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POTTS, Adell Marlin, no dates, daughter of Jessie & Helen Potts Marlin.
POTTS, Archie, d. 1910 of measles; son of George & Lou Potts.
POTTS, Calvin, b. 1829 - d. before 1880, son of John & Martha Potts.
POTTS, Lucy Lavender, b. 1838 in Va, wife of Calvin Potts.
POTTS, Columbus George, b. Jan 1874.
POTTS, Lou Hutcherson, b. 8 Sep 1877 - d. 1921, wife of Columbus George Potts.
POTTS, Columbus Franklin "Don", b 1862 - d. 17 Aug 1925.
POTTS, Elbert, b. 2 Sep 1913 - d. 12 Jan 1914.
POTTS, Columbus M., 22 Oct 1950, 81 years. (U. Marker). (1)
POTTS, Jackie, d. 1917, 54 yrs. of age.
POTTS, John, 1803 - 1861, born in N. C.
POTTS, M. (Martha Humphrey), b. 1815 in Va., wife of John Potts. (initials "P.M." is all that is inscribed on fieldstone F.L.H. 1986.) (2)
POTTS, Tommy, d. 1910 of measles, son of George & Lou Potts.
POTTS, Robert, no dates.
POTTS, Maggie Marlin, no dates, wife of Robert Potts.
POTTS, John "Jackie", killed by W. T. Lane, Sunday at Kinderhook. (Daily Herald, 5 Feb 1906).(4)

F.L.H initials for researcher & author Fred Lee Hawkins Jr. who last visited this cemetery for cataloguing inscriptions on 27 Feb
1986. I know of no credible author who has been here since.  
Wilburn Leonard Potts that lives in Santa Fe, Maury County, (a 94 years old Potts family historian) said in 2006 one would need a bull dozer to get to this cemetery today. How sad. [W.A. per Cherl Wilson via M.B.M. Sep 2010]

(1) Fred Hawkins further states that the only readable monuments were a Undertakers Marker for Columbus M. Potts*
(2) Initials M.P. for Martha Potts known to be the wife of John Potts inscribed on a fieldstone.

Fred Hawkins further states in 1986 that one aluminum Slab was used as a marker, but contained no inscription. All other death listings above were
provided to Mr Fred by Mrs Rubye Tatum and other Potts descendents, with the exception of the news article from the Daily Herald listing the death of John "Jackie" Potts who was killed by W.T. Lane. I do not know if this is the same Jackie Potts who according to records above died in 1917.

Mr. Fred Hawkins published all this information in the book "Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries". That book is available for sale on the Maury County Tennessee Historical Society Web site.

Typing by Faye Bradford & Maryu Bob McClain Richardson. Organization & programming by Wayne Austin. Added here by W.A. 3 Aug 2010. Sources: Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, Fred Lee Hawkins, Page 216, 2 Sep 1987. Added here w/o a resurvey 10 may 2009, by Wayne Austin.