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1967 Instructions, They Passed this way: Between Cross Bridges and Cedar Hill just north of the Hampshire Pike on the old English Place.
Mr. Fred Hawkins in Maury County Cemeteries says from Cross Bridges follow Hwy 214 west for 1.75 miles. The Graveyard is north of the road in a grove of trees.
My instructions 5 Nov 2008, created from adjusting the Longitude and Latitude Coordinates above: From Cross Bridges Methodist Church Cemetery go west about one mile and and turn right on Booker Ridge Road. When the road bends north 90 degrees look to your left at a grove of trees protruding into the field. I believe it can be found easily there in the wintertime assuming the stone is still standing.

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STRAYHORN, David W., Jan 1818 - 11 Mar 1849. (TS fallen & broken)

Update 31 Jul 2014:
This lone grave is, I believe, the resting place of David W. Strayhorn, born January 1818 and died March 11, 1849.  He was married to Sarah Ann Teague Linam
(Lynam)21 May 1844 in Lawrence County.  His will was entered in the record in April 1849 in Lewis County.  In his will he mentions his nephews Charles and
Joseph McMurry, C.W. McMurry being my gr gr grandfather who married Susan Melissa Kelsey.

Sarah Ann Teague Linam/Lynam would go on to remarry two more times (I think).

Billy Bond <

This cemetery listing was  shown in the various books of the past. Mr. Fred Lee Hawkins in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries listed this cemetery on page 689. He visited 13 Oct 1987. Before that it was listed in the book They Passed This way page A-153, about 1967. listed by Evelyn B. Shackelford & Mr & Mrs Herman B. Aiken.  The writers there interpreted the birth date as 1818.
Revised 31 Jul 2014 to include David W. Strayhorn as an adult b. 1818 d. 1849 instead of 1848 - 1849. This change is based on Billy Bond's information confirming the records in the book They passed this way..