Lanton School - Photo lightened to show hidden detail

Lanton School, circa class of 1919-1920 - Photo focusing on faces

Another picture from the Lanton School has come to light. It was furnished by Mildred Holcomb of Columbia. Her father, Freeman Holcomb, is in the picture, on the back row, on the extreme right. Based on the scant information she had, I have concluded that this is probably the class of 1919-1920, and that the picture was probably taken in the fall of 1919. The only positive identification of anyone in the picture that she had was of her father. She said her father said that the teacher was “Miss Mod”. I think he was referring to Maude Logan Green, wife of A. C. Green (my great uncle), who taught at the school in the 1919-1920 school year. I’ve heard her referred to as “Miss Maude” previously. So, I would assume that the teacher on the back row, extreme left, is Maude Logan Green.

Although I can’t be 100% sure, my brother, sister, and I believe that the girl standing by Freeman Holcomb is our mother, Louise Green. The hair, face, and age all seem to fit. R.H. Jackson 26 Aug 2010.

The above picture & information was donated 28 Aug 2010 by R. H. Jackson of Tullahoma Tennessee. Any questions or comments may be directed to R. H. Jackson at: 


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