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The Maybee Society


The Maybee Society History

The Maybee Society was started in 1986 by 33 people gathered from correspondence with George Maybee Martin and Belva Maybee Perry. All were researching their Maybee family roots   (The Maybee family spelling variations include: Mabie - Mabee - Maybee - Mabey - Maby - Maeby - Mabé - Maybay - Maybe - Maybie as well as others.)

At that time there was no internet and these people were digging into family histories and bibles; looking, into older publications that included research on our families including works by Edward C. Marshall, Royal A. Mabee, Grenville MacKenzie, and R. Robert Mutrie; and into census records, church records; and government vital statistics.

The information on the submitted family group sheets, pedigree sheets and other paper records were transmitted to index cards by Belva Perry. No effort was taken to verify any of this information. In 1988 Belva moved this information to a computer. The card file was put in an early database and the family group and pedigree sheets were put into the new Personal Ancestry Files (PAF) put out by the LDS Church. There was no room for sources and citations in the PAF program so a note was added to the individual of all who had contributed to the information, but not where any specific information had come from. In 1995 the Maybee Society file was moved to the program The Master Genealogist™ (TMG) by John MayBee and since then all entries have been given citations detailing from where every piece of information came.

The PAF file had almost 15,000 individuals at the time of the transfer. As this database had entries from individual members records, there were many duplicated people and lines. Some of the members ancestries showed different parents for the same person!

Since that time our research has been able to untangle most (but not all) of the errors originally submitted. Where there is insufficient proof, we have made notes indicating differing opinions.

The work done by genealogical researchers prior to the internet was arduous involving much travel, mail inquiries, photocopying, etc. Now the internet is giving us access to more and more original records to verify and add to our Maybee records.

We have placed the information on non living people into our database on the internet at RootsWeb, but we cannot send them all the information we have in TMG, because their GEDCOM file format does not allow it.

Updated 10 Aug 2010