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The Ellis Family

Edward Ellis

Edward Ellis was born in England about 1605 and died in Surry County Virginia about 1669. Edward Ellis was transported to the Colony of Virginia by Benjamin Carrill in or before 1636. The first entry in the land records of Virginia, identifying the arrival of Edward Ellis is found in Patent Book No 1 part 1 noted by Neil Marion Nugent in Cavaliers and Pioneers, p. 41, involving the claiming of headrights by one Nathan Martin. It is apparent from the registrations of patents by Martin and Carrill, listing Edward Ellis as one of the headrights, that Carrill had orginally transported Ellis to Virginia in or prior to 1636 and had traded or sold the headrights to Nathan Martin in 1636, who, in turn, sold them back to Carrill in 1638.

Persons whose transportation was paid, such as Edward Ellis, were required to sign an agreement with the Planter or Adventurer to sell their services for a period of at least four, and usually five to seven years, to pay for their passage. The length of the contract depended upon weather the person was a laborer or a trademen. When the contract was completed the emigrant was released and was given provisions such as corn, farm tools, shoes and clothing and in most cases land, usually 50 acres. It is not known who Edward Ellis married, but he had a least one son, Jeremiah Ellis I

Jeremiah Ellis I

Jeremiah Ellis I, son of Edward Ellis was born in Surry County Virginia about 1643 and died about 1722 in Virginia. He married Sarah Harvey and they had one known son, Jeremiah Ellis II.

Jeremiah Ellis II

Jeremiah Ellis II, son of Jeremiah and Sarah HARVEY Ellis, was born in Surry County Virginia about 1671 and died in Virginia in 1738. He married Elizabeth and they had five known children: Jeremiah, Caleb, John, Edward and Joshua.

John Ellis

John Ellis, son of Jeremaih II and Elizabeth Ellis was born about 1710 in Surry County Virginia and died in Warren County North Carolina about 1790. John married Mary and they had six known children: Benjamin, John, Jesse, Richard, Mary and William.

Jesse Ellis Sr.

. Jesse Ellis Sr, son of John and Mary Ellis was born about 1747 in Surry county Virginia and died about 1818 in the Pendleton District, South Carolina. Jesse married Elizabeth and they had six known children: Sarah, Jeremiah, Stephen, Gidson, Jesse Jr and Martha.

Jeremiah Ellis

Jeremaih Ellis, son of Jesse Sr and Elizabeth was born 1779 in Hawtree District, South Carolina and died in 1809 in the Pendleton District South Carolina. Jeremiah married Dicey Murphree. They had five children but only Ezekiel and Benjamin are known. Jeremaih was a Methodist Minister. He died a fairly young man leaving a wife and five small children. His wife Dicey removed with her children to Rhea County, Tennessee near other relatives about the year of 1812. Dicey married James Wilson on June 20 1820 in Rea County, Tennessee.

Ezekiel Ellis

Ezekiel Ellis, son of Jeremaih and Dicey MURPHREE Ellis was born February 23 1799 in Bute County North Carolina and died in McMinn County Tennessee on April 3 1869. Ezekeil married Margaret Ann Mackey February 3 1821 in Blount County Alabama. Margaret Ann was born June 7 1801 and died January 26 1895 Margaret Ann was the daughter of John and Barbara FANN Mackey. Ezekial and Margaret came to McMinn County Tennesse in about 1823 and settled on a farm three miles East of Athens. They were Methodist and attended the Ceder Springs Methodist church just South of Athens. Ezekeil and Margaret are buried in the Ceder Springs cemetery, across the road from the Ceder Springs Methodist Church.

Ezekeil and Margaret Ann MACKEY Ellis had thirteen children:

1. Alfred A Ellis born 1821 married Matilda Lawson

2. John Mackey Ellis born June 7 1822 married Hannah Maples

3. Dicie Ellis born April 11 1825 married Jeremiah Lawson

4. Benjamin Abbatt Ellis born February 7 1827 married (1) Mary Ann Maples (2) Mary Ann Parker McCoy

5. Jeremiah Bynum Ellis born 1829 married (1) Sarah tompson (2) Matilda Lemaster (3) Martha A Robbins (4) Lydia Catherine Garrison

6. Nancy Jane Ellis born September 8 1830 married James M Forest

7. Amanda B Ellis born 1832 married Elisha Z Willisams

8. Elizabeth Ann Ellis born October 5 1834 married Elias W Williams

9. Margaret Angeline Ellis born October 5 1837 married John Peoples Woolsey

10. Frances Marion Ellis born October 26 1840 married (1) Catherine Tunnell (2) Catherine VanHorn

11. Ransom Asbury Ellis born March 16 1842 married (1) Nannie A Wells (2) Mary Hutsell

12. Alvin Dallas Ellis born April 14 1844 married (1) Martha C Thompson (2) Martha Pharris (3) Sarah Lemaster

13 . Melvin Lowery Ellis born September 20 1846 married Mary Frances Baker