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This old Topographical map dated in the 1950s shows the area of the cemetery several yards from the road. However, even though I have not been to this cemetery I believe these location coordinates are incorrect. All Instructions say this cemetery is on the Hoover-Mason Road and that is about a mile west of this location. I have briefly searched this location for this cemetery in the past and did not find it and that confirms the GPS coordinates is wrong.

Since I do not believe this mapping is correct, I offer no instructions as to how to get here, but you can see the route shown from Mt Pleasant on the left or West of here about 3 miles.

The GPS coordinates as given on all mapping are pegged above with the red #2. There is no sign of a cemetery there so if the coordinates are only partially wrong then I could suspect #1 as the location above. This is a clump of trees typically where you will find an old cemetery, but as stated above all written instructions have this cemetery on Hoover Mason Road a mile to the left (west) of here so all this plotting may be in vain.

Information by Wayne Austin 19 Jan 2012. Maps from Topozone & MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing mapping services modified for this site.