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This Topozone map shows the GPS Lat. and Long. coordinates of the Kelley Cemetery, based on 1950s roads, but the coordinates are still correct.

The roads have been changed since 1987 but this cemetery should still be easily found using the same directions from New Hwy 7 instead of Kinderhook Road. Looks like labeling of the roads above may also be incorrect as there are several New Hwy 7. I believe Gordon Lawrence Rd is shown correctly on this map though. Labeled as Potts Cemetery here. This map still shows the old Natchez Trace Parkway

This aerial view shows the cemetery in the edge of the tree line on the left of the old Natchez Trace Parkway. This map shows the old Natchez Trace Parkway terminating on Hwy 7 and the New Natchez Trace Parkway spanning northeast/southwest from just east of there. This is the way you will find the roads there today.

Map from MS Virtual Earth modified for this site by Wayne Austin 10 May 2009.