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The Ennis Family

John Ennis I

John Ennis I arrived the 25th of June 1716 at the Port of Boston on the passenger - carrying ship "Globe", along with 28 other passengers that sailed from Dublin, Ireland. John's occupation was listed as a currier. A currier was a craftsman who treats animal skins with oil or grease. In 1744 the western portion of Goochland was detached to form Albemarle County, Virginia. John died in Albemarle Co. Virginia in 1762. It is not known who he married but he had one son named John Ennis II who became well known as a man of influence and position in the Old Dominion. Amherst County Virginia was created from Albemarle County in 1761.

John Ennis II

John Ennis II born about 1695 in Ireland came with his father to America and married Mary Ann Whitlock and they had the following children: 1.George Ennis married Francis Campbell December 24 1796. 2.John Ennis III married Rachel Campbell August 7 1797. 3.Sally Ennis married Axel H. Page April 12 1807. 4.Molly Ennis married Lewis McQueen December 7 1785. 5.Franky Ennis married Gideon Martin March 13 1789. 6.Jean Ennis married James Edmonds February 24 1796. 7. Winney Ennis married(unknown)Dec 16 1805. The 1783 Census lists John Ennis with 11 Whites and living next to Ambrose Campbell. The 1785 Census lists John Ennis with 11 White souls, 2 dwellings, and 2 other buildings. John Ennis died in 1762 in Albemarle County Virginia.

George Ennis

Geroge Ennis son of John and Mary Ann WHITLOCK Ennis was born 1749 in Albemarle County Virginia died June 15 1835 in Warren County Kentucky married Mary Francis Campbell, the daughter of Ambrose and Margaret Campbell, on December 24 1796 in Amherst County Virginia. Ambrose Campbell is listed as a bondsman on the marriage record. Mary Francis Campbell was born September 12 1777 died September 16 1823 in Warren County Kentucky.

The George Ennis Family joined the caravan of wagons that left Amherst County Virginia in 1805 for Warren County Kentucky. This migration westward included the families of Ennis, Campbell, Page, Martin, Swinney, Allcock and others. The George Ennis family settled South of Bowling Green near Rich Pond Grove. After his first wife died in 1823, George at age 74 at the time, the next year married Matilda Allcock(age 27) on April 21 1824 in Warren County Kentucky. George made his Will August 2 1832 with several Codicils that followed. George Ennis and (probably Mary Francis) are buried in the family cemetery located on the old Ennis farm about a half mile Northwest of Rich Pond Kentucky. Picture was taken of the George's stone and others in the cemetery in 1965. No evidence of the cemetery now exist.

George and Francis had the following children:

1.Cornelius Ennis (1797- ) married Mary Johnson November 10 1817.

2.John Ennis (1800-1826) married Nancy Butts August 2 1820.

3.Margaret Ennis (1801-1888) married James Dishman November 16 1818.

4.Francis Ennis (1804- ) married John Sales Campbell March 27 1824.

5.Sarah (1810-1887) married William K Phelps October 11 1825.

6.Elizabeth Ennis (1813- ) married Richard Breedlove December 11 1832.

7.Willis D Ennis (1815- ) married Caroline J Hines July 11 1839.

8.George Washington Ennis (1819- ).

George and Matilda had the following children:

1. Joseph R Ennis (1825-1848)

2. William Tennant Ennis (1826-1862) married Nancy Gatewood Setember 1 1850.


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Margaret Ennis

Margaret Ennis daughter of George and Francis CAMPBELL Ennis was born March 17 1801 in Amherst County Virginia. (Her birth date is inscribed on her tombstone as born 1808 however on her affidavid for penion in 1880 she states that she is 79 years old. If her bith date was 1808 she would have only been 10 years old when she was married. I am sure her birth date is 1801) She came with her parents to Warren County Kentucky in 1805. She married James Dishman on November 19 1818 in Warren County Kentucky. They were farmers in the Rich Pond area South of Bowling Green.

Margaret and James had the following children:

1.Ewing Dishman (1820- ) married Lucy Ann House May 22 1856.

2.Bluford Dishman (1821-1912) married Racheal Lackey.

3. Harvey Dishman (1823-1891) married Sarah Jane hines.

4.Daniel Dishman (1827- ) married Sarah.

5. Nancy Dishman (1830- ) married William Walters October 14 1851.

6. Mary Jane Dishman (1832- ) married John Wesley Lay December 21 1852.

7. John Dishman (1835-1917) married Leanor Walters October 4 1854.

8. Sarah Ann Dishman (1834-1907) married (1)Fleming M Galloway November 17 1856. (2) Marshall Leslie Galloway.

9. Mary Elizabeth Dishman (1836-1867) married Abraham Galloway

10. James D Dishman (1838- ) married Molinda Wingfield

Margaret ENNIS Dishman died July 1 1888. Her husband James died August 19 1878. Both are buried in the Galloway Cemetery in Warren County Kentucky.

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