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SOWELL (WILLIAM J.) CEMETERY, (Sowell Bend of Duck River-east Maury County), MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

Using this map we can find the GPS coordinates of the William J. Sowell Cemetery

1988 instructions from Fred Lee Hawkins: "This cemetery is located in one of the prettiest, but most inaccessible areas of northeastern Maury County. From Hwy. 99, go south on Carpenter's Bridge Road, cross Bridge and turn right into Sowell's Ford Road. This latter is no more than a narrow lane leading back into Sowell's Bend.  Go for two miles and enter a gate on the right. Pass the house and barn and keep to left side of pasture. The cemetery is in the edge of the woods beside a fence."

This map shows the big picture of the main roads needed to get to the William J. Sowell Cemetery.

Following the red check above we see the cemetery is in the (jutting) south tip of the north tree line right where the field is narrowest between two tree lines.

With this close up aerial view we can actually see tiny white patches that appear to be some of the stones of the William J. Sowell Cemetery.
Map from Topozone, MSRP, MS Streets & Trips & Bing mapping modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 20 Aug 2010.