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Chief Gotebo

Gotebo High School

Gotebo Virgil Voyles Grade School

Gotebo Early Day School Band

1911 High School Class

1911 Boys Basketball Team

Girls Basketball Team

1915 High School Class

1916 High School Class

1927 Football Team

1929 Gotebo 4 H

1929 Football Team

1929 Basketball Team

1929 Football Team

1929 Senior High School Class

1931 Senior High School Class

1933 Senior High School Class

1938 Senior High School Class

1938 Football Team on the Field

1938 GHS Football Team

1940 Football Team

1940 Jr High Football Team

1940 Boys Jr High Basketball Team

1941 Football Team

1943 Girls Basketball Team

1944 Senior High School Class

1949 County, Conference & Weatherford Tournament Champs

1950 Girls State Softball Champions

1955 National Land Judging Team

1965 State Champion Girl's Quartet

1972 Girls District and Regional Champion Basketball Team

1986 Girls Basketball Team

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