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This is a photo of the Pigg School after restoration. You will see a remarkable transformation by comparing it 
to the photo at the bottom of this page. The photo was made for the grand opening of the restored Pigg School 
building. March 20, 2005. Like a step back in time, it is complete with desks, books, coal-oil lamps, stove, bell, 
and many other special touches and items used by teacher and students. As more than 50 people crowded into 
the small building, with a few still outside, I was most impressed by the common love for the preservation of history 
that they all share; especially that of Charles and Gail Pigg, who restored the school using their own funds. I quote, loosely,
from what a cousin said, "When it comes to good folks, Gail and Charles Pigg are hard to beat."

This picture was on my "Thank You" card that Charles Pigg handed out to the
people who attended.
Charles and Gail Pigg had it moved to their property where they have envisioned a mini historical district including the 
school and other relics. There's talk of putting an old store there along side the school. Believe the sign above 
the door says: PIG SCHOOL HOUSE 1884(6?) to 1920. Gary Hood 3/20/2005. 

The Pigg School after restoration from a side view.The windows for the school are from an old
1800s house in which the windows were replaced some time back. The owner thoughtfully
saved the old windows. Gary Hood 3/22/2005

This is an inside view of the restored school complete with desk, books, oil lamps, Flags,  and rules of conduct. 
Sorry I do not know the names of the persons but the little girl is obviously delighted with the school. 
Photo sent in by Gary Hood. Photo by Tandie Fox.

The sad state of Pigg School building as late as 2004 as it sat abandoned in ruins. The good news is that Pigg 
school was moved and the complete restoration is finished. Charles and Gail Pigg had it moved to their 
property where they are creating a mini historical district including the school and some other relics. 
This picture was taken by Tandie Fox. Sent in by Gary Hood.