children of Nathaniel and Anna, the first eight born at Billisborough, the rest at Wethersfield:

      2   i. JOHN2 DICKINSON, bap. 23 Aug. 1624.


iii. ELIZABETH DICKINSON, bap. 14 Dec. 1628 ; died young.

iv. JOSEPH DICKINSON, bap. 10 Oct. 1630; m. PHEBE BRACEY. He was killed by the Indians at Northfield, MA 1675.

v. THOMAS DICKINSON, bap. 21 Oct. 1632; m. HANNAH CROW.

vi. SAMUEL DICKINSON, bap. 7 Dec. 1634; died young.

vii..ANN ( HANNAH) DICKINSON, bap. 126 June 1636; m.(1) JOHN CLARY; (2) ENOS KINGSLEY.


ix. OBADIAH DICKINSON, b. April 1651; m. (1) SARAH BEARDSLEY; (2) MEHITABLE (--). He was captured by the Indians with one son and his wife wounded in the same raid in which his niece Hannah, was taken.



xii. AZARIAH DICKINSON, b. 10 Oct. 1648; m. DORCAS (--). Killed by the Indians, 25 Aug. 1675 at the Swamp Fight north of Hatfield in Kings Phillips War. .See Isaac Johnson, Chapter Two.

2. JOHN2 ( Nathaniel1) DICKINSON was baptized at Billingsborough, Lincolnshire, England 22 August 1624, and killed by Indians in the battle at Turner's Falls, Massachiusetts, 19 May 1676. He married in Werthersfield, Connecticut about 1648 FRANCIS FOOTE, who was born in England in 1629, and died in Hadley, Massachusetts after 1677, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Foote.

Children of Nathaniel and Frances (Foote Family}:

      3   i. HANNAH3 DICKINSON,  b. 6 Dec.1648.

ii. MARY DICKINSON, m. SAMUEL NORTHAM; children: Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth, and Jonathan.


iv. JONATHAN DICKINSON, died before March 1678.

v. SARAH DICKINSON, m. (1) SAMUEL LANE, children:Samuel, Sarah, Mary, John, and Elizabeth; m (2) MARTIN KELLOG, child Joseph.

vi. ELIZABETH DICKINSON, died before March 1678.

vii. REBECCA DICKINSON, b. 1658; m. JOSEPH SMITH, children: Joseph, John, Rebecca, Jonathan, Lydia, Benjamin, and Elizabeth.

viii. ABIGAIL DICKINSON.,m. (1)THOMAS CROFT; children: John, Mary, Abigail, Thomas,, Elizabeth, and Benoni; m.(2) SAMUEL CROFUT; child: Sarah.

ix. MERCY DICKINSON, m. JOSEPH CHAMERLAIN; children: Sarah and John.

x. MEHITABLE DICKINSON, m. JOHN INGRAM; children: Elizabeth, John, Ebenezer, Mary, Rebecca, Jonathan, Experience, and Elisha.

3. HANNAH3 (John2, Nathaniel1) DICKINSON was born in Wethersfield, Connecticut 6 December 1648 and died in Brookfield, Massachusetts about 1705. She married twice; first in Hadley, Massachusetts 23 September 1668 SAMUEL GILLETT who was baptized in Windsor, Connecticut 22 January 1643 and died in Turners Falls, Massachusetts 19 May 1676, slain by the Indians. She married second in Hatfield, Massachusetts 15 May 1677 STEPHEN JENNINGS.

Hannah seemed to attract disaster all her life. Her husband Samuel and her father were both killed on the same day, so she was left with three small children and no male support. She must have been especially happy to marry again a year later. Then, when she was captured by the Indians in Septermber of 1677, it got worse and worse. Not only did she have to care for her two children but help to care for the ones who had no mothers on that awful trip....two of them had even seen their mothers killed. For a while they must have hoped for rescue, and then realized it would not come. They walked and walked. Benoni Stebbins managed to get away and this so enraged the Indians that they built a great fire and prepared to burn three of the captives, changing their minds at the last minute After this they promised each other they would not run away, for fear the Indians would take revenge upon the others. Mary Waite had to be encouraged through the last months of her pregnancy and the birth of Canada, and then her own coming child had to be considered. The dreadful time when they thought they might at last be nearing civilization, only to have three of their number killed. But still she lasted and brought the others out with . iron willed woman. She was still able to bear more children when they got back to Hatfield, and finally, to move with her husband to start all over again in Bloomfield. It must been about this time that she sent her daughters Mary and Sarah off to the comparative safety of Wethersfield and Wallingford;..or they might have gone with Obadiah. One wonders what she said to Captivity when she became pregnant without a husband. Fortunately she did not live long enough to see another child and her husband also killed by the Indians.

Children of Hannah and Samuel, born in Hatfield::

i. HANNAH GILLETT, b. 20 Sept, 1669; fell in the fire and was burned to death 1671.

ii. MARY GILLETT, b. 20 Dec. 1671; m. in Wsllingford, CT. 6 Dec 1693, JOHN IVES, son of John and Hannah (Merriman) Ives. Children: John, Samuel, Benjamin, Abijah, Mary, Lazarus, Daniel, Hannah, Abraham and Bezaleel.

iii. SAMUEL GILLETT.b. 14 May 1673.

iv. HANNAH GILLETT, b. 5 Sept, 1674.

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Foote Family

1. NATHANIEL1 FOOTE was born in England probably in Shalford, Colchester and died in Wethersfield, Connecticut in 1644, where the inventory of his estate was taken 20 November. He married in England about 1615 ELIZABETH DEMING. They came to Watertown. Massachusetts, where he was made freeman 3 September 1634, but removed to Wethersfield by 1636, where. Elizabeth's brother, John Deming was one of the chief settlers. There he was elected deputy from 1641 until his death. After he died his widow married Thomas Welles, who became Governor Connecticut Colony.

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth, first six born in England   (Savage):

i. NATHANIEL2 FOOTE, b. ca. 1620; m. ELIZABETH SMITH, children: Nathaniel, Samuel, Daniel, and Elizabeth.

ii. ELIZABETH FOOTE. b. ca 1622; m. JOSIAH CHURCHILL; children: Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Ann, Joseph, Benjamin , and Sarah.

iii. MARY FOOTE, b. ca 1625; m.(1) JOHN STODDARD; children: Mary, John, Caleb, Joshua, Mercy, Elizabeth, and Nathaniel; m. (2) JOHN GOODRICH; m. (3) THOMAS TRACY.

iv. ROBERT FOOTE, b. ca 1627; m.SARAH POTTER; children: Nathaniel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph, Samuel, John, Steven and Isaac.  

    2   v. FRANCES FOOTE, b. ca 1630.

vi. SARAH FOOTE, b. ca. 1632; m. JEREMIAH JUDSON; children: Isaac, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Jeremiah.

vii REBECCA FOOTE, b. Watertown,MA ca 1634;  m. (1) PHILLIP SMITH; children: Samuel, John, Jonathan, Phillip, Rebecca, Nathaniel, Joseph, and Ichabod; m (2) AARON COOKE.

2. FRANCES2 (Nathaniel1) FOOTE was born in England about 1630 and died in Hadley. Massachusetts after 1677. She married first in Wethersfield, Connecticut in 1648 JOHN DICKINSON; and married second in Hartford, Connecticut in 1677 FRANCES BARNARD.

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