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 From Spring Hill the cemetery is located three miles east on Port Royal Rd. Cemetery is south of the road on the old Dr Overton, now the Pettigrew place. These were 1987 instructions before this area was blistered with progress including renaming the road east of Spring Hill as Duplex Rd and extending the Port Royal Rd south to the new Saturn Parkway. Thanks to Gregg Egglestone I now know where this cemetery is located. I have corrected the GPS above and the directions are: From I-65, Exit 53 going west on Saturn Parkway toward Spring Hill take the first exit which is Port Royal Road Exit and go north or right about 2 tenths of a mile and turn right on Old Port Royal Road which is now a dead end street. Follow that past three businesses on the right (1) storage building business (2) another business and the cemetery is behind the third business which is a metal building parallel to the street. If you continue to follow the old Port Royal Road until it dead ends about 200 yards before it would be back to the Saturn Parkway you should be able to see the cemetery from there on your right. Park at the dead end and walk east until you are behind the third building you will for sure see the cemetery.

The Old Port Royal Road does not go under the Saturn Parkway as shown above, but dead ends today.

The red check points out the location of the cemetery. Here you can see the exits of Saturn parkway and the three businesses along N. Old Port Royal Rd.

Here is a better image of the location of the cemetery under the tall trees just off the concrete pad of the business marked with a red check.
Maps from Topozone &
MS Virtual Earth modified for use here 6 Mar 2009.