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Nath T. & Eliza Moore memorial (lying on its back)

MOORE, Nath. T., 13 Dec 1806 - 30 Sep 1887. 
MOORE, Eliza, 23 Dec 1810 - 13 Jun 1839. (28-06-20.) "Wife of Nath T. Moore."
Nathaniel Moore was an early circuit rider for the Methodist Church. He was about the right age to have served a role in the merger of the Pleasant Garden & Shane Churches in 1836 1/4 mile That church stood to the west of this cemetery near the Wilkes-Campground Cemetery. It is also believed the Antebellum Home near here was built or had built by Nath. I have not proven that but it deserves further investigation. In the old days it was common when one died to be buried on a selected site on ones property and especially if there was a significant home & property involved. That was usually in the high ground away from flooding.
Information and Photos by Wayne Austin. History condensed from several sources.