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          The idea to write a brief history of the community where I was born and reared occurred to me as I was doing genealogy research on my family.  The more I learned about the Greens of Green’s Mill, the more interesting they became.  I remember several of the third- generation Greens in the community, and my respect for them increased as I learned more about them from my research.  Strangely enough, my mother, who was a Green, seldom talked about her family; so, much of the information I learned later in life was new to me.

          As I traced the history of the mill, the store, the school, and the church, the Greens were there at every step, playing a prominent role. 

          I was fortunate to find the book Century Review of Maury County, Tennessee, 1807 – 1907, by D. P. Robbins, which gave valuable information on the history of the community during that time period.  Since I had a good memory of the community starting about 1940, the information which was lacking was the thirty-year period from about 1910 to 1940.  Important information for this time period was provided by Garland Glenn.  Garland has lived in the Green’s Mill community all of his life, is a descendant of the Greens, and attended the Lanton School the last four years of its operation.  He also remembered the last year or so of the operation of the mill, so his inputs were vital.  Garland’s sister, Elizabeth Glenn Hardison, furnished valuable information on the children of Lucratus Green.  Hilda Lunn Swearingen furnished the delightful picture of the Lanton School class of about 1912.

        Several others contributed to this book.  My sister, Mary Katherine Jackson Ricketts, and my brother and his wife, Harold and Faye Jackson, contributed pictures and information.  My wife, Peggy Ormes Jackson, provided research and encouraged in many ways the writing of this book.  Our friend, Jenny (Mrs. David) Calvin, read the manuscript, made many helpful suggestions, and provided valuable census information. 

         This second edition adds additional genealogical information and additional references, as well as minor additions to the narrative. Particularly noteworthy is information relative to the origin of the mill in the community. This third printing provides a few updates on the children of Solomon Bunch, and the origin of the store. I am indebted to Barbara Bunch Meacham of Lakeland FL, great great granddaughter of Solomon Bunch, for this latest in formation. Also included is a listing of the families living in the community during the 1940s and 1950s. I am indebted to Bill Fitzgerald of Clarksville, TN, for the picture of Macon and Hollie Fitzgerald Green on page 44.
                                   R.H.Jackson, 2007



        My interest in the Green’s Mill/Lanton community of Maury County, Tennessee, stems from the fact that I was born there on August 9, 1936.  My father, Ronald H. Jackson, ran the store across the road from the site of the mill from 1932 until 1978.  I lived there until the fall of 1954 when I left home to attend college, but I still visited the community frequently through the mid-1990s.  Growing up in the community, I, like others my age, had little interest in its history. I knew that my mother’s family, the Greens, had run the mill for some years prior to my birth, and at some point I realized that the community had been named for my mother’s family.

           Only recently has my interest in the history of the Green’s Mill community been kindled.  Perhaps one indicator of growing older is that one looks to the past more than he looks to the future.  In 1999, I put together a book for my children and grandchildren, hoping to give them a better sense of their family history.  As I recalled some events of childhood, it became clear that there were many things about the history of Green’s Mill that I did not know.  I began buying books and researching to the extent I could to find more about this community named for my maternal ancestors (see ancestor listing on page 38).  Although there is much still to be learned, I have sufficient information to prompt me to put into writing some of what I have learned to date, with the hope that my descendants and perhaps others will find the information interesting.  This second edition adds additional information about the early years of the community, as well as additional genealogical information.

           A word of explanation is in order relative to the names by which the community is known.  When the community was settled in the early 1800s, it was known as “Lanton.”  By the mid-1800s, it was sometimes referred to as “Bunch’s Mill.” By about 1900, the Greens were numerous in the community and were operating the mill, so it appears that the community gradually took the name of “Green’s Mill.”  In my time (1936 – present), the community is generally referred to as Green’s Mill, whereas the church is referred to as the Lanton Church of Christ.  The school, which was started in the 1890s and ceased operation in the spring of 1936, was referred to as the Lanton School.

           To add further confusion to the name of the community, a Post Office was located in the store at Green’s Mill for a few years around 1900 (4-21-1890 until 7-31-1903), and the post office was given the name “Mallard.”  It was named for Dr. J. R. Mallard who lived in the community.  Neither the Post Office nor the name “Mallard” endured very long in the community.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     R.H.Jackson, 2007