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   Mapping the unknown location


--- Cemeteries of Maury County Tennessee, 1986 (Condensed by CWA 10 Nov 2012)

by Fred L. Hawkins, Page 591. Mr. Fred said no one in the neighborhood was found who could remember the location of this graveyard.

--- They Passed This way, p. A-82. (25 Mar 1961) (translated & Condensed by CWA 10 Nov 2012)

Originally listed in late 1950's by Evelyn B. Shackelford and Don Shackelford.
Since then (1950s), the cemetery has been incorporated, and cleared off. Several trips have been (were) made to this old and historic spot. In January, 1963 Evelyn B. Shackelford and Marise Lightfoot reworked or checked each stone.

WRIGHT GRAVEYARD, Located Thomas Hollow, Campbellsville Pike. (this is something over 1/4 mile north of Reese's chapel). These stones dug-up out of ground and
the pieces of the stones were put together like jigsaw puzzle - probably Kittrell Kin (see Hunter-Kittrell Cemetery, page A-62. Ruth Kittrell's (1765-1848) Will names a daughter Nancy, wife of Gedeon Wright.

MARTHA E. WRIGHT, born ...2.. 808.

CHAR(les?), son (of?) J.K. & M., . . .  5, 1857 (died), age 4-11.

4 large bases in row  & 1 old box tomb with inscription (top) gone - who??

GIDEON C. WRIGHT, born 25 Dec 1772 - (no other information available)

Listed by Evelyn E. Shackelford, Mary & Polly Farris, 25 March, 1961.

Kathy Overstreet said she could see a connection for the Wrights in is cemetery and the Hunter/Kittrell's and Overstreet's down the road. Velaria Wright, daughter of Gideon Wright and Nancy Kittrell was the second wife of Absalom Burkett. His first wife was Barsheda Overstreet. Velaria A.P. Burkett is buried in the Hunter-Kittrell Cemetery.
I recently took a group on a trip in an attempt to find this graveyard. We followed the mapping instructions and wound up at a house. An old gentleman came out of this house and at that point I thought we were about 200 yards south of the cemetery. He proceeded to tell us that he had lived there 30 years and hunted all around his extensive farm and never knew of a Wright Cemetery in that area. So  this mapping above is wrong or this cemetery has been lost or destroyed. Since it composed of box tombs it is harder to lose an old cemetery like by the stones sinking into the ground. Its just phenomenal how many of these old family cemeteries we are losing due to neglect even in the last 30 years.

This cemetery listing was  condensed from the above two books. Due to the difficulty that prior cemetery publishers had I have not attempted to find it. I add it here due to interest in finding it by family members. If anyone knows where it is let me know and I will go to Maury County, visit and resurvey it for any scrap of evidence that may tell further information about the mysteries of this old graveyard. A photo will at least tell us possibly more about what the fragments were meant to say. E-mail:  [C. Wayne Austin 14 Nov 2012]