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This cemetery is located on the private property of Norman Wayne Davis, who lives on the northern edge of the Sandy Hook community. From Mount Pleasant, go south on Highway 43 (New Lawrenceburg Highway), take the turnoff from Highway 43 left onto the Old Lawrenceburg Highway. Just after rounding the curve, take your first right. Mr. Davis lives in the second house on the right. It has been awhile since I visited this cemetery so I cannot really give directions to it from his home. I am sure that he could give further directions. I visited the cemetery years ago hoping to possibly find the grave of my great-great-grandfather Andrew Kennedy who lived in the area. It was a long shot, but as many of you know, you take the long shots when you cannot find what you are looking for.

As far as I know this is a 100% listing of the known graves in the cemetery. The cemetery can be found transcribed on page 788 of Maury County, Tennessee Cemeteries and page A-50 of They Passed This Way.

HINES, Catherine, 13 Apr 1832 - 26 Dec 1898
LASLEY, Elizabeth, 6 Nov 1825 - 28 Nov 1894 (daughter of Thomas Lasley and Catherine Pickard)
LASLEY, James F., 16 Jun 1849 - 9 Sep 1874
LASLEY, John H., 26 Nov 1817 - 1 May 1870. "Uncle" (Lt. 47th Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States of America)
LASLEY, Medda, 1 Feb 1824 - 13 Jul 1891 "Wife of Thomas J. Lasley" (daughter of Thomas Lasley and Catherine Pickard). The surname of Medda, Wife of Thomas is Lasley irrespective of any other researcher's findings.
LASLEY, Rebecca, 6 Jun 1820 - 10 Jun 1908 (daughter of Thomas Lasley and Catherine Pickard)
LASLEY, Thomas J., 26 Nov 1817 - 2 Jul 1884. "Father" (married Medda Lasley on 28 Jan 1848 in Lewis County)
LASLEY, Thomas, 20 Jun 1788 - 1 May 1878 (born in Orange County, North Carolina; husband of Christine Pickard, who was born in 1791 and died in 1873)
PENNINGTON, Frances Orange, 27 Nov 1847 - 3 Jul 1886. "My dear wife"
REGENOLD, (Infant), born Oct. 1886, "Inf. dau. of Charlie & Mary Regenold"

Mr. Fred Hawkins visited the cemetery in 1988 and lists the following tombstones as fallen: John H. Lasley, Thomas J. Lasley, James F. Lasley, and Frances Orange Pennington. He also states that he found one fieldstone but that Mr. Davis remembers as a boy there were several fieldstones that are no longer there.

Information provided by Rick Gray. 7/01/2004. [Revised 8/20/2004 by WA]