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Location: From just east of Sawdust, take Morel Road toward Cross Bridges and go 2 & 3/4 miles to large dairy farm now owned
by Gary Herrman. The cemetery is on the back side of his place. Plotting this on the map is impossible as from mapping here we don't know where the Gary Herrman place is nor are we told if it is on the right or left side of Morel Road. After a study of the maps this is my best guess of where I would look without assistance. I don't intend on going here without asking someone & getting permission. This is the best approach. If you have information that can tell us where this cemetery is E-mail me at

This map shows the big picture of all the roads needed to get to the Charles Sowell Cemetery. It is marked by a red check.

I believe the cemetery can be found within the yellow circle, but maybe not. We are looking for what was in 1988 the Gary Herrman Dairy Farm. That area is of course private property.
Map from MSRP, MS Streets & Trips & Bing mapping modified for this site by Wayne Austin. 20 Aug 2010.