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SOWELL (CHARLES) CEMETERY, south of Williamsport near Duck River), MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE

Dobbins-Sowell home 1962.

Location Mapping

DALE, Isabella, 8 Aug 1782 - 3 Jan 1854. 71-04-26. "Wife of Alexander Dale.
DALE, Robert,
30 Apr 1810 - 16 May 1896.
DOBBINS, Jane King,
3 Mar 1828 - 23 Jan 1919. "Dau. John &  Mary Claywell King." (Is she first the wife of Henry C. Sowell? [WA, 20 Aug 2010])
KING, John??.,
.orn in Co., N.C., Dec 1.., 1787, d. 10 Jul 1864. (Tombstone badly faded.)
KING, Mary,
16 Apr 1789 - 20 (?) Jan, 1874. "Wife of John King; b. in Buckingham Co., Va.' (This stone broken into many pieces. 1 was able to find enough pieces to get the above information. I also found a footstone: M. G. K.)(Could this initial have been MCK [WA 18 Aug 2010])
MORROW, James,
d. 21 Sep 1872. Aged ca. 84 yrs., 21 days.
MORROW, Elizabeth,
13 Dec 1796 - 3 Nov 1851. 54-10-21.  "Wife of James Morrow."
SOWELL, Rev. Charles,
2 Dec 1775 - 10 Nov 1839. 'Born in N. C.; emigrated to Tenn., 1818; located on Duck River, 1819, where he died in his 64th year. He was just and charitable. For more than 30 years an efficient member of the M.E. Church. He died tranquil and fully satisfied he would be with the Redeemer."
SOWELL, Molly,
15 Nov 1773 - 7 Oct 1841. "Wife of Rev. Sowell & daughter of John A. & Susanna Wynns; b. in N.C.; d. at the late residence of her husband in her 71st year. She was more than 40 years a member of the Methodist Church."
SOWELL, Thomas W.,
26 Dec 1800 - 27 Dec 1858. "Son of Charles and Mollie Sowell."
SOWELL, Henry C.,
16 Feb 1806 - 12 Apr 1860. (54-01-26.) (Son of Charles & Mollie Wynns Sowell; mar. Jane King in 1849.)
SOWELL, Payton,
11 Nov 1808 - 22 Apr 1874. "Son Charles & Molly; b. Burtee Co., N.C.; d. Williamsport, Maury Co., Tn.'
SOWELL, Jethro,
22 Nov 1814 - 16 Apr 1853. (38-04-24.)
SOWELL, Nancy J.,
30 Jul 1819 - 9 Apr 1851. "Wife of Jo. M. Sowell."
SOWELL, Argentine A.,
8 Aug 1839 - 25 Dec 1849. "Dau. of Jo. M. & N. J.' (Stone fallen.)
SOWELL, Mary D.,
22 Apr 1841 - 13 Aug 1853. "Dau. Jo. M. & N. J. Sowell"
SOWELL, Asberry W.,
27 Dec 1844 - 24 Sep 1845. "Son of Jo. M. & N. J.  Sowell""
SOWELL, Infant daughter of J. & S.C.,
b. & d. 5 Aug 1842.
SOWELL, Mary K.,
11 Sep 1851 - 30 Jun 1852. "Dau. H. C. &  J. C. Sowell."
SOWELL, Henry Richard,
14 Sep 1858 - 21 Sep 1875. Brother. "Son Henry C. & Jane C.  Sowell""
S_ _ _ , T.P.S.,
1810. Scratched on a large fieldstone.

There were also several other fieldstones found.

This stone dislocated and beside fence in back of cemetery:
GUMER, Rev. G. W.,
1853 - 1916. (TS dislocated.) (C.R.M.C., p. 225: "Hopewell A.M.E. Ch. is 1 1/2 m. W. of Park's. It was started some 30 years ago, and is now in charge of Rev. G. W. Gummer of Williamsport, who is also pastor of the Blue Springs A. M. E. Ch. which was built in 1902."

Persons thought to be interred here but there is no tombstone here to verify this:

married, b. 9 Oct 1868, d. 23 May 1920;  Nat. of Hickman Co.; bur. Sowell Cem.; son John & Linda Forehand Deadman.


Mrs. Jane (King), Sowell, wife of Henry C. Sowell and who lived until 1919, told about the sudden appearance during the Civil War of one Dunk Cooper at their house south of Williamsport. He was a member of a partisan group that sought to harass the Federal forces from behind their lines. At the time of his visit to their home, he was trying to get away from the Union soldiers and was seeking protection. He hid out in the cellar for a time. When he decided to attempt an escape he was supplied with one of Mrs. Sowell's dresses and sun bonnet, put them on, picked up a water bucket as though he were making a trip to the spring and walked undetected right by the Federal troops. He kept on going past the spring, crossed Duck River into Greenfield Bend and made good his escape.

[Civil War Story From Jill Garret, Hither and Yon, page 96, Vol 1. There we also learn that the old nearby Dobbins-Sowell Home place
Dobbins-Sowell home 1962
The Dobbins home was founded by Henry C. Sowell (1806-1860) after he married Jane King in 1849. The Sowell-Russell farm mentioned above in the directions was founded earlier by the father of Henry Sowell who was Charles Sowell 1775-1839 when he settled here in Maury County in 1819. For more information see the book & page mentioned. WA 20 Aug 2010]

This Cemetery was presented in the book They Passed This Way abt 1963, Page A-157.
Mr Fred Lee Hawkins visited there again 1 Mar 1988 and presented it on Page 671 of the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries. He was able to find some more detail in the cemetery. This presentation is primarily from that book. Added here 18 Aug 2010.