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Closing Comments

There is no mill in the Greenís Mill community today.  After operating for more than 100 years, little trace of the mill remains.  There is no marker to denote the site, and the ravages of nature have reclaimed the land and the stream where the mill and the dam once stood.  The store which was operated across the road from the mill for more than 100 years is also gone.  The Lanton school building still remains (though extensively modified), but no school has been in operation there since the spring of 1936.

 The Bunch family and the Sanders family who were so instrumental in building the community in the 1800s have no descendants in the community today.

 The Greens who were prominent in the community in the late 1800s and early 1900s are almost gone.  Only two families (Garland Glenn and Richard Green) in Greenís Mill trace their ancestry to Cambridge Green.

 Solomon Bunch, James D. Sanders, and L. C. Green all rest in the Lanton/Bunch cemetery overlooking the site of the mill, store, and church.

 The Lanton Church of Christ, organized by Lucratus Green and others in 1896, is still active and strong.  Perhaps we could have guessed that the church would remain after all other entities in the community had passed.

 There are many more houses in the vicinity of Greenís Mill today than when I was born there in 1936.  Many of the families living in these new houses probably are unaware that the mill on Rutherford Creek ever existed. 

 Though the community I knew as a child is gone, my memories remain.  The old mill building, though inoperative, was a mighty presence across the road from the store during my childhood.  The people who attended church at Lanton, and who gathered at the store to play cards, play croquet, and watch television, were typical of the honest, hard-working people who built our community and our nation.


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