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Tillie Weishborn

F, #10565, b. 1889
     Tillie Weishborn married Thomas Cowgill, son of Thomas J. Cowgill and Margaret "Maggie" E. Warner. Her married name was Cowgill. Tillie Weishborn was born in 1889 at Ill.

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Ethel Hardy

F, #10569, b. October 1890
Ethel Hardy|b. Oct 1890|p353.htm#i10569||||Margaret "Maggie" E. Warner|b. Sep 1853|p352.htm#i10554|||||||||||||
     Ethel Hardy was born in October 1890 at TN. She was the daughter of Margaret "Maggie" E. Warner.

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Jennie May Cowgill

F, #10570, b. 11 August 1901, d. 29 November 1928
Jennie May Cowgill|b. 11 Aug 1901\nd. 29 Nov 1928|p353.htm#i10570|Benjamin A. Cowgill|b. 7 May 1871\nd. 15 Aug 1950|p343.htm#i10265|Sueana Gobel|b. c 1877|p352.htm#i10551|Timothy D. Cowgill|b. 1832\nd. 9 Nov 1893|p342.htm#i10253|Ann Riner|b. 1837\nd. 31 Dec 1876|p343.htm#i10261|||||||
     Jennie May Cowgill was born on 11 August 1901 at Arkansas. She was the daughter of Benjamin A. Cowgill and Sueana Gobel. Jennie May Cowgill died on 29 November 1928 at Shelby County, Tennessee, at age 27; Buried Elmwood Cemetery.

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Annie May Cowgill

F, #10573, b. September 1896, d. 3 December 1913
Annie May Cowgill|b. Sep 1896\nd. 3 Dec 1913|p353.htm#i10573|Alfred Frazer Cowgill|b. 1860\nd. b 1900|p342.htm#i10260||||Thomas J. Cowgill|b. 1829\nd. 12 Dec 1884|p342.htm#i10251|Sarah Dennis|b. 1836|p342.htm#i10259|||||||
     Annie May Cowgill was born in September 1896 at Tennessee. She was the daughter of Alfred Frazer Cowgill. Annie May Cowgill died on 3 December 1913 at Shelby County, Tennessee, at age 17. She was buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Shelby County, Tennessee.

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Effie Churchill

F, #10575, b. 1861, d. 21 October 1899
     Effie Churchill was born in 1861. She married Lawson A. Cowgill, son of Abner B. Cowgill and Caroline Gray, in 1882 at Shelby County, Tennessee. As of 1882,her married name was Cowgill. Effie Churchill died on 21 October 1899 at Shelby County, Tennessee.

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Infant Dau Cowgill

F, #10577, b. February 1880
Infant Dau Cowgill|b. Feb 1880|p353.htm#i10577|Abner B. Cowgill|b. 1850\nd. b 1910|p350.htm#i10476|Elizabeth "Bettie" Hanes|b. c 1854\nd. b 1882|p350.htm#i10478|James W. Cowgill|b. 6 Oct 1815\nd. 28 Dec 1859|p304.htm#i9093|Susan Branch|b. 1830|p151.htm#i4507|||||||
     Infant Dau Cowgill was born in February 1880 at Shelby County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Abner B. Cowgill and Elizabeth "Bettie" Hanes.

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Sarah Eva Roberson

F, #10581, b. August 1870
     Sarah Eva Roberson married Timothy D. Cowgill, son of Elisha Cowgill and Agness Wilson. Sarah Eva Roberson 1900 U S. Ar White County Searcy Dist 149
27 29 Roberson, J. R. Hd w m Sept 1841 58 m 32 TN TN TN
     N.J. Wife w f Oct 1848 51 m 32 5ch/5 lvg IL Ukn TN
Cowgill, Eva     Dau w f Aug 1870 29 wd m4ys 2ch/1 lvg AR TN IL
     Willy     Gr.son w m Aug 1893 6 s AR TN AR
Roberson, Ola Dau w f May 1883 17s AR TN IL
      Vesta Son w m Dec 1888 11 s AR TN IL. Her married name was Cowgill. She was born in August 1870 at Arkansas. She married an unknown person before 1914.

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Child of Sarah Eva Roberson and Timothy D. Cowgill

Willie Cowgill

M, #10582, b. 16 August 1892, d. August 1969
Willie Cowgill|b. 16 Aug 1892\nd. Aug 1969|p353.htm#i10582|Timothy D. Cowgill|b. 1832\nd. 9 Nov 1893|p342.htm#i10253|Sarah Eva Roberson|b. Aug 1870|p353.htm#i10581|Elisha Cowgill|b. c 1791\nd. b 1860|p342.htm#i10249|Agness Wilson|d. b 1870|p342.htm#i10250|||||||
     Willie Cowgill was born on 16 August 1892 at Arkansas. He was the son of Timothy D. Cowgill and Sarah Eva Roberson. Willie Cowgill died in August 1969 at Searcy, White Co., Arkansas.1

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