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The Dishman/DuChemin Family

Samuel Dishman of Westmoreland County Virginia

Samuel DuChemin, born abt 1671 in France came to America prior to 1693 and settled in Westmoreland County Virginia. He was naturalized in the Colony of Virginia under the Anglicized name of Dishman. Samuel married Cornelia. His will was probated in Westmoreland County Virginia on May 31, 1727. Children of Samuel and Cornelia were: 1. Samuel Dishman , 2. John Dishman married Francis Sanford 3. Elizabeth Dishman married Original Brown 4. Ann Dishman married Thomas Grigsby 5. Mary Dishman married John Rutherford 6. James Dishman married Mary Weedon 7. David Dishman married Sarah Weedon 8. Peter Dishman married Sarah Reynolds

Peter Dishman of Essex County Virginia

Peter Dishman born 1718 in Westmoreland County Virginia and died in 1763 in Essex County Virgania. Peter Dishman married Sarah Reynolds. Children of Peter and Sarah were: 1. Samuel Dishman 2. John B Dishman 3. Jeremiah Dishman married Nancy Ann Miller 4.William Dishman married Sarah Salmon 5. Sarah Dishman married John Beasley 6. Anne Dishman married Thomas Garnett Noel 7. James Dishman married Jane Gunn

The Jeremiah Dishman Family of Simpson County Kentucky

Jeremiah Dishman son of Peter and Sarah REYNOLDS Dishman was born in1752 in Essex County, Virginia. He was drafted along with his three brother, John, James and William into the Marine service in 1776 at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. According to an affidavit given by his wife Nancy in 1857, Jeremiah on account of his bad health or being unable to stand hard marching, he was stationed at Tappahanock orHobbs Hole as it was called then in Essex County to guard the sea coast.

According to William's pension record, he along with his other brothers John and James were assigned to a company under the command of Captain Dick, First Virginia Regiment and was ordered to rendezvous at Fredericksburg and went on board the Brig Mosquito on a cruise against the enemy. On February 27th, 1777 they sailed to the West Indies. The Brig captured a transport ship belonging to the enemy and carried her to Point Peter, Guadaloupe. They set sail again on the Mosquito but after a few days discovered that one of the crew had smallpox. They returned to Guadaloupe to inoculate the rest of the crew. Later they set sail again but after a few days they were captured by the British Vessel Ariadne and all on board were made prisioners on the night of June 4th, 1777. The prisioners were taken to Barbados, were they were imprioned at Bridgetown and detained until January 1778, when a fleet of British Merchantmen under convoy touched at Barados and took the prisioners on board separating and distributing them in different ships. William, James and John were put on board the same vessel and carried to the Island of Jamaica, where they were set at liberty. They remained on the Island sometime and at length worked their passage to America on board a British Merchant ship commanded by Captain Smith bound for Philiadelphia. They landed on the Delaware a short distance below Wilmington and Captain Smith gave them a passport to Virginia. On their return to Virginia, being informed that their regiment had been sent out of state and not knowing where to report, they went to the Governor of Virginia, Patrick Henry by whom they were directed to go to Williamsburg and put themselves under the command of Captain Waller. After the espiration of the term of their enlistment, Lieutenant George Catlett gave them a certificate, on production of which they received a regular discharge from Col. Samuel Bates.

After the Revoltuinary War, Jeremiah soon removed to Bedford County, Virginia and on November 6th of 1783 married Nancy Ann Miller in Bedford county, Virginia. After the turn of the Century, Jeremiah, James, and William removed into Kentucky. Jeremiah and James are found in Pulaski County, Kentucky in the 1810 U S Census and William in Barren County Kentucky. Jeremiah is listed with his family of nine children and eight slaves and James and his family are listed with nine children. Jeremiah and Nancy removed to Simpson County, Kentucky about 1812. On January 12 1818, Jeremiah bought 200 arces of land on Sinking Creek a few miles NW of Franklin. Jeremiah is listed in the 1819 Simpson county Tax records and the 1920 U S Census record.

