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The Dorris Family

In tracing the orgin of the Dorris family, we find that the name "Dorris" is a Greek name. It was first spelled Doris, and we have been able to trace it back to the Greek city of doris. In this city the first Doris column was built, and was built by one of the Doris family. It was first called the Doris column, and afterward changed to the Doric column. We also find that hellenus gave the name of Hellenes to the Greeks and that he had three sons. The second son was Dorus. The country that Dorus inherited was named by him "Doris" and from this country came the family named "Dorris". (Hellins Anciient History). A General in the Roman Army under Julius Caesar fought a Greek general by the name of General Josef Dorris. After the conquest of Great Britain he was awarded by Caesar the County Downs, Ireland, for meritorious service rendered. This was about the year 54 or 55 B.C. (Caesar's Commentaries). Josef Dorris, was a lineal descendant of General Josef Dorris, and a native of the County Downs, Ireland. Seven of his sons imigrated to America in the early part of 1700.

William Dorris born about 1715 died about 1795 of County Downs was the son of Josef Dorris. William Dorris married Mary Williams and they had the following children: Robert, William, Samuel, Isaac, John, James, Joseph, Benjamin, Mary, Martha, and Nancy.

Samuel Dorris, son of William and Mary Dorris was born about 1740 in New Jersey and died about 1824 in Robertson county Tennessee. Samuel married Martha Hues and had the following children: Isaac, Elizabeth, Peggy, Sally, Rachel, Joseph, William, and Samuel. Several of his sons were with General Frances Marion, who led the North Carolina forces in the Revolution. William and Isaac married sisters by the name of Frost of Frostburg Maryland. The first coal mines that were discovered in America was on the body of land owned owned by the Frost family in Maryland.

William, Isaac and their half-brother, John Irvin Dorris, came into Tennessee in 1792 prospecting and while on the trip met up with Peter Demombeum, together with him they came on his keelboat down the Holston River to the Cumberland river and down this river to French Lick Station, what is now called Nashville, when there were few cabins and a block house. Old Captain Demombeun, a french trader came to trade with the Indians, he had his keelboat loaded with arms and ammunition to defend himself and his crew. There were no white men when he first came and the Indians came on him near the village of French Lick. He made signs of peace to them but they attacked with bows and arrows. His boat was fixed for defense and when he gave them a volley from his firearms, they fled.

William, Isaac and John went to Fort Hamilton, now known as Tyree Springs in Sumner County, Tennessee. After locating at Fort Hamilton, William, Isaac, and John went back for their families, returning by wagon to Fort Hamilton, where they secured land and settled. The rest of Samuel's children moved to Tennessee in 1798 and settled in Robertson, Davidson, and Sumner Counties and settled in three settlements, and their farms joined so that they could visit each other as often as they wished, and especially when there was preaching. Samuel and his kindred and friends built the first Baptist meeting house in Robertson County on Sulphur Creek, four miles above Springfield, Tennessee.

Samuel died in Robertson County Tennessee in 1809. Benjamin died in the Hermitage District in Davidson County Tennessee and is buried at the graveyard of Hollis Hagers, Esquire in 1815. Elizabeth married Dr. Jones of Jonesborough Illinois and died there. Isaac later moved to New Orleans. His sons Joseph and Elijah were drowned on the Gulf of Mexico. Isaac and the balance of his family died in New Orleans in 1816.

William Dorris, son of Samuel and Martha HUES Dorris was born June 1 1766 in Maryland died March 5 1832 in Sumner County Tennessee. William was a soldier in Revolutionary War as were some of his brothers. William married Catherine Frost, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth PARSELL Frost. Catherine was born July 25 1770 and died August 1 1834

William Dorris settled on land in the Tyree Springs area West of Portland in Sumner County Tennessee. William made his will on July 31 1829 and died on March 5 1832. In his will he stated that it was his will that all his personal estate be left to his wife, Catherine and after her death it was his will that all property should be equally divided among all his lawful heirs. Witnesses were his son-in-laws, Samuel Hendricks, Pleasant Mayes and James Hendricks.

Children of William and Catherine:

1. Elizabeth (Betsey) Dorris born February 23 1787 married John Hudson

2. Samuel Frost Dorris born November 20 1789 married Susanna Pitts

3. Martha Dorris born November 20 1791

4. Rebacca Dorris born February 22 1793 married Samuel Hendricks

5. Catherine Dorris born September 2 1799 married Drew Edwards

6. William Dorris born October 10 1801 married Nancy Wright

7. Tabitha Dorris born January 12 1804 married John Thompson Hendricks

8. Lovina Dorris born December 9 1806 married Pleasant Franklin Mayes

9. Drusilla Dorris born February 8 1810 married James Hendricks