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The Butt Family

William Butt of Prince George County Maryland

William Butt was born in England about 1637 and came to America abt 1680 and settled in Prince George County Maryland. His wife was named Elizabeth and they had one known son:Richard Butt born about 1670 and died before April 15, 1715 in Prince George County Maryland.

Richard Butt of Prince George County Maryland

Richard Butt born about 1670 in Queen Anne Parish, Prince George County Maryland. He married Mary Medcalf. The St. Barnabas Church Register shows the following children of Richard and Mary:

Richard Butt born December 11 1703 Thomas Butt born December 29 1705 Dinah Butt born February 5 1706 Mary Butt born March 2 1708 Samuel Butt born October 10 1712 Nicholas Butt born October 20 1714

Samuel Butt of Prince George County Maryland

> Samuel Butt, son of Richard and Mary MEDCALF Butt was born October 10, 1712 in Queen Ann Parish, Prince George County, Maryland and died October 10, 1786 in Montgomery County, Maryland. Samuel Butt married Elizabeth Swearingen August 1, 1734 in Prince George County, Maryland. Elizabeth was born July 4 1715 and died May 12 1796. Samuel and Elizabeth had 14 children: Mary Butt,Keziah Butt, Swearingen Butt, Richard Butt, Samuel Butt, Ann Butt, Lidia Butt, Elizabeth Butt, John Butt, Aaron Butt, Bazil Butt, Ruth Butt, Rigenal Butt and Hazel Butt

Swearington Butt of Rockingham County N C

Swearingen Butt, son of Samuel and Elizabeth SWEARINGEN Butt was born in Prince George County, Maryland about 1740. After taking the Oath of Allegiance in Maryland in 1777 at the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the next record we have of Swearingen is in 1787 where he bought 345 acres of land on Little Rockinghouse Creek in Rockingham County North Carolina. It is not known who he married but he had three known children:

1. Hazel Butt born about 1773 2. Nancy Butt born about 1784 3. John Swearington C Butt born 1791.

John Swearington C Butt of Rockingham County N C

John Swearington C Butt, son of Swearingen Butt was born October 5 1791 in Virginia and died April 2 1875 in Simpson County Kentucky and buried in the Pirkle Cemetery. John Swearington C Butt married Nancy Wright, daughter of Frances Wright and Sarah Winlock September 15, 1809 in Rockingham County North Carolina. Nancy Wright was born February 6 1794 in Rockingham County North Carolina and died in Logan County Kentucky January 28 1876 and is buried in the Stevenson Church Cemetery. They were farmers near Wentworth North Carolina and about 1830 migrated to Sumner County Tennessee and settled near the Tennessee-Kentucky border in the Perdue Community.

John Swearington C Butt and Nancy Wright had nine children:

1. Elizabeth Johnson Butt born August 18 1810 married Alexander Pirkle

2. William Alfred Butt born July 20 1812 married Emily Boren

3. Hazel Green Butt born April 26 1814 married Mary Barker

4. Ruebin Pinkney Butt born September 9 1817 married Susanna Mayes

5. Richard Calvin Butt born August 16 1820 married Elizabeth Hinton

6. John Francis Butt born October 28 1822 married Cyrena Bush

7. Johnson Crofford Butt born November 5 1824

8. Elisha Swearinton Butt born January 16 1828 married Amelia Groves

9. Nancy Butt born August 10 1831 married John Hendricks Mayes