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Chapter V

The Lanton Church of Christ

Written about 1905, Reference 1, page 157, states that:

 Lanton Christian Church, 12 miles N. E. of Columbia, was organized, 1896, by L. C. Green, W. A. Blackburn, A. B. Phillips, and others.  It has about 50 members.

 Reference 3, under the heading “Lanton Church of Christ,” states the following:

 The church at Lanton was started about 1896.  The Elders were L. C. Green and Anderson Blackburn.

 The charter members were Anderson Blackburn and wife, Susa, L. C. Green and family, G. W. Blair and family, Andy Phillips and wife, and Mrs. Lizzie Kincaid.         

 The congregation worshipped in the school house before the church house was built.  Before they started worshipping in the school house, New Lasea was the nearest (Church of Christ) place of worship, which was about five miles away.  At that time, Lanton was a Methodist community.  

 Those who took an active part in the worship were Anderson Blackburn, G. W. Blair, L. C. Green and his two sons, Will and Bob.

 Reference 3 notes that Lanton was a Methodist community when the Lanton Church of Christ was started about 1896.  The Blanton’s Chapel Methodist church, located about two miles east of the mill, was organized about 1850 with the building erected about 1855 (Ref. 4, page 15).  The Neapolis Methodist Church, located about two miles west of the mill, was dedicated in 1871 (Ref. 13, page 103).

 Neither Reference 1 nor 3 tell us when the first building for the Church of Christ was actually constructed, but Reference 1 implies that the building was in existence in 1905. 

 This building, probably constructed about 1900, was used until 1947.  Both the earlier building and the 1947 building appear to have been constructed on land donated for that purpose by Lucratus C. Green.  The 1947 building was constructed adjacent to the earlier building, which was torn down after the new building was completed.

 I remember the earlier building as having two front doors as was common for buildings of that era.  I suspect that in the early days of the building, men entered through one door and sat on one side of the building, and women entered the other door and occupied the other side.  By the time I can remember, say the early 1940s, no segregation of the sexes was practiced.

 My earliest memory of the church would have been about 1940.  Uncle Frank (Frank R. Green) led the singing.  He was somewhat unorthodox in his style, in that he led the singing sitting in the pew with his wife Margaret, rather than standing in front of the congregation.  After the death of Frank R. Green in 1943, Gerald Price, great grandson of Lucratus C. Green, generally led the singing during the 1940s and 1950s.  Gerald Price was the stepson of Frank R. Green.

 Some of the preachers who have served the congregation, either on a regular basis or for gospel meetings, include the following:  Lucratus C. Green, Slim Lewis, Amos Derryberry, Harris Dark, G. B. Derryberry, Arthur Hardison, Riley Moore, Rufus Clifford, Joe Sanders, Leon Burns, Granville Tyler, Gilbert Tyler, Leonard Tyler, Ira North, Calvin Locke, Leo Snow, Jimmy Thomas, Douglas Waters, John Dillingham, Billy Felker, Dalton Cole, Fred Johnson, Chris Smith, Jim Deason, Tommy Peeler, Frank Chumley, Nathan Hagood, and Bill Cavender.

 The 1947 building was of concrete block construction, with hardwood floors in the auditorium, and a basement which was used for classrooms.  At the time it was built, it was a very nice building for a community the size of Green’s Mill.

 The Lanton Church of Christ continues active to the present day.

  The Lanton Church of Christ continues active to the present day.