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Chronology of Greenís Mill


Approximate                                        Event


1805              Indian title to Maury County land north of Duck River is extinguished by treaty at Tellico, allowing legal settlement.

1805              Solomon Bunch builds a mill on Rutherford Creek.

1813              Cambridge Green inherits land on Rutherford Creek.

1818              Solomon Bunch marries Elizabeth Hill.

1823              Solomon Bunch marries Ann Brown.

1836                            Cambridge Green marries Amy Holcomb.

1841             Lucratus Green born.

1859                            Lucratus Green marries Frances Brown.

1864              Solomon Bunch dies.  

1865-1870    Jeremiah Bunch and Lucratus Green open first store.

1868              Lucratus Green purchases interest in mill. 

1880              Lucratus Green purchases mill from sons of Solomon Bunch.

Early 1890ís  Lanton School begins operation.

1896                             Lanton Church of Christ organized.

1898              Wooden bridge constructed across Rutherford Creek by J. A. Sanders.

About 1900    Lanton Church of Christ building constructed.

Early 1900s    New store building constructed by J. R. Green.

1902              Alsup & Green enter partnership to operate mill..

1904                            New mill building constructed.

1906              New  iron bridge constructed across Rutherford Creek to replace wooden bridge destroyed by flood of 1905.

1924                            Lucratus Green dies in Greenís Mill community.

1932                            Mill ceases operation, machinery sold.

1932                            Ronald Jackson begins operation of Greenís Mill store.

1935                          Lanton School ceases operation.

1947             Lanton Church of Christ constructs new building.

1948                        Mill building reduced to one story.

1948            J. R. Green, last living child of Lucratus Green, dies.

1949                      New Greenís Mill store constructed.

1978                      Ronald Jackson closes store.

1978           Mrs. Ronald (Louise Green) Jackson dies.

1978           New concrete bridge constructed across Rutherford Creek to replace 1906 iron bridge.

1995           Mill building burned.

1996                     Store sold by Ronald Jackson and subsequently torn down.

1998           Ronald Jackson dies.