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Located in the edge of the woods, between Kedron Road and the historic Thompson House under a stand of tall Oak trees. 

Mapping the location

Mrs. Nora Smith, owner of the estate in 1986, said that if there had ever been inscribed stones in this large cemetery they have been gone for many years. She thinks that this was the slave cemetery for this southern plantation, owned by Dr. J. T. S. Thompson (1836 - 1890) prior to, and during, the Civil War. Dr Thompson and some of his family are interred in the nearby Jackson College Cemetery.

Previously published in the books Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, Page 76,Listed 5 Jan 1987. Most of the information comes from that book, but I have been there a couple of times and can agree that there are no visible inscribed stones here. WA 10 Sep 2009. Visited there in 2001.