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This map from TopoZone is likely not accurate for the GPS Coordinates. That means the coordinates above are somewhat or to a great degree inaccurate.

From Columbia go south down Highway 245 for about four miles and turn right or west on Reese's Church Road. Go 2,500+ feet or .50 miles or 884 yards and face right (north) and go up a grown up fence row (which contains a residence to secure information and permission from) for 1,000 feet which is 333 Yards or .1883 of a mile and the cemetery is likely in the thicket this ends up in. It (thicket) is where three fence rows come together. That thicket has some appearances of an abandoned cemetery because it bulges a bit.
The authors of "They Passed This Way" say it was cleared as if it is inside a open field in 1963. I do see a faint image 50 yards out in the field west of that same thicket that may be the remnant of that cemetery which is three bases and one old box tomb that have been basically dismantled and broken probably by vandals looking for treasure. Since those early 1960s the cemetery could have grown back up though so that is absolutely a clue.  In small unreported cemeteries the GPS reporting is rarely exact, but maybe the cemetery is around this place within about 200 yards. However it may be more than 1/2 mile if there are errors. I must say a 1/2 mile variant is an impossibility for finding a lost cemetery. All this confusion is why I have not tackled locating this cemetery in the past. If I waste two hours here I can make 400 tombstone photos in that time.

Here I have posted a large round yellow highlight where I think this cemetery may be found assuming the mapping is close to the truth.

This image of the area shows you why it is difficult to find a cemetery in this situation. I do not see a sign of this cemetery in the field unless it was destroyed. It may be found along the fence row thickets or in the two thickets out in the field to the right. Something should be said for the Thomas Hollow location in that Thomas Springs is north of this spot nearly 1/4 mile and may I assume that spring carved out Thomas Hollow from the Hills so that area needs to be explored around Demastus Road.
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