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From Columbia follow Hwy 50 several miles and turn north (left) onto Bryant Rd. Follow that 1 mile and turn left on Vaughn Road and you are about as close to the cemetery as you can get by car. One way from there is to walk up the west or south bank of Silver Creek 2/3 of a mile until you reach the cemetery.

This Topographical map from MS Terra shows the location of the cemetery on a bluff overlooking a valley where the Silver Creek flows north. You will know you went too far along the Silver Creek bank when you are on the bluff overlooking the creek. As you can see the cemetery is back from the bank a ways south. I think a hand held GPS may be helpful here if you correctly plot the Coordinates. 

This aerial view shows the cemetery where I located it as in dense forest. One can see the outline of Silver Creek as it cuts a southern route and takes an eastern turn just north of the place of interest. The people living in those homes at the bottom of the map may be helpful in finding this cemetery. Especially if they are the rough and tumble out door types. However I meet people all the time who live many years within 200 yards of a lost cemetery and they have no knowledge of it.
Maps from Topozone & MapQuest modified for this site 22 Jan 2009, by Wayne Austin.