This sketch of the extinct Mynders School hangs today (06/26/2002) on the wall of Paulene (Barlar) Thurman who resides a mile from the farm where she grew up and a couple of miles from the  site where the Mynders School once majestically stood. Mynders School was located half way between McCains & Bigbyville west of US Hwy 31 and is now (Yr 2002) the site of a Community Center. The school was closed in August 30, 1968 and the building no longer stands. The school Yard Bell still hangs at the Community Center as a reminder of its past. Dolly A. (Barlar) Davis of Wilson NC wrote; "The Principal was Alan or Wade Richardson when I last attended in the early nineteen forties. The Principal and his wife had an apartment in the school, but they also had a home nearby down a mile past McCains on the Pulaski Pike which in historical circles became known as the Richardson Home. It was quite a early historic structure that no longer stands today. When the weather was bad the school children played in a large basement with the boys on one end and the girls on the other. Another place that my memory recalls was a large sink hole in the rear of the playground at the school. The boys had a track around the top rim where they went round and round. No one ever went down into it to play, as a matter of fact, I don't believe it really was a true sink hole but we thought of it as that.   


Mynders Teacher & Administrator List from 1922 thru Closing 1968

Mynders 10th Grade Class Trips 1929 and 1933-34

1925 Mynders School School Photo

1928 Mynders School School Photo

1928 Mynders School Boys & Girls Basketball Photo

1930 Girls Basket Ball Team News Clipping

1932 Mynders School Graduating Seniors Photo

1933 Mynders Mirror - School News, (first monthly issue)


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