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Rockside School Bear Creek Community 1890 After 1906
Hargrove & Elmwood School Bear Creek Community Prior to 1890 1890
Union School Bear Creek Community 1898 After 1906 Duke Amis, Lillie Sands, Hattie Jones
Bigbyville School (Masonic Lodge) Bigyville Community Before 1906 After 1906 Beulah McCain, Sophronia Baird, Maud Duke about 1906
Perry School for Blacks Bigyville Community Before 1906 After 1906
McCains School McCains Community 1858 Aft 1920 Prof. A. J. Hibbett, L. S. Duke & Adelia Matthews there abt. 1906
School at Campbell Station Campbell Station 1830 Miss Carrie Beard John Campbell
Mynders Junior High School Bigyville/McCains abt 1900 1947 thru 10th grade
Stephens School for Women Columbia 1828 1837 Rev. Daniel Stephens Rev. Daniel Stephens
Columbia Female Institute Columbia 1835 1932 Dr. Daniel Stephens, Rev George Beckett, 1876 James Otey
Columbia Female Conference College Columbia 1851 1860 Rev. J. O. Church
Ingleside Female Academy Columbia 1870 Absorbed by Anthenaeum Mrs. S. B. Mack
Andrews Public School Columbia 1881
Riverside School Columbia 1936
Highland Park School Columbia 1936
McDowell School Columbia 1936
Public School for Blacks Columbia 1881 1954 Prof. J. H. Kelly Prof. J. H. Kelly
Woodward Academy Columbia Nov 23, 1809 Davie Weir one of the earliest teachers
George M. Martin School for women Columbia 1809 George M. Martin George M. Martin
School at old Methodist Church Columbia Aft close of G. W. Martin School Miss Lucy Lanier Peter R. Booker, Patrick Maguire & Dr James O'Reilly
Columbia Male High School Columbia Before 1876 Dr William L. Smith & Prof. John S. Beecher
Classical School of Columbia Columbia Before 1876 H. B. Edmiston
Ashwood School for Girls Columbia 1847 Aft 1924 Rev. E. H. Creasy Rev. James Otey
Columbia Business College Columbia Sep 1938 Aft 1956 Joe A. Cole
Halcyon Hall Columbia Aft 1831 Abt 1860 Daniel Stephens
Mercer Hall School Columbia 1836
Ravencroft Hall Columbia 1848 Donald McCloud Rev. James Otey
Robertson Male Academy Columbia Sep 7,1885 Abt 1940 Robert D'Shiel Robertson Robert D'Shiel Robertson
Jones Academy Columbia 1850 1861 Prof. P. W. Dodson Prof. P. W. Dodson
Columbia Military Academy Columbia 1575 Aft 1970 B. Lanton Wiggins and many others B. Lanton Wiggins and many others
Jackson College-Columbia Columbia, near L&N RR Term. 1837 1863
Columbia Athenaeum Columbia, West side 1852 1905 Franklin G. Smith Franklin G. Smith
Columbia Central High School Columbia, West side 1915
Whittmore Junior High School Columbia, West side 19xx
Carver-Smith High School (Black) Columbia, West side Abt 1954 1970s
Fountain Creek Academy Culleoka(Pleasant Grove) 1835 1840s Andrew Kerr Elisa Uzzell, Joseph Ballanfant, James Kerr, Dr. J. S. Hunt
Pleasant Grove Male Academy Pleasant Grove(Culleoka) 1840s Abt 1855 R. A. L. Wilkes R. A. L. Wilkes
Pleasant Grove Academy (became Co-ed) Pleasant Grove (Culleoka) Abt 1855 1868 Building torn down in 1921 after sale
Culleoka Institute Culleoka 1867 1884
Culleoka Academy Culleoka 1884
Moore Institute Culleoka 1896 1903 Prof. John P. Graham
Culleoka Public School Culleoka 1903 Today 2001 Prof. John P. Graham
Colored Public School Culleoka Before 1906 Unknown Unknown
Rockdale School near Sheekneck Culleoka active in 1925 Unknown Unknown
Ferndale School-S.E. traveling down  Mooresville Pike a couple of miles Culleoka active in 1925 Unknown Unknown
Darks Mill School Darks Mill 1866 After 1906 Daisy Roan principal 1906
Dry Creek School Dry Creek Community 1901 Mrs Dr. Bumpus, Maude Duke, John Nelson
Glendale School Glendale Before 1906 W. P. Morton W. P. Morton
Glendale School (Colored) Glendale Before 1906 C.H. Bell
Lanton School Green's Mill on Rutherford Creek 1890s After 1906 Alberta Loftin, Macon A. Green
Frierson Female Institute Maury County Before 1876 Miss Rebecca Frierson
Hay Long College Mt Pleasant  1894 Matthew D. Cooper
Howard Institute Mt Pleasant  1891 Prof. J. A. Bostick
Sandy Hook School Sandy Hook Community Prior to 1887 Unknown
Manual Labor Academy Sanford neighborhood, Springhill 1820 1833 Dr. Robert Hardin & Prof. Williford Col. Hugh Brown (Governor), W. H Brown (Later Governor of TN)
Jackson College-Spring Hill Sanford neighborhood, Springhill Nov 16, 1829 1836 Benjamin Labarre 1st president John Brown & others
Spring Hill Male College Springhill 1881 1897 Prof. Morton Prof. Morton
Branham & Hughes School Springhill 1897 After 1906
Spring Hill Female Academy Springhill Before 1865 After 1868 Dr. James Otey Hardin
Union Seminary Springhill 1836 Abt 1844 Dr. Hardin
Beechcroft Academy Springhill Unknown Unknown
School for Freedmen Springhill 1865 After 1906 J. W. Byers Teacher beginning abt. 1897
Beech Grove School Springhill Abt 1886 After 1906 Prof William Anderson
West Point School West Point Before 1884
School at Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1840s Nimrod Porter