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The Mackey Family

Elias Mackey

Elias Mackey was born 1741 in Scotland and died in 1817. He owned and sailed merchant vessels between Liverpool and New York City, Later traded his vessels for property in New York City and later sold this property and settled in Washington County, Virginia. Elias Mackey married Louise Wall born 1755 and died in 1831, daughter of Mathias Wall. Elias was a volunteer in Lt. Robert McFarland's Company during the Revolution, which supported units from Washington and Montgomery Counties, Virginia. After the Revolutionary War, Elias removed to Greene County, Tennessee, on the south side of the Nolachucky River at the junction of Lick Creek, where he lived until he removed to Knox County, Kentucky, in 1807. He settled on land situated in a bend of the Cumberland River. This was later known as"Mackey Bend". It is several miles south of Barbourville, Kentucky. Elias and Louise had the following children: Alexander, William, Benjamin, John, Risse, Ruth, and Mathias. His sons, William, John, and Mathias, served in the War of 1812. His son, Mathias, was killed during that war in the Battle of Dudley's Defeat. Elias and Louise are buried in the Mackey family cemetery located off Mackey Cemetery Road in Knox County, Kentucky. Both Elias and Louise have headstones with their birth date and death date inscribed on the stones.

John Mackey

John Mackey, son of Elias Mackey was born in 1785 in Washington County, Virginia. John married Barbara Fann September 15, 1800 in Greene County, Tennessee and later moved to Knox County, Kentucky. They later moved to Monticello in Wayne County, Kentucky. In the War of 1812, John Mackey was a corporal in Captain ambrose Arthur's Company of Infantry, 13th Regt. Vol. Mtt., commanded by Col. William Dudley. He was taken prisioner by the Indians at the Battle of Dudley's Defeat May 5, 1813, which occurred on the west bank of the Maumee River, opposite Fort Meigs. He was held prisoner for a short time in Canada, and was ronsomed for $200.00 by a trader named John Rino. He was sent to Fort Sandwich, and later to Fort Malden, where he was discharged before returning to Knox County, Kentucky. In 1814, John Mackey and his family moved to Blount County Alabama. John and Margaret FANN Mackey only had one known child: Margaret Ann (Peggy) Mackey

Margaret Ann Mackey

Margaret Ann Mackey was born June 7, 1801 in Monticello, Kentucky and died January 26, 1895 in McMinn County Tennessee. Margaret Ann married February 21, 1821 Blount County, Alabama, Ezekiel Ellis, son of Jesse and Dicey MURPHREE Ellis. Ezekiel and Margaret removed to McMinn County, Tennesseee about 1825 and settled on a farm southwest of Athens. Ezekiel was born February 23 ,1799 in Bute County, North Carolina and died April 3 1869 in McMinn County, Tennessee. Both buried in the Cedar Springs Church cemetery.

Margaret Ann and Ezekiel had the following children:

Alfred B Ellis born December 13, 1821 died May 7 ,1861 married Matilda Lawson

John Mackey Ellis born June 7, 1822 died July 13, 1901 married Hannah Maples

Dicie C Ellis born September 4, 1825 died September 4, 1895 married Jeremiah M Lawson

Benjamin Abbott Ellis born February 2, 1827 died December 26, 1910 married (1) Mary Ann Maples (2) Mary Ann PARKER McCoy

Jeremiah Bynnum Ellis born1829 died October 6, 1898 married (1) Sarah Thompson (2) Matilda Lemaster (3) Martha A Robbins (4) Lydia Catherine Garrison

Nancy Jane Ellis born September 8, 1830 died July 9, 1890 married James M Forest

Amanda B Ellis born 1832 died 1870 married Elisha Z Williams

Elizabeth Ann Ellis born October 5, 1834 died November 1861 married Elias W Williams

Margaret Angeline Ellis born October 5, 1837 died December 13, 1905 married (1) John Peoples Woolsey (2)James M Counts

Frances Marion Ellis born October 26, 1840 died March 26, 1926 married (1) Esther Caterine Tunnell (2) Catherine Van Horn

Ransom Asbury Ellis born March 16, 1842 died September 10, 1887 married (1) Nannie A Wells (2) Mary Hutsell

Alvin Dallas Ellis born April 14, 1844 died July 27, 1907 married (1) Martha C Thompson (2) Martha Pharris (3) Sarah Lemaster

Melvin Lowery Ellis born September 20, 1846 died June 15, 1932 married Mary Frances Baker