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Called Lovett Cemetery on USGS maps.
Go out Bear Creek Pike and turn north on Blackburn Rd and then turn left on Clara Mathis Rd and then go about 2 miles and turn right on Lee Rd. Go about 500 yards and the lone standing stone is on your right up an old hedge row under the line of trees. The stone has been cleaned and is bright white and can be seen from the road on the right side and about 40 yards in front of a new home.

Locator Map of the cemetery     
Area photo of the cemetery 

JONES, Ed Frank, 28 Aug 1905 - 17 Nov 1909.(Son John H. & Dora Lovett Jones.)

JONES, Dora K. Lovett,
ca 1880 - ca 1932. (Damaged undertaker's marker gives: "Dora K. Died March ? ?,  Age 52, Williams Funeral Home, (Dau. Frank & Eliza Lovett. Wife of John H. Jones) (evidence lost, 2008)

JONES, John H.
, 28 Jul 1873 - 26 Apr 1926. (No grave marker. Son Tom & Nancy S. Jones.)
Condensed obituary - unknown source: John H. Jones, married; born 28 Jul 1873 in Maury. died 26 Apr 1926, buried in Family Lot; son of Tom Jones & Nannie Sharp, who was also born in Maury Co. Info. by Tom Jones, Match, Tennessee.

JONES, Lovalla,
dates unknown, (Dau. John H. & Dora K. (She was killed in an automobile accident.)

Confirming Mr. Fred Hawkins & Dwain Bradley's findings this researcher found one stone standing and that was for Ed Frank Jones. There were other minor evidences of a graveyard, but I did not examine them in detail because there were no visible inscribed memorials. I did see across the fence line bulldozer work whereby stones were present that appeared to be for graves. They appeared to be made of decorative concrete and did not appear to have inscriptions from a distance. They were at least one in number, but broken and piled up from the dozer work in the new yard. It is possible that they were from the Foster-Lee Cemetery which was across from this one. Because there was no proof they were gravestones and they were piled on private land I did not examine them further.

Mr. Hawkins says this about what he found in 1986:
The only inscribed stone, that of Ed Frank Jones, had been turned over and covered with earth. Mr. Dwain Bradley, who farms the neighboring place, took me to the cemetery. Mr. V. P. Lunn later returned with me and we sought for other graves but found nothing. This is just across the fence from the Foster-Lee Graveyard.

Not listed in They Passed This Way but shown listed on 9 Mar 1986 by Fred Lee Hawkins & Dwain Bradley in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries on page 90. Some of that info has been included here, but for further information see page 90 of Volume 1.
1st transcribed here from records by Mary Bob McClain. Photographed & subsequently transcribed by Wayne Austin 30 Dec 2008 from photography.  Added here 8 Jan 2009. Some info from the book MCTC to gain a perspective of the survival of this cemetery.