The Estate of Jeremiah evidently sold his land in 1830 to his son-in-law Jacob Stahl who married Mary Dishman, the daughter of Jeremiah and Nancy. Jacob and Mary later removed to Bulter County, Kentucky in 1853. Jeremiah and Nancy are buried on the old Dishman-Stahl farm and the cemetery is now called the Stahl cemetery. Jeremiah died in 1830 and his grave is marked with a footstone with initials J.E.D. and Nancy's stone is marked "Nancy Dishman, wife of Jeremiah Dishman -b.3 July 1760 -d.3 July 1856". Other stones in the cemetery are Rachel Smith, daughter of James and Jane GREEN Dishman Gunn, and her husband J. D. Smith and several of the Stahl children.

Children of Jeremiah and Nancy: 1. Sarah Dishman (1783-1873) married William Millner 2. Margaret Dishman (1786- ) married John Davis 3. John Dishman (1792-1879) married Mahala Boone 4. Susannah Dishman (1793-1863) married Thomas Galloway 5. Elizabeth Dishman (1795- ) married Thomas Wantland 6. James Dishman (1796-1878) married Margaret Ennis 7. Prudence Dishman (1800-1889) married Jesse R. Kirby 8. Jeremiah B.Dishman (1804-1876) married Cynthia Ann Smith 9. Mary Dishman (1806-1867) married Jaob Stahl 10. Logan M. Dishman (1810-1884) married Jane Smith 11. Annie Dishman(1787- )

The James Dishman Family of Warren County Kentucky

James Dishman, son of Jeremiah and Nancy MILLER Dishman was born February 28 1796 in Bedford County, Virginia and died August 19, 1878 in Warren County, Kentucky. He came to Pulaski County, Kentucky with his parents at an early age and then to Simpson County, Kentucky about 1812. James was a soldier in the War of 1812. According to his pension papers, James was drafted into Captain Evans's Company, in Colonel Gabriel Slaughter's 15th Kentucky Regiment at Sommerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky on October 2, 1814. His pension papers state his Regiment arrived near New Orleans on the Mississippi River in Flat Boats on January 4th, 1815 annd landed two miles below the City and participated in the Battle of New Orleans on the 8th day of January and fought with Andrew Jackson against the British. He stated that each man that had a gun fought in the Battle. James was shot in the leg and later discharged on May the 10th 1815 at Sommerset, Kentucky. James applied for a pension and received $8.00 a month for his disablity. In 1850 , James applied for and received 80 acres of Bounty land for his service.

After the War James moved with his parents to Simpson County, Kentucky. On October the 19th, 1818, James married Margaret Ennis, the daughter of George and Frances CAMPBELL Ennis in Warren County, Kentucky. James and Margaret settled on a 144 acre farm located about a mile North of Rich Pond in Warren County, Kentucky. Margaret's father, George Ennis was a large land owner in Warren County and he deeeded James and Margaret 80 acres of land in the same locality. James died August the 19th 1878. Margaret applied for a veterans pension and received $8.00 a month. Margaret was living with her daughter Sarah Galloway when she died. Margaret died July 1, 1888. Both James and Margaret are buried in the Galloway cemetery in Warren County, Kentucky.

Children Of James and Margaret: 1. Ewing Dishman (1820- ) married Lucy Ann House 2. Bluford Dishman (1821-1912) married Rachel Lackey 3. Harvey Dishman (1823-1891) married Sarah Jane Hine 4. Mary Frances Dishman (1826-1876) married George Walters 5. Daniel Dishman (1827- ) married Sarah 6. Nancy Dishman (1830- ) married William Walters 7. Mary Jane Dishman (1832- ) married John Wesley Lay 8. John Dishman (1833-1917) married Leanor Walters 9. Sarah Ann Dishman (1834-1907) married Fleming Mason Galloway 10. Elizabeth Dishman (1836-1867) married Abraham Miller Galloway 11. James Dishman (1838- ) married Molinda Wingfield