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New Hope School about 1939

This is a picture of the New Hope School. The little boy first row 6th from the left is Ray Gonzalez's wife's 1/2 brother Vollie McKynzer James Jr. who was born Sept. 02, 1928 and died Dec. 26, 1999 in Shelbyville, Tn., a native of Maury Co., son of Vollie James Sr. & Sadie Mae Bradford, Ray's wife is Sadie Inez (Taylor) Gonzalez, b: Columbia, Tn. Ray & Nez now (11/2002) live in Washington State. No names or dates were on the back of the photo. The school was located on Knob Creek Road, north of Columbia. The photo was cut off at the top when Ray & Nez received it. School Records in another section of this site list the teachers during 1932 as Ava Godwin & Mrs. Raymond Vestal, but the memo below discounts the idea that these might be the same teachers above. Anyone know these persons let us know? [WA 11/24/2002] 

Update From: Ray Goad sent to Ray Gonzales: Thursday, February 13, 2003 6:14 PM Subject: Re: New Hope School.  Wow! Ray, You hit me right between the eyes. This is the same picture I have here at my home somewhere. It's later than 1934, at least 1937, maybe 1939. There are 5 boys and one girl in the back row. I think the girl is Pat Haywood, still living and working in Maury County. The middle boy (Bib overalls and cut off above the nose) is me (Ray Goad) . The boy on my right is Donald Goad, who died just last fall. In the second row from the back is Dorothy Shouse, Richard Haywood (Who was killed in Belgium in WWII), then Virgil Priest, Joan Warf, and Marian Jean Haywood. Dorothy James is in the second row from the front (1st row of girls, just in back of boys sitting in the front row.) She is 4th from the left. There are 3 separate families of Haywoods represented in this picture, and two families of Priests, and two families of Goads. I believe that is John Robert Reed on the left end of the first row and Paul Reed is 3rd from the right end of that row. This is my 7th grade picture, so it would have been 1939. The teacher on the left is Gladys Godwin. I don't think she was close kin with Ava Godwin, who taught there earlier and was a wonderful teacher.  I can't remember the name of the other teacher, but it may come to me later.  Thanks for shaking me up on this one. Ray Goad [Edited by WA 2/14/03]