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ODEN & (perhaps the GREEN) CEMETERY, (African-American, but older graves believed to be otherwise) MAURY COUNTY, TENNESSEE
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     Cemetery photo view  Oden
Cemetery Signage

GREEN, Eliza Jane, 19 Jun 1827 - 8 May 1851. "Wife of Andrew Green; daughter of Arthur & Maria Crawford. Mother of four children" Inscribed as: "SACRED to the memory of Eliza Jane, wife of Andrew Green & daughter of Arthur & Maria Crawford, who was born June 19th 1827 & departed this life May
8th 1851. She was the mother of four children."
Unknown, graves in the old area of the Cemetery using pre-1900 style markers and fieldstones. 

ODEN CEMETERY-(African-American)
BAUGH, Marie Lee
, 1911 - 1998.
BELL, Akenden J., girl baby born and died 7 Nov 1995.
DODSON, James Earl, (Shared Memorial)
FITZGERALD, Jesse James,
(child) (Shared Memorial)
HARDIN, Ethel P.,
18 Apr 1931 - 9 Jul 2008.
HARRIS, Virginia A., died 1977, birth date missing. (child), funeral marker; also on (Shared Memorial)
HARRISON, Kameron,
(child) (Shared Memorial)
(child) (Shared Memorial)
HODGE, Katrina Michelle,
(child) (Shared Memorial)
LEE, John Ellison, (Shared Memorial)
LEE, Priscilla, 1926 - 2007,
funeral marker; also on (Shared Memorial)
McCLURE, Virginia Ruth, (Shared Memorial)
MURRAY, Sanford, (Shared Memorial)
PERKINS, Peggy Ann, 6 Sep 1948 - 1 Aug 2005
ODEN, Berry William Andrews, (Shared Memorial)
ODEN, John Henry, Sr.,
1965 - (no other date; funeral marker; also on (Shared Memorial)
ODEN, Charles William, (Shared Memorial)
ODEN, John Oden, Jr., (Shared Memorial)
ODEN, Mrs Sarah Louise Lee,
1965 - (no other date; funeral marker; also on (Shared Memorial)
ODEN, Leroy, (Shared Memorial)
ODEN, Felix, (Shared Memorial)
ODEN, Jimmy James, (Shared Memorial)
ODEN, Berry,
2 Apr 1910 - 8 Aug 1970 "Love Bu......"
ODEN, Effie P.,
8 Apr 1914 - 14 May 1992.
ODEN, Chadrick T. "Chad", 15 Jul 1981 - 19 Oct 2006. "Loved"
ODEN, Charles Thomas, Jr.,
9 Sep 1956 - 8 Apr 2005."Loving husband and father"
ODEN, Mose, Sr., 1 Jan 1929 - no other date. "Father"
ODEN, Dorothy Mae,
12 Jul 1932 - 20 Nov 1996. "Mother"
ODEN, Charles T.,
10 Feb 1936 - 14 Jan 2002.
ODEN, Bernard A.,
8 May 1951 - 14 Jan 2002. (Transfer Truck image inscribed on the tombstone. Charles T. & Bernard died the same day. Could this have been from a trucking accident?)
WILLIAMS, Dorothy Ann
1962 - 1997, funeral marker; also on (Shared Memorial)
memorial, no other information
memorial marked by a rock, floral arrangements & several small Cactus denotes this grave, unknown to the public, but perhaps is one of the names listed on the common memorial.

If you have information about he heritage of anyone in this burial ground please write me and we can add that here. 

This cemetery nor the Green memorial listing has ever been included in any prior publication. This information is based exclusively on a visit & photography session dated 27 Jan 2009 by Wayne Austin. Added here 5 Mar 2010.