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A red check shows the location of the Litton Cemetery. The position on the map for the GPS coordinates are correct as far as I know, but I have not been there to check it yet. The New Natchez Trace Road cuts across below this spot making this map confusing to compare with the maps today.

 The above yellow arrow points to the place one should be able to find this cemetery. As you can see there is more than one arrow which indicates the places that will need investigation to find this cemetery. Likely the spot at the point of the right arrow is correct.

The cemetery is on the north side of Natchez Trace (old) midway between Kinderhook and Johnson Chapel. This MS Streets map does not have the new Natchez Trace Road on it except as a secondary Road.
Maps from Topozone, MS Bing mapping, all modified for this site by Wayne Austin 5 Jun 2009.