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Steve Mabie


Ann Christmann


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The Maybee Society was formed for the purpose of collecting and distributing the background, history, and genealogy of all branches of the Maybee family, as well as to promote fellowship among our larger family membership.

Maybee family spelling variations include: Mabee - Mabey - Mabie - Maeby - Maby - Mabé - Maybay - Maybe - Maybee - Maybie as well as others.

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Get help in finding your ancestors and help others find theirs. Our newsletter has stories of Maybees past and present, and articles about the latest research concerning our Maybee lines. Our office has published and unpublished material that is hard to come by for the average genealogist. Annual Membership Dues are $10.00 US for the printed newsletters or $5.00 US for the online version.

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Our Maybee Society database on RootsWeb at is continuously being updated with the most current information available. It has the files of non living people from our Master File where they can be viewed and selected data can be downloaded. The Maybee Society files on WorldConnect are divided into two groups for ease of maintenance. Click on the links below to go directly to the desired database:

                                      Mabeys from England             All other Mabie/Maybee/Mabee


We maintain our database in The Master Genealogist® 

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Steve Mabie's Site has files containing records of births, marriages, deaths, wills and other data on the Mabies (all spellings)of the United States and Canada. He also has census records of all Mabies from 1790 to 1930.
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The Communicator is the Maybee Society's quarterly newsletter for members. Back copies are available for sale on CD. If interested Contact    The Maybee Society

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