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The Union School was located on Santa Fe Pike about 9 miles north north west of Columbia according to the info on Gary Hood's Genealogy Resources Site. WA

Gary has a photo of the Union School on the URL below. Click on it and you will be taken to the home page. From there click on
the School Pictures and select Union School.

Union School 1905-1906 
Front row:  Emory Godwin, John Huey, Ray Oakley, Robert Skelley, George
2nd row:  John Gaskill (with face scratched off), Mattie Skelley, Jim Huey,
Floyd Whitaker, Bud Huey, Marshall McKee, Ola Nichols, Clara Petty.
3rd row:  Lee Whitaker, Mrs. Florence Fitzgerald,  Bessie Brown, Burr McKee,
Snow Skelley, Hensley Godwin, Mamie Petty, Claude McKee.
The teacher not shown here was James M. Fitzgerald, son of Rufus Pinkney Fitzgerald.

 The picture is the property of Jack Gaskill (son of John Gaskill with the
face scratched off the picture). Scanned by Tandie mentioned below.

The cardboard souvenir above for Union School is 5 inches x 3 inches and looks like 3 layers of cardboard joined together --a top layer, bottom layer and a filler layer. Not very thick at all. The picture of the teacher is on "top" of the cardboard layer (not printed in the cardboard). The edges (where the designs are) are raised. I don't know if that would be considered "embossed" or not. I can't tell anything about the "back" of the souvenir because it's been "glued" into an old scrapbook for years and the "black" of the page is on the back of the souvenir.  I don't have a J. M. Fitzgerald in my Family Treemaker program but "suppose" he was from Theta (where most of the Fitzgerald's were from). Theta is just up the road from Union School --a little ways! I plan to attend a Fitzgerald reunion (as a guest) on August 1st and will ask around to see if anyone "knows" who this J. M. Fitzgerald may have been. Tandie Lee Taylor Fox, July 20, 2004. 
The above was a souvenir given to students of the Union School. It has a photo of the teacher J. M. Fitzgerald and is inscribed in the following manner: SOUVENIR, (photo of) J. M. Fitzgerald, UNION SCHOOL, Union, Maury County, Tennessee, 1901.  Presented by J. M. Fitzgerald, Teacher, School Officers C. H. McKay, R. L. Whitaker, Clerk, J. C. Dodson. This was sent to Gary Hood by Tandie Lee Taylor Fox. [WA 7-15-2004]