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Mapping the location

STREET, Park, died 19 Dec 1886, age 79-04-16. *
STREET,  Mary J., died 23 Nov 1848, age 35-02-10. "Wife of  Park Street." *
STREET, J. P., born 1839 - died 1847.

* Also space, with "Our Children" inscribed but no record of children is shown. This is a cast-iron marker made in Chicago, Illinois.

This small graveyard is enclosed with a wrought-iron fence and the graves are being crowded by a couple of large
trees. (1987 F.L.H.)

James Park STREET

James Park Street was one of Columbia's most important citizens during the first couple of decades of the 1900s, was a son of Park and Mary J. Street. The J. P. Street, listed above, died at 8 years of age. It is likely that James Parke, who vas born the next year, was given the same name, in memory of his dead brother. See Rose Hill listings for information about James Parke Street.

Listed on 9 Jan 1987 in the book Cemeteries of Maury County Tennessee, page  96 by Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. Also published in the book They Passed This way 1963, Page C-52